Free Character Transfers Now Available For Some Realms

Please see my thread here.

There are currently 18 players online on Alliance between 1-70.

‘MMO’ I thought.

Leave the realm then, either pay or start again.

Lmao imagine thinking anyone will transfer.

You have to be mad/crazy to transfer from high pop til low/med (or shall I say a DEADserver).

It’s the same situation in Stonespine except there’s only c.17 Alliance and several thousand horde players and they’ve allowed more horde players to transfer there

do you have any plans for a solution to the numerous PvP servers that have had all their alliance populations server transfer away?


All three of these servers have a 100% horde population now, and there’s a few more servers that are quickly running into the same problem, namely Dreadmist and Shazzrah.

kinda sucks to play on a server that is labled “pvp” when pvp is non-existent on said server(s).

Yes, please move more alliance players from pyrewood. There is aprx. 2500+ more ally than horde.
But what you need to do at the same time is a full stop for creating new chars of that faction you want to move.

On all PVE servers, alliance is way overpopulatet.

On pve servers the faction imbalance doesnt really matter (as much as it does on pvp servers) and a fair few of us are people who decided that the pvp servers werent for us clearly becouse of how imbalanced most of them turned out to be in favor of the horde.


It’s well known, Alliance play PvE Horde Play PvP.

Why would it matter how balanced PvE servers are? One faction is just NPCs for the other

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even the fact im playing on a PVE server, i would like to do PVP some anyway in bgs, but the wait time is rediculus due to the unbalanced faction

Before TBC i had to wait 60+ min for 1 AV on pve server

Why no free transfers away from dead servers?

A large amount of Ally guilds have left Bloodfang, more are moving, the Horde have pretty much gone already

And make them even deader? No, Blizzard usually do transfer to dead realms.

It’s horde cope to justify the huge imbalance on pvp servers.

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