Front on golemagg


Hello, how would you resolve problems with to long front on golemagg ? I can not play with my friends becouse their come from work and can not log into game, we do not change server becouse czech population on this server is high and many my friend not learn english. How you deal with losing people ? We do not pay game time for waiting.


Waiting for things is the authentic vanilla experience though. /s

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Realm Queues & Maximum capacity increased:

Besides this, there’s not much that the people responsible can do probably? The realm is popular, the people are coming in, maybe interest will wane off after a couple weeks and then queue times will be lowered as a result.

Customer Support has no input regards queue timers and other decisions about this particular subject, and your thread may be moved towards Classic Discussion. Feedback will continue to be gathered at the appropriate forums.


From morning i can not log into game is say WOW51900328 and i can not log in nothing helped (reinstal, clean wow interface, reset setings, firewall, antivirus)


Might be more relevant to look at the threads about that issue instead of bumping this completely unrelated thread.

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This isn’t an issue of your own and not really related to your complaint of having queues, there’s unfortunately been a couple days already of DDOS attacks on WoW servers which you can read here: Cant login