Game doesn't work after 8.1 patch


I am getting white screen whenever I try to open a game on launcher or wow.exe it doesn’t matter. Nothing happens, not getting any error it just freezes on screen, after a few seconds it doesn’t answer and i am forcing the shutdown wow.exe.

Game worked perfectly fine yesterday. I have tried all solutions from different topics (upgrading drivers, reinstalling battle net and so on) - nothing works.

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Did you already tried to run WoW in compatibility mode for another windows version? Run WoW in administrator mode? Update to latest OS build? Disable your in game addons? How about your system restore points?


I’m on windows 7 and i’m deleted all of my addons reinstall gpu driver etc. i tried everything.

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Did you try to repair the game via desktop client?


Yes i tried repair, before and after i deleted WTF folder.


Same issue for me -_-

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I even contacted live support; They said it’s not from their side, but funny thing before patch 8.1 everything worked fine :slight_smile:

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It is not their side, some people can access WoW without any issues like myself and some cannot so its not the game.

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Same issue too and i uninstalled the game now its Playable in download and nothing happened same dark sceen and not respond


Now guys i delete my gpu’s driver its amd radeon hd 7670m and i can launch the wow on my intel hd 4000 gpu but fps is too low what do we do now ?


Yeah I think it’s from our AMD graphics card sadly :frowning:


the game wont even launch for me press play nothing happens.

worked fine last night.

tried repair new wow and new b-net still same problem my drivers are upto date.


ok we have AMD gpu but its not illegal i think blizzard needs to do something about our amd gpus asap.

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I have an AMD radeon R5 M330 and i have this problem too


AMD Radeon Vega 56 here


ok guys WE solved the problem its about our amd gpus but what should we do now our gpus are up to date blizzard needs patch to game for amd gpus.


Yep, tested. My wife’s laptop have Nvidia gpu and it’s running fine while on AMD just won’t open the game. A big let down for AMD users


i sent them a tweet on their main twitter they seem active on there hopefully they see it.


Hello everyone.

We’re currently looking into this, as we received several reports about it.

Meanwhile, please make sure you follow all the steps from this guide, as it is made specifically for this issue:

If the steps didn’t help, please let us know and post a DxDiag of your system:

You can post it in a paste page like and provide the resulting URL here.

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