Game doesn't work after 8.1 patch


Dear Blizz. It seems you don’t care about people’s resorces (time and money) who are your customers and devoted fans of your franchise. As an unlucky user of AMD dedicated GPU and enraged WOW player who is unable to play for over one week because of poor quality patch you released I urge you to fix that patch. Until then I recall my subscribtion for WOW. I hope you read it and work on solution.


If they don’t want to fix this they can buy new machines for all of us which are decent for their game. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Pfff…the moment when my childhood heroes turn out to be a bunch of…

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I have been playing this game for more than 8 years, I never took a break, not even in WoD. I spent so much time and money in this game and I’m still not tired of WoW, far from. Now a new patch launches and suddenly I can’t play WoW anymore, they say there’s nothing they can do and my new-bought gametime can’t be refunded. Happy to see that Blizzard cares for their loyal subscribers…


Unfortunatelly that’s what happens when first Chris Metzen and later Michael Morhaime leave the company which is taken over by Activision people :frowning:

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Indeed. I spent over 1500 euro in total for Gametime, character services, mounts, pets, helms,… And now we just get ignored


I have been with Warcraft since 1994 (WC I Orcs and Humans) and supporting Blizz even earlier (Lost Vikings and Blackthorne). What a lack of respect and attention I receive in return …


Well, since not even slicing Bloodraven to two halves with her own thong managed to cheer me up, it’s time for another wall’o’text. I’m pretty sure they won’t read it, but here it goes:

Dear Blizzard,

I could write several pages what the Warcraft franchise means to me and how much I loved and still love it. But to remain short, Warcraft was the part of my life since I first met my little green friends as a snottly little kid, trough becoming the part of the word itself, recieving my raptor, recieving my netherdrake, till the present days. It not only helped me to survive my teen years, but survive life itself. And beleave it or not it also had some positive effects: inspiring me to improve my drawing „skills” (from awful to lame, but it is still an improvement), to try to create something else: sewing a green whelpling, trying to make a gingerbread- Naxxramas (even if it was an epic fail) , got me into reading (I hated to read. Well I still hate it, except when the book is good.), helped me with english (even it is no longer noticable), got me into baking, made me more opened to different kinds of music, showed me that orchestra music can actually be awsome, showed me that company can be good, showed me how important can teamwork be and how to be a part of a team, and I met my best friend there. And beside all these the name Blizzard meant quality for me.

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I play since vanilla, and my subscription was almost permanent, I needed to skip a couple of months because of some technical issues and a couple of days, but I never quitted.

So I hope you can understand why the curent situation upsets me so much.

Changing and evolving is a natural thing when it comes to games which run long, like WOW. The change of the requirements of the game before a new expansion is acceptable, but players need to be informed properly about it ofcourse. But to change the requirements or do something equal like it during an expansion is a really d*ckh34d move. It’s like arrive to your workplace on Monday and being told that you need a hight level spanish language exam in order to maintain your job. Don’t have it? Than go and make it, or GTFO! (Seriously, a beefier card for a laptop would cost the half price of the machine itself.)

Your behaviour toward us who have issues since the patch is ourtageous.
Most of us are loyal customers who have a tone of cash and love in this game.

This thread has 5k+ views, so I presume not me and the other posters are the only ones who got this problem.

We deserve attention. And fair treatment.


You know what? The worst part is that most of us are
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and we have not been able to log into the game past 10 DAYS
Blizzard!? What about our game time? Should we consider
is that what it takes so you would get in contact with AMD and fix the issue?


Second time I’m posting in this thread. It’s been 10 days and we can’t play. I know that Blizz is looking into the problem, it’s their job, yet we haven’t seen it solved. We demand a solution and we deserve at least our lost days back…

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I found a ‘solution’ for my gaming laptop. I was using AMD radeon 7600M graphics card and blizz doesn’t support it since 8.1. Now someone from Blizzard advised me to delete that driver and use the other one I had (Intel HD graphics 4000). Now WoW does work again, on lowest settings and a little bit of lag but playable. Only do this if you are sure you have a second driver you can use.


As I’ve said before, that’s no solution, that’s hugely downgrading by disabling your primary and good graphics card, to use the much weaker integrated graphics chip in the CPU. If you try to keep the good graphics card disabled like that, then other games will suffer the same fate and WoW will run like crap.


Hello, unfortunately, I am one of the people who can’t play the game anymore. I have a ATI Radeon 9200 graphics card. This is so sad, everything was working fine, until patch day. :frowning:
I have been playing since vanilla and my subscription ends on January. I don’t really think I will renew if they don’t care to fix this.

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Well WoW is the only game I play because I don’t have alot of time so for me this is the best solution. If you play alot more games than this is indeed not a solution.


They doesn’t give a SH*T, it’s going worse, cancelled my sub; Maybe next xpac will be good. I’m out, time to enjoy other games + irl


Unfortunately I’m sure we would lose the lawsuit : / But they would deserve it: We bought a product that should work, but it fails to work and they seem to be ignoring us.

I never ever committed any kind of vandalism in my life but it would be so good to go there and break their windows with a brick or something. -.-

I never tought they will make me think about something like that.

(Come on Blizz, my bro has 3 annoying little brats, I need something to survive X-mas season d4mn it. Have mercy!)


Same with me. i have NVida and Intel not AMD and having the same issues… really annoyed as i have been looking forward to gaming over the holidays.


Same still here on a AMD Radeon HD 7600M Series and Intel® HD Graphics 3000 Laptop.


So, according to the requirements-page, my Nvidia card is both supported and decent to play the game.

The repairguy told me at the service that nothing is wrong with my card, (and he also updated everyting). He said it’s like if the game could not/refuse to see the card or something like that. WOW should chooce my card automatically but it refuses to see/use/whaterver it even if I switch from auto-choose to use-it-all-the-f*ck1n-time. Even he found it really weird too.

Well my dears, lets pretend Blizz is working on this. I can understand that they don’t inform us every single day about the progress, simply to avoid giving false information or to hype us for nothing or such. But remaining ignorant (even if only seemingly) is infuriating.

I mean would it be so hard to say: ’Guys, we are working on it, it will be long, please be patient. Meanwhile please send us as much information about both your problem and both your computer because every detail could help.’

Well guys, it was so freakin’ hard to type that my nailpolish started to crumble down. -.-

Hold on ma brudaz and sistaz :sob:


Finally it works! After 10 long forlorn days. Thank you blizz (i hope i get these days back :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


how ? can you launch the game ?