Game doesn't work after 8.1 patch


There were a few small patches but for me none of them helped : /


Since I fixed my issue (well not quite fixed as WoW is currently running in half the fps it was running in 8.0) but still better than not being able to run or in 6-10 fps here is how I did it (something similar might work for AMD):

Desktop > Nvidia Control Panel > 3D Settings > Program Settings > WoW > Set Graphic Card to integrated and not NVIDIA.

Now log to WoW. If you got to character panel then do as follows:
Esc > System > Graphics > Set WoW to run in Windowed only. > Apply (you can also put your settings to lowest if its working slowly)
Now go to Advanced Tab and on the bottom set the Card to NVIDIA. Apply and now you are done.

Note that if the above doesn’t work you might have to reset WoW settings via Bnet app.


what I don’t get in patch 8.1 with the new graphics it was still working great till last weeks update, but now I cant get on, I don’t have a high spec laptop but my friend dose have a high spec gaming pc and he is having the same problem. To me I think its not the graphic update I think they done something in the update that’s messed things up accidently. but I thought they would of replied by now tho :frowning:


It’s Christmas, they’re all on holiday.


iv managed to get on but its like playing minecraft feel ill playing wow going to need my glasses to play


I do. The game launches after 2hrs of waiting and is, well, quite playable (mostly the same fps as before, plus I’ve managed to open System from the log in screen and improve the resolution) - untill it crashes, usually just after the loading screen. The time varies from 15 minutes to 3 hours.
My happy team: AMD Radeon 6470M + Intel HD series (surprisingly, the game takes less time to launch with AMD), 8 gb of ram and intel core i5.


So, but what I see from all posts around eu/ru forum:

  1. Happen only after 8.1 beta for azeroth.
  2. Happen only for mobile gpu.
  3. Software (aka OS/drivers/dx distr) do not releated problem of that.
  4. Hardware do not problem of that too (or it’s just start in same time for mobile gpu malfunction for thousands for users, yeah).
  5. Changing gxApi “D3D12” to d3d11 do nothing and game still suffer with problems.
  6. Beta For Azeroth, pls.

Mine fix for that ‘gpu unsupported’ shame thing is: run game restore files via bnet client, load nothing, reboot laptop, play ‘game’…

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So, try to give a summary;

  • The new version not support all of video-environment, which were supported earlier;
  • New libs were probably used for support DX12, but were not tested for memory using;
  • The handling of keyboard became sh1t, by using double-mapped chars (cursor arrows);
  • The loading of new worlds (island exp, battles) causing extra memory consumption and probably have memory leaks;
  • The loading of characters could cause an extra memory consumption and probably has memory leaks;
  • The loading WOW from bnet-client is too slow, and WOW detects this as lack of server-connection. So the game tend to unuseable one;
  • Staring WOW.exe directly cause break the connection with voice-chat-server, but the handling this exception is bad. So, the client crash, too.

Dear Blizzard. Could you give any money for an application which is not tested, full of bugs, could not use, and the support is not supported the problem? Not supported even with an “excuse”, and give an extra time for money. Or even with any other sweets.

WoW not responding on startup

Still nothing? And they still want like us to pay?


i dont try with my amd gpu i still play with my intel hd and fps is worst like a bad making pasta


Yes. We are still waiting for the fix.
It might come out of nowhere.
It may come with next main patch.
It can also be fixed by AMD.

Worst case scenario it won’t get fixed. But then we’ll never let them forget.

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AMD won’t do a thing.
Waiting for the next main patch will take a very very long time.
So my guess is that hopefully Blizz fixes it out of nowhere


Actually it’s not AMD issue, you known, and neither NVIDIA.
It’s only Blizzard since other games runs PERFECT…


Of course it’s not AMDs fault. But they could come up with a workaround, same with NVIDIA. If Blizzard doesn’t care, GPU manufacturers with some hope might.

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True, but if Blizzard doesn’t care, than why even bother to play their games.
I’ve been loyal to Blizz for 8+years so I did enough


This subject has 435 replies and blizzard still don’t care thats the real problem…


Well a New Year song for Blizzard to sum up the situation…

https :// com/watch?v=QNJL6nfu__Q


I would love to send them: ‘F*@k3d with an anchor’ by Alestorm. :worried:


I have the same problem here, black screen and music after the 8.10 patch. Everything was working great before, i have a amd gpu as well.


Blizzard, winter holidays are over. Chop chop, back to work. Fix your game!