Ganker always knows exactly where I am

So while leveling an alt, I turned into a horde player who kept ganking me. PvP server so fair’s fair, even though ganking lowbies is kinda lame, I accept that it happens. However, this player has done the following:

  1. Corpsecamps me nonstop. The instant i respawn, he sends his voidwalker on me and casts corruption me, regardless of where i spawn, how long I wait, etc. This is very likely a macro that he uses an autoclicker on (no way he’s spamming that macro for 15-20 minutes, which is how long i take a break for before i ress). First red flag.

  2. He seemingly knows my coordinates, without ever inviting me on a spy character or anything. I can be farming gnolls in feralas, he ganks me, i take rez sickness and go deep into the naga cave, and less than 5 minutes later he’s there. I can fly to tanaris or hinterlands and farm in some random corner, 10-15 minutes later he’s there. He can know what zones I am at with an alliance spy, but how does he know my coordinates??? He cannot scout an entire zone in <15 minutes.

So he definitely has a 2nd account* that he uses to spy on* me. He knows when I log on that character and instantly starts hunting me. Regardless of my zone or coordinates, he’s always there 10-15 minutes later. I’ve reported him for cheating but I’m afraid Blizzard won’t do anything…


One does not need to scout the entire zone because if someone knows the game well then that person could guess what kind of quests or farm spots you might go for.
Sometimes it’s pure luck and then it’s not a wonder someone else thinks there have been cheats involved,

PvP happens on PvP server, thank includes ganking lowbies. If you know he’s coming for you then you should take advantage of this. Get some pvp players to help you. It’s an MMORPG so working together with other players is the name of the game. Ganker just enforce the community aspect of the game in that sense. I am sure there are plenty of bored lvl60 who like to do some open pvp and camp your ganker for a while.

Also what’s so special about you that this ganker just focuses on you? What have you done to draw his attention?^^

That’s the thing right. He doesnt go for obvious spots. I can try and juke him by not only frequently swapping zones, but also farming obscure locations just to see what happens. He has found my alt atleast 10 times, always within 15 minutes after i arrived in a zone.

Lets take tanaris as an example. Lets say you gank me in Feralas. I rez sick, hearthstone and fly to tanaris. I go to one of the hives, very deep in one, and farm bugs there (not optimal xp and they dont always have quests).
Less than 15 minutes after i hearthed, you are on top of me.
And this happened >10 times.

HOW does someone do this without cheating?

Edit: regardless, I’ve reported him in-game for high suspicion of cheating.

Hire a rogue to bodyguard you.

The thrill they get from killing you is that you are weak and they always kill you with you being unable to fight back.

After the Rogue kills him 3-4-5-6 times, they will lose interest and look for another victim.

Just post this on your server discord, hopefully you can find a few bored lvl 60s who can ambush him and camp him for a few hours. Not much else you can do, and Activision sure as hack ain’t gonna do squat, you are gonna get a copypasted reply in 5 days that doesn’t even address your issue.

I appreciate the advice guys but it’s not the ganking im worried about. Else I would’ve gone on a PvE server. I just want to know if/how it’s possible that he knows my coordinates, or atleast is able to reach my current locations very quickly after i swap places.

Step 1: Get 2 Accounts and /who Atmmachine.
Step 2: Install spy and scout the zone you are in on an epic mount.
Step 3: Kill Atmmachine

Unfortunately blizzard stopped caring about long ago

And this is why in my view PvE servers are superior. Because no one in their right mind wants to be PvP flagged the moment they walk into Redridge at lv. 10 to grab the flight path. Even people who like PvP now and then might want a break from it and just be able to go do something out in the world without being interrupted. And the notion of “let’s stop whatever we are doing, gather a squad and head to Redridge to stop this lv. 60 Rogue who’s totally not just going to press Vanish, wait for us to get bored and leave, and then continue his lowbie killing spree” is naive. Obviously this is mostly speaking from an alliance point of view as horde has a significantly easier time avoiding gankers usually due to being the majority faction but also because they don’t have as many abusable spots to gank, as well as better flight path positions, etc. Now don’t get me wrong PvE servers have their fair share of issues as well but I’ll take those over a permanent war mode that I can not turn off while trying to play the game.


Maybe you are right. Maybe he’s just running around nonstop with spy enabled. But it’s just really suspicious that he’s on top of me, regardless of where I am in a certain zone, usually very quickly. Ugh.

You can smell gnomes from miles away.


sounds like he uses /who

Try this go to a zone, play 5 minutes, logout then play an alt (suggest druid or hunter) or take a break and get addon spy and repeat a few times.

We got a dude like this on our realm. Camps people nonstop while his alt account is sitting in the capital of ours and keeps scouting everyone. He’s pissed at one of the guilds so if he sees a guild member of them in the open he takes 3 to 4 of his goons and goes there to gank this person non stop.

Kinda amazing, but it does make me wonder what he does because he’s almost 20/7 online.

Probably depression and loneliness. Who else would play 24/7?

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I think you underestimate how much people are dedicated to just corpse camp someone. Yes, they will spam a macro for 15-20 min, they will press a single button over and over while watching tv or in-tab netflix/youtube. And once they know what zone you are in with /who or whatever it’s quite easy to find anyone no matter what cave you go into, there is only so many mobs and quests witin your level range he only has to check 4-5 spots max, in addition to just walking around with spy or /target ‘victim name here’.

When you die and he’s killed you then of course he knows where you are.

He’s not cheating, I would suggest making a new character and levelling that as you are only 24 maybe on a PvE realm.

Cheating is a possibility here.
There are add-ons that interact with one another even between players of opposite factions so it’s possible that altering them can disclose your position.
At least in other games/applications I know it can be done.

It’s a bit streched I know but I guess it’s worth a shot to disable add-ons and see what happens.

This character is not the alt thats being ganked. God damn Dottie you really sh!t up any thread you post in


His posts are about quantity duh!


Actually if the OP actually gave more information then maybe he wouldn’t get banned for masking swearing when replying to me, when making an overreaction drama post.

I never said it was the character that you posted on that’s getting ganked, which by the way is completely legal.

It’s easy to find someone ingame. The OP seems to think it’s hard, well it isn’t.

You will soon that exclamation mark is masking swearing. Why is it people always try to insult others by trying to call them childish?

Considering your attitude here, I’m not surprised someone has targeted you.