Ganking lowbies

Sorry boomers its no fun anymore to lvl in Stv where i get ganked by 7 different lvl 60s. 1 leaves another one comes. Funny thing is they all even have no pvp titles. Cringe 40 year olds ganking grey players, i always thought its those kids doing this but nooo depressed boomers actually!

People who take being ganked that seriously are even worse than 60lvl gankers.


Dude its getting annoying, cant even quest nonstop a 60 comes. Your the kind of guy losing every single duel so he has to come with a 60.

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And what do you think its gonna happen now? They gonna stop? haha
I got ganked alot of times too but some things never change (and i like it that way).

Move on kid

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w/ me if I am on and I will clean up the place if I can.

And you rolled on a PvP realm instead of a PvE one because…?

This isn’t wrath where they are nearly all mono-faction realms.


“PVP server is the real vanilla! You people on PVE server simply don’t understand the game.”

Few weeks later: “Oh no! I am getting ganked!” :smiley:


it happens to both sides, ive been ganked countless times by level 60s, and when im 60 i’ll be repaying the favour, low levels an all.

fight fire with fire.


The OP said this:


aha so lvl 37 vs 60 is pvp? has nothing to do with pvp its griefing. when im 60 i love wpvp VS 60! Seems like most here in this forum are lowbie gankers because you trashbags lose 1v1 at same lvl. I didnt talk about geting ganked by same lvl, i like that, start reading!

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It is time for you to touch the grass

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yes it certainly is, wherever did you see that PvP is fair?

ok dude stay in stv and kill low levels so you can feel good at “pvp” lmao

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I don’t have a level 60 on Era, my highest is in the 30s and on a PvP realm, and I don’t whine about it when I get ganked.

ok wait until 7 different 60s gank you 1 after the other, gl boomer

You are really quite tragic. Not expecting PvP on a PvP realm, Wrather.

btw I’m not a boomer.


ITS NOT PVP MAN ITS GRIEFING. I bet your the first to quit if this happens to you. At 60 i kill all of you ez 1v1 dont worry

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(World) PvP is mostly ganking, and ganking is not griefing. You are acting like a refailer.

I did happen to me and I didn’t quit, it happened when my shaman was in it’s 20s.

You mean the ones like 424 PvP gear players that always go to Regular BGs to kill Lowbies like 398 and 225k HP?

you dont sound like you got any experience at pvp dude, I dont mind getting ganked by someone in my lvl! Era is just cringe, worse then pservers. We need fresh soon as possible pls bliz