Glorius Tyranny, can i have it now blizzard?


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Keep it constructive. Quit the personal attacks or this will just get locked with no further action.

Most people in this thread are frustrated with the approach and so, as cheesy as it sounds we need to be a cohesive voice - stating that, yes blizzard have left some of us in the cold with the way the fixes were implemented. They did a good job listening in the first place, now we just need the next phase!

Keep it up!

(Abraxis) #83

I know all of the arguments you brought up. You’re not the first who brought them up.

First of all. Ofc i see the global picture. But (i dont remember exactly when) blizzard told its better to bring personal feedback than to speak up for the community. How could I dare. So yes i do argue mostly from my point of view.

Second. In a reward based system people shouldn’t be discouraged by not giving them what they honestly worked for, because of faults not being made by them. That’s the whole point.
For me it doesnt matter if someone i never knowed and played with cheated because of a mistake a company made. For me it does matter that i worked in a reward based system, fit all requirememts and cannot use my reward in my transmog because of that.

I dont think it would lose any prestige because:

  • I can show the skin as well everywhere. I own it. I just cannot transmogg it.
  • I was that prestigeous in MoP, because i fit the requirememts.
  • So the only difference is, i have to switch weapon as soon as the actual content starts.
  • Not one single more player with that skin, just more players who can mogg it and dont have to switch weapons. (only the 7.3 compromise brought up more because of giving it to players who never earned it and NOT giving it to all who did earn it)
  • Have you ever heard about boosting. Even if you see people with that enchant, you cannot tell.

Suggestions for solutions were made many as well. In different topics. But for you some of them again.

  • Everyone who has weapons enchanted that show Glorious Tyranny at the transmoggguy should be able to mogg this.

  • Everyone who still got old scrolls should be able to trade the illusion for this as a currency.

  • Make a Bloody Dancing Steel and Spirit of Conquest illusion that look similar but is named different

And again: even if some of them are exploited, it is better than leave the honest players behind. I think there are so many boosted players out there. It just doesnt make any difference


Already read all of that. It’s nothing new. It’s what people have asked for since the start of the fiasco with the wardrobe implementation. The problems doesn’t change though, and these suggestions doesn’t address any of them.

Apathy is toxic.

Different matter, although affects the reward scheme as well. It’s unrelated to this though.

You say you understand the big picture, but then say this… It’s like the consequences are falling on deaf ears with you. All I can say is, go back, read it all again, then try to grasp it better.

As for why Blizzard said that about the feedback, it has more to do with people assuming the role of the community when complaining about an isolated problem, so they’d keep complaining about an underlying issue when the GMs had already applied the fix to their character specifically (like getting past a bugged quest), so they’d keep making tickets and taking it further and contacting Blizzard’s tech support when the matter to them was already dealt with and the report had been filed (basically people used more venues of customer support as a bug report where the support couldn’t do anything anymore, which was caused by people thinking in such a way). It doesn’t correlate to this situation, where you need to think of the consequences to everybody (everybody as in how the game’s design affects people, not everybody as in literally every single player), instead of just what makes you sad. There’s a fine line separating the two things.

Being selfish and apathetic, and then using that kind of thinking to demand changes, will only bring more toxicity to the game itself. I don’t mean it’d make people more toxic, don’t get me wrong; I mean it’d erode structures in the game’s design itself.

It was also getting harder for them to collect statistics of feedback when people kept branching out their impressions, and used other people’s impressions too, and so on and so forth. When at the same time, their job is to write up what each individual speaks of, not what they say others have said.

But basically, they asked that of the players because of QoL reasons for the employees, not because they wanted people to cry like babies and thus lose sight of the big picture.
You using it as a justification for what you’re doing is just wrong though.


You guys can almost create a new bible ithink


Given the controversy of a global solution and implementation costs, perhaps this can be best dealt with on a case-by-case basis through an in-game ticket.

Therefore those with the interest and enthusiasm to see the situation improve can get a solution whilst those apathetic and as mentioned toxic simply will not care and be unaffected.

Blizzard - What say you to allowing these already time-consuming tickets to be answered with an immediate and swift solution? Could we get some feedback here, please.



Everything a company does in public matters, is made with how the public will react in mind. Because of social platforms and so on, everything they do, even if it’s on a case-by-case basis, is reported and then spread like wildfire.

Ok, I’ll admit it’s my bad to call it apathy per se. It’s more a complete lack of empathy. But it means such people would still react and turn even more noisy, as soon as they hear people got preferential treatment in the matter affecting them.

Or in other words, your post still doesn’t solve things, and it needs a global solution. Because this affects company policy and the ingetrity of the game’s design. It’s exactly the same principle behind why people got upset when they found out people who never earned it got the red/blue enchant, just because of the compromise.

It’s funny, Abraxis says he doesn’t care about the exploiters, yet he obviously cared when people who didn’t earn it got it. The difference is that he lacks empathy, and judges it based on himself. He didn’t get it, so he feels wronged, end of story - according to him, and others.


Is there a fly in here?

The only thing that solves less than my post is your retaliatory, unnecessary and self-important commentary - Which as you point out is falling on deaf ears. Spoiler alert, we’re not here to hear your opinions and assumptions no matter how smart you think you are. We’re here as customers, who are not selfish to want something when we pay.

All you are doing is giving more activity and increasing the likelihood of getting something done - So by all means keep posting your tripe, edit-frenzied, walls of text.

This is the forum for posting these requests, NOT “SOLUTIONS” and we’re rightful to do so. Period. Full-stop. We will keep posting until something changes as we have been instructed by Blizzard CS staff.





But you’re misunderstanding something immensely. I’m not against things set right per se. I’m against your half-assed thinking and approach to it, which is spreading toxic filth deep into the company when they think it’s better to compromise the integrity of the game’s design rather than stand their ground. There has already been enough of that over the years.

I’m all for you getting what you’ve earned, but not if it just messes things up further. It’s that simple. Which is why I encourage you to think on it more, instead of spouting your self-righteous BS.


Ok, I’ll even contribute in my own way to the suggestions: What if they just brought back the enchant illusion to be obtainable through rating again? I’m going back to vanilla when it comes out again, so there’s no personal involvement in this suggestion. But it would solve things better for you, right? I mean, you did earn it once, so you can earn it again, right? It’s the best compromise I can think of that doesn’t sell out the game’s integrity in exchange.


Abraxis - You are spot on! Nicely put. And who cares if a few unscrupulous characters get it when there are many more who earnt it fairly trying to get this issue corrected. I would even bet it would cause more players to come back than leave! I for one would.

Can we see some input from a blue or game dev here?


Aye, lassie. There has been many a brave adventurers seekin’ the input of the rare Blues, here in this wasteland called ‘EU PvP forum section’. Been many a years since one was seen posting in a topic. Cheers!


Yeh lol you are probably right there! There was a blue post a few days ago in battlegrounds by Taepsilum

Maybe I can @Taepsilum or #Taepsilum to get their attention :blush: #pvp



Just a quick update, i’ve received some replies from people on twitter also.


Can we get a reply this year? :slight_smile:

Seriously though.

What gives? Give GMs the go ahead to grant illusion if the enchant or an enabling achievement has been completed.

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can ppl stop bumping this stupid fckin thread


Thanks for your input Tom.


(Defuzed) #99

If you had the required rating back then, just go buy the illusion. They are purchasable at the PvP vendors where the enchant got released. So glorious tyranny is at mop PvP vendors, primal victory at WOD PvP vendors and so on.


That’s not the thing, Blizzard implemented something they themselves called a compromise, back in Legion. If you got duelist and/or hot(a/h) in specific season(s), then you’re eligible to buy it from the corresponding vendor(s). So what people did was not stay on their rating to get duelist, and other seasons simply had a requirement higher than the enchant illusion, and so on and so forth. Lots of circumstances.
So this left a minority of players out to dry, because they had the illusion, but didn’t get to keep the illusion. So now they’ve kept whining about it ever since the implementation of the wardrobe.

But there was a time when these illusions could be sold and bought, and twinks on lower lvls could also get it (and apparently it was a thing to wintrade in RBGs solely for the titles and enchants), as well as rating achievements. And Blizzard didn’t record their leaderboards, and feats of strength apparently weren’t implemented until the season after the illusions had been implemented.

So there’s lots of controversy regarding this matter. But because it was a compromise to limit it to those who got duelist (twinks couldn’t get season titles like duelist etc., just for the record), there was also a season when the requirement for duelist was below the requirement for the enchants, and before battlegroups were merged it depended on that too.
So those complaining about it ever since the compromise got excited at the same time because it meant “Blizzard finally addressed the problem” but then they became unhappy because they were ignored since there was people who didn’t obtain duelist for various reasons, at the same time as people who never earned it in the past got it thanks to the compromise.

So now they take an extremely small-minded and selfish stance on the matter, saying that it should be implemented based solely on rating achievements and such, when as mentioned it was possible for twinks and such to get it. Which in turn would open a loophole argument. (read the thread for further information on this)
So the other argument is for those with the enchant on a weapon or the scroll in their inventory to get it, but as mentioned, people could get it both by buying it, and also by twinking.

So if their suggestions would be granted, it would mean many more players would get the enchant illusion despite not actually having earned it “properly”, due to reasons mentioned. Which is exactly the reason why these people are upset about how people who never earned it got it simply thanks to the duelist achievement.

It’s the very definition of selfish. Not to mention what it would do to the integrity of the reward scheme and such (literally everything in the game carries artificially created values because of reward scheme systems, because at the end of the day everything is just pixels, which is why the integrity of reward schemes must be protected as much as possible or it’ll heavily affect perceived values by customers).

Which is why I’d recommend simply returning the enchant illusion to be obtainable again, because then people wouldn’t get so hung up on it being unobtainable anymore and it wouldn’t further sell out the integrity of the game’s design. But of course, there would still be bullheaded nobodies sticking to the argument that “we’ve earned it once already, so we deserve to get it!” with complete disregard to everything mentioned.
The logic used by them is so poor that it borders on hillbilly levels.