Glorius Tyranny, can i have it now blizzard?


I literally have glad s12 + hota s13 acm and had the enchant in my bag, can’t buy it tho, feelsbad

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Nice, finally



Keep up the pressure (forums, twitter, in-game etc.) and we could see some changes very soon.


but a quick pvp check of your characters show those things :

You did not achieve 2400 rating on any single char at any given time. You could have earned it in wod but did not chose to or cannot simply achieve it.

only hota you got is during legion. which was the extension you got 2.3 and 2.4 in rbgs aswel.

why would we trust that you got it the legit way ?? you are barking all over the place but to be honest you are not looking like you really deserve it but youd like to be recognized as if. :wink:

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Well since i am more from the PvE side i do pvp mostly for cosmetic reasons. So i usualy do the minimum what is needed. 2200 was enough for everything til wod. And as i already had earned the red skin in MoP i didnt even try in wod. In wod i did only 2k in one of the Season for a nice Elite Set i wanted.

But after this mess with not getting it added in the first place and the 7.3 patch i decided to do what you quoted.

I dont care if u trust me or if u think i deserve it. I know i did it propperly and deserve it and it shouldn’t be a problem to see for a GM if looked into it closely.

In legion the hoth i did was 2496, in bfa s1 i have 2540 on mage, 2520 on warlock and 2260 on shadowpriest. I dont think getting to 2,4 in rbg is that hard, and is enough for all cosmetic gear and some nice Upgrades for PvE Progress.

But as i said, til MoP there was no reason to get higher than 2200. It was enough for the skin and i did it.

Thanks for bumping :wink:

Edit: i dont care as what i am recognized by some random ppl i dont even know. I love that skin, that’s why i earned it, its that simple. If i would like to pose with it i could just equip my enchanted weapons from MoP.

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still waiting for a fix, blizzard

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any updates blizzard ?

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I openened a ticket 2 days ago to ask if there are any news on that after the promissing insight last time. But these GMs just telling to go on in forums and at twitter and that this only depends on the devs. They had no Information if there is something new going on.



it cant be that hard to solve? this is a serious case that several of theyr customers are mistreated.

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ppl asking for this forever … i remember myself sending a ticket when they announced it will be for anyone who got duelist in season 14 or 15 (saying that on season 14 duelist was for 2063 in EU and 2023 in US) So ppl who played back than and did not have 2,2 to buy an enchant but got duelist at the end of season 14, have it now, pathetic right ? … I got the enchant on my hunter playing 3’s at season 15 but as Abraxas said there was no point going above 2,2 if your main goal was enchant not the title. So ppl like me or him got *** by this. Maybe one day blizzard will put it back as a reward for elite rank, but they would first need to want to do that …


Agreed , on top of that my case was i had it in wod s3 aswell, but when pre patch hit, it just got off my weps, disapointing customer service

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How is this thread not locked?


People want what they earned. It’s completely understandable.
I’m just happy that I saved the 2.4 enchants in my bags and learned them as they became an illusion.


It’s still an active issue and on the developer’s radar so just a matter of time and priority. Post here and submit suggestions etc.



Giving it to people who actually earned it back then is one thing, but giving it to players that haven’t earned it and not giving it to players who actually earned it is hilarious