[H] [1D/WEEK 8/10 HC <A Few Old Men> Twisting Nether EU

< A Few Old Men > A newly created guild with the intention of clearing current content in a timely manner on a tight 1d/week schedule. Currently trying to build a roster capable of progressing through mythic, if you skipped BFA raiding do not be afraid to apply (most of us did)

The current raid day is Wednesday and we raid from 18.00-24.00 In-game time.
The prolonged hours due to the fact that we raid once a week.

Bear in mind that we do raid additional days with alts for those that feel like participating during weekends, this is most likely to happen bi-weekly.

Currently recruiting: UPDATED 07.01.2021

Current progress 8/10 HC


  • Unholy DKS


  • Resto Shaman
  • Holy Pala

Ranged DPS

  • Mage
  • Warlocks
  • Boomkins

You are of course welcome to apply even if you don´t play these classes.

What we can offer you:

A hard-working but fun-filled environment where you are encouraged to ask questions and share knowledge with each other while also enabling yourself to experience endgame content without the hassle of committing to a hardcore schedule.

No bull, time-efficient raiding environment with like-minded players who wish to progress linearly without the chance for burnout.

Guild being run by longtime wow veterans with management and raid leader experience from previous hardcore cutting-edge guilds.

What we expect from you:

Previous raid experience at a mythic level is highly preferred but not required.
Maturity, this is a big one. If you tend to rage, can´t handle constructive criticism or you are just a straight up a-hole, we are not the guild for you.

Knowing your class and specs well. Being flexible with specs if you have multiple is welcomed.

Effective communication skills in English, if you tend to struggle to understand English or can´t speak up when spoken to we are probably not the place for you.

Come prepared to raid, be it knowledge,consumables or mindset. no negative vibes allowed.

Not being stubborn about addons, if there is a Weak Aura that will trivialize an encounter you will have this sent to you, raidnotes ( cd rotations and the like) will also be used so you are expected to have the addons installed that enable this.

If you wish to apply you can direct your application to:

If you have any questions or wish to chat with me ingame you can add:

You are free to use whatever application template you like, however there are some things that will further increase your chances of being picked for a trial.

UI screenshot
Raid Experience
What you can offer the guild as an individual