{H} {Draenor} - BOGGED - 3/10M , LF DPS & Resto Sham for 500 WR Push

  • BOGGED 2/10M 10/10HC - The gathering of virgins and “people who chase pigeons” -Rag 2020 that everyone has been waiting for is now recruiting for Shadowlands!

Bogged is an elite team made of friends and friends of friends, hand selected to fashion together the ultimate fighting force. Our raid group consists of 12/12 Mythic raiders with multiple Cutting edges under their belts. We are a big team of chadleates pushing that big WR ranking and have now opened our doors to a SELECT few classes and specs.

We raid 3 times a week - [Server Times]
Wednesday - 20.00pm - 23.00pm
Sunday - 20.00pm - 23.00pm
Monday - 20.00pm - 23.00pm
During Early Progression it’ll be a 4 day a week schedule.
Thursday - 20.00pm - 23.00pm

Currently Recruitment is open for -
1 x Resto Shaman
1 x Mage
1 x Warrior DPS

What we’re about…

  • We will be top 1000 first raid tier of Shadowlands, once we have secured that officially. We are setting our sights on top 500 and gaining ranks from there.
  • We offer a stable raiding environment, 3 times a week, with quality players around you to help and succeed with.
  • Life advice from Ozti the only guild parent, with such quotes as “It looked like a Raccoon had been thrown into a blender” and “It’s as bad as sniper flesh wound.”
  • An unlimited supply of questionable adult anime material supplied by Coco.
  • Fully equipped guild bank and active discord.
  • Handmade memes designed for personal attack credit to “Rag.”
  • Solid and adaptable roster.

Requirements from you…

  • Turn up and be good is a great start, like honestly you get 5 dkp just for filling in the register.
  • Fully geared and ready to go character, equipped to compete at the highest level.
  • A good attitude, with the ability to speak and understand English.
  • A sense of humour and the hunger to want to compete top 500.

Is BOGGED for you? Dam sure it is! Fill in this super intense application form below which includes like 5 questions and a some pretty pictures with bright colours on, then I’ll get in touch with you once completed. Or fancy a chat to find out a little more speak to one of our awesome officers!

h ttps://bit.ly/2CR2huW
Remove the space between the “h” and the “t”, Blizz won’t let me post links.

Real ID / Discord Contact Details…
Try me first i deal with the recruitment -
Ozti (Recruitment Guru) - Steepsy #1170 / Steepsy#9134
If i’m busy RPing on Argent Dawn hit up one of the lads below -

Grant (The MIGHTY guild leader) - Granite7 #2127 / Doncheadle#8442
Rag (Roster Boss & Log Orc) - Rag #21394 / Rag#7777
Burty (Raid Leader) - Mrburtyyy#2820 / MrBurtyyy#7328


huge guild I heard.

Just an update we have had to date 18 apps which have all failed. Which means there’s still space, come on jump in don’t be scared. Rag doesn’t bite that much…

Truly an epic victory royale

So, update for y’all.
We have recruited a few bits and bobs. Still in need of a DH believe it or not there’s not many good ones out there… weird that.
1 x Sickhead Healer pref a pala or MW but we can make some room for others.
1 x Range, anything but Hunter/Mage/Warlock
1 x DPS shaman, enhance or ele plox
The apps are coming through thick and fast so make sure to get yours in quick, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to raid with the finest dwebs on the planet.

Hit Ozti up if you have any questions or problems, details above.


hey there im a main healer atm but i do wanna reroll to shadow priest in shadowlans im 11/12m atm as monk healer i did add one of your officers if you still doing raids i can heal for now but i do wanna go priest <3

Good morning all,
Current update is we are still recruiting although we have filled some spots. Yeah, believe it or not we managed to some giga players. We’re currently looking for the following -
1 x DH Havoc
1 x Enhance Shaman
1 x Range (Anything but Mage/Hunter/Warlock)
1 x Healer (Pref a pala)

Still space, still time to go before shadowlands, all i need from you lot is to fill in the app. I understand commitment can be hard, but one day you gotta grow up and move out. This app could be the first step in that direction, go get em champ!

P.s - If you’re struggling and want to chat, add me or any of the officers on discord. Life advise comes at a premium.

Love Ozti.

vibeo gane

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Yoski Broskis,
We are getting there, we are getting to the point you’ve all been dreading. Recruitment for BOGGED will be closed soon, and you all would have missed your chance to join.
So the update for this week.
We are looking for an including 2 roles.
1 x Healer - Paladin or Monk
1 x Range - Boomie or Ele

That’s it folks, 2 roles 2 spaces.
Hit me up, lets get this spaces filled before SL drops.

Respekt on it.


Hmn yes very good :ok_hand: :weary: :eggplant: :droplet:

Salutations everyone,
I’ve updated our super duper roster and we have 2 spaces left, that’s it. Once it’s gone it’s gone.
We’re looking for 1 giga Death Knight Lich king fan boi, a DK with a big sword who likes to smack stuff. (DPS)
Last spot is 1 HUGE ranged, be it one of the following - Elemental Shaman, Boomkin or Shadow Priest.
So if you fill those spot and you are a huge big time lad or ladette then hit me up or fill the app in.

I have faith in you, it may be misplaced but it’s faith nonetheless.

Bump for the big man

Alright you mighty chads, we are still looking for 3 giga dps.
If you want in on this awesome fighting force, let me know and we can make sweet love.

Is this the real Bogged-Draenor???

Only a couple spots left for some huge dps chadders. Hit me up if you feeling freaky.

We have a 0% parse on Huntsman for speed, come join a REAL progression guild