[H] [Mirage Raceway] <Karazhan Chess Team> Enjoy TBC at a Relaxed Pace! [Casual / Social / Discord]


Thank you very much for viewing! The Karazhan Chess Team are a bunch of friendly players whom have played Classic together on and off. We’ve done dungeons, events and the odd raid too! Our intentions in TBC are the same - we offer a no pressure, social, levelling experience. Through our discord we arrange events, dungeons and our intentions are to clear and farm Karazhan for fun, but with no real target set on raiding beyond that - but if it happens, it happens! Let me ask, are you:

  • Looking for a social guild to level and chat with likeminded people?
  • A new player, or classic veteran, just wanting a no pressure experience? Log in when you want, play for 30 minutes or 12 hours. We don’t judge.
  • Someone who likes to take in the content, at a no rushing pace. Learn dungeons and mechanics at a level comfortable for you.
  • Over the age of 18?

Okay, that last one is optional :wink: But if the above sounds good, we could be the home for you. We have the guild and tabard set up, and discord server, we are based on Mirage Raceway, PVE - EU, so you’re welcome to roll a character now, Horde side, and we can get you in. It’s newly established so bear with us, we will grow!

We understand TBC hasn’t launched yet, but we are slowly preparing and having a community ready and hyped up. We hope you are with us when you step through that Dark Portal again.

Of course we welcome alts, and all levels are welcome.

See you soon!


(Disc username: GForce#6644)


Hi :wave: I’m looking for a home for a horde alt on that server. What’s the best way to contact you in game or discord and how?


Hey there! Thanks for the swift reply!
My username on discord is GForce#6644 so feel free to ping me a message.
Alternatively, send Minotaur a /w in game and I can get you in! :slight_smile:

Discorded :laughing:

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Had some lovely people join already! <3 Don’t hesitate, if I can answer any questions or help you with anything please do send a message :slight_smile:

Hello all! We have got a few new faces in the guild and are really looking forward to meeting YOU! What you waiting for?

We have a lot of new characters being levelled, and the vibe is really good. We all can’t wait for TBC so if you plan to play that expansion socially and at a slower pace, we could be the guild for you :slight_smile:

We’re all super excited for TBC, and really quite amazed at how many people at levelling on Mirage Raceway at the moment. It’s a great realm to join, and if you’re looking for a fresh start, why not start it with us? :slight_smile: Any questions hit me up on discord!

Just a reminder: you are AWESOME! And you’d be very welcome to join us folks! :smiley:

Still welcoming all players! Plenty of time to level a char up before TBC :smiley: Give us a shout if you need a guild! :slight_smile:

Horde is Red,
Alliance is Blue,
Join Karazhan Chess Team,
We want you! :smiley:

Hey, just come back to classic after a year haha would be happy to join :slight_smile: Dachef93#2559

Hey! Sorry for the long reply. Did you manage to get an invite my friend? :smiley:

Come join us… We have the dark lord Voldemort himself! :stuck_out_tongue:

As well as me, Harry.


Hope you all had a great weekend. :smiley: We’re loving the atmosphere in guild, we have such a friendly bunch! If you’re still looking for a guild, hit me up in game or on discord :slight_smile:

Just a reminder that we are here if you just tried the beta and are coming to play TBC! :slight_smile: Give us a shout!

Yes, still plenty of time to join if you’re planning to come in for TBC, we’re here to help! :smiley:

Hai wave

See your post coming by verry oftend and love your creative way to bump. atm im back playing classic and preparing to play tbc again cause tbc is when in all started. Now leveling a shaman but eventually want to level a tank and raid, but do you have strickt rolls in your raids or is it first come first serve?


Thank you! Good question!

At the moment, for Karazhan, it is looking likely we will run 2-3 maybe even 4 groups of 10 so the more the merrier in terms of that, we’ll try and get as many people who want to experience that as possible. We’ll rotate it too no matter your spec, class, race whatever, we’ll try any combination in a chilled, relaxing atmosphere and just enjoy the nostalgia. From there, we will look at who wants to progress further and who we can pull together to form a 25-30 man team to progress! If it doesn’t happen though, as long as we don’t embarrassingly wipe on the chess event, we’ll keep running Kara and be there for those who need us! :slight_smile: I’m sure we can, and will get further though :slight_smile:

Loot - currently undecided but as a casual guild, it may be that we use some form of /roll with various house rules to make it fair for everyone. A round robin type rule for example, where if you win a roll, your next rolls become greed priority and if someone hasn’t won an item, their roll is need level. Need > Greed as we know. Giving everyone a chance at some sweet sweet purples! :smiley: It is unknown if we will use this for the “progressing” team, we may need something more, but for now I think it will work :slight_smile:

This guild sounds right up my street. I’m only lvl 16 at the moment but would love to join :). Guillin#21262 is my battle tag :slight_smile:

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Great to have you! :slight_smile:

Still recruiting so don’t be shy! :smiley: