[H(/N?)-RP] A Roaming Hub - Session Three - Durotar's Heat! 🏜️


The Roaming hub has started up again, free to join and tag along with, and engage for whoever’s interested.

For ease of communication, rather than pointing people towards a forum thread every time regarding maps, who’s hosting which events etc., I’ve gone ahead and set up a Discord that anyone partaking in the project can join.

You can prod me at WorriesDK#2020 for an invitation or get in touch with me in-game. As it stands, looks like we’re going to Desolace next!

Current primer - Durotar

Adventurers, heroes and hard-working members of the Horde,

The times where High Command need ask aid of the Horde’s wider populace are never kind ones, and just so now. Several of our legions have been shipped abroad or decommissioned due to a lack of fresh bodies, so I plead of you to take on the task of safeguarding our home.

Strange things have been happening all throughout Durotar, from elemental rage to resurfacing naga filth. We’ve even had an ill-omened ship crash ashore, and nobody seems to have the guts or the manpower to do anything about any of it.

So I make this call to you - a coffin of gold has been secured to pay you for your work, make your way to Razor Hill on the 29th this month, we’ll be sending a Champion - another outsider - to get you briefed on the evening that day.

Armies march on their stomach, but I’ll be fel-blasted if that isn’t true of society at large.

Strength and honour!

- Blood Guard Tor’kram


Concept Background

With the way the story in 8.1.5 is turning out (not to spoil it!), and the likely growing tension inside the Horde itself, various members of what’s come to be known as the Whiteclaw Communion will probably come to find their presence in Orgrimmar tenuous, if even tolerated. This represents an interesting opportunity to explore another side of the coin that’s gotten a fair amount of campaign attention already - what’s going on out on the minor fronts? What happens to a zone whose Grunts and Braves have all been relocated to join the war effort? For the purpose of exploring those questions - and of breathing some life into fairly neglected-by-the-story-writers hubs - this project was born.

Concept Explanation

The Roaming Hub operates in the form of 1-2 week stayovers in the various regions, complete with a few blurbs of story for each one, identifiable issues to combat or deal with, maps keeping track of progress - and most importantly, insight into areas that haven’t received a lot of love with the lore, but still have a fair amount of player interest.

List of Suggested things to sort out for a potential stop

1) A main hub for the duration - to give people a place where they can go to find casual RP for the duration. 2) Around ~3-4 paragraphs of story to explain what’s going on in the region, what we’re there to help with etc. - supplemental maps can be made by me. 3) Someone to open up the week at a communal meeting/speech, basically introduce the story and area to people in-game. 4) 4-5 events at most; they can be social, RP-PvE, puzzles and whatever else have you, tying into that story

How does the map/noticeboard work?

The Noticeboard is essentially a series of story hooks and suggestions for events that can be used to push the story of a zone forward. Do the event, and new events will open up, and the map will change. All you need to do is post on the Discord which mission you’ve claimed and when you’ll be carrying it out; I’ll change the map to reflect changes over night!


Do I have to sign me or my guild up to attend this?

Nope! You’re welcome to drop in and drop out as you please; I’ll simply be the main organiser to chat with if you’d like to set something up. Though be aware that our hosts in various areas may have restrictions on how many people can attend their events.

Can I get a location added to the future stops?

Yes! I’d only ask that you contact me and give the suggested “things to sort out” list a read; a hub is only as fun as it’s attendants and hosts make it.


This sounds pretty awesome. I assume a project like this would also be pretty accessible for people who can’t necessarily offer high activity or are there for the social RP rather than events?



The idea’d be to encourage players and guilds to explore themes and settings that exist in the lore but haven’t seen much recent follow-through from the writers.

Whether that’s on their own terms or as part of the events lined up for the hub in question is up to them.


Best of luck.

Personally think it is still to early for Rebellion Roleplay.


I think it may be fair to note that - as far as I can tell - this isn’t rebellion RP. Rogmasha hasn’t made any mention of fighting back against the Windrunner regime, but instead of a group choosing to step away from the conflict entirely (at least for now), but I’m sure if I’m wrong I can be corrected on that.

I’ll definitely be watching this space then. Regardless though, it seems like a great idea and I hope it gets lift off.


Don’t worry, this isn’t supposed to be any sort of rebellion. It could be considered something of a pre-rebellion of sorts, I suppose, with the Whiteclaw gathering support among the plebs. We just felt we wanted to do something different instead of having to wait for Blizzard’s snail-paced plot.


I know that, just slowly the cogs are turning.

Anyway, good luck.


Thank you. I hope we manage to get some traction.


You can count on this old orc keeping an eye out for the development of this hub and its potential.

Though I wonder on the pace of the hub’s traveling pattern and whether it will be sporadic travels, from say; Grizzly Hills to Nagrand, or more consistent traveling, from zone to zone; nomadic style.


Tavern in the Mists II, the Battalion walk past and ten seconds later the entire hub moves across the planet.

Nice initiative!

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That’ll end up depending on the who’s and hows of different hubs - if we can pool the activity together for it, it -could- definitely be travelling from settlement to settlement in, say, Northrend!




Sounds smashing friend Rogmasha. I look forward to seeing it in action and would love to drop by on a character.


I’m still burned by the early darkspear rebellion. Do explain how it’s different. I’ve several characters that might be interested if not for this OOC concern.


Hey, who forget to invite the Rebels to the REBELLION!?!

In all seriousness, very interested to see where this goes and how this develops. Looking forward to joining in :3


This looks pretty interesting. I might have a character that would fit right into this concept.


This sounds a great way to bring life to areas.

While it doesn’t directly fit the Dawn Seekers, perhaps we’ll run into you occasionally out in the world :smile:

Good luck with it all!


I don’t think they’re diving too much into the rebellion side of things just yet, but rather focusing on the Horde that didn’t want the conflict in the first place and fueling their efforts elsewhere.

There’s also (at least from my experience) the fact that during the rebellion from what I recall, it was centred mostly around the Crossroads in the Barrens. This way you’re at least experiencing more of the world in a group, not only for the social aspect but for the events too along the way!


Anything but a rebellion, it feels more like a consolidation of sorts to try and find some measure of support among the more “common folk” (if that is a term one can even use in the case of player characters) who have, for example, not been subjected to the tighter fist of the Horde around the capital cities and heartlands as much. It’s probably the perfect time for such initiatives while we’re still waiting for any overarching plots from Blizzard to continue, so I heartily welcome this one!

Perhaps just as importantly, this might very well promote RP outside all the usual hubs and offer communities who reside outside of such places to have a chance at the spotlight. Always great to see RP flourish outside of the usual hubs, so I certainly hope to be there to share the road where possible! I love the idea all in all. :grinning:


It doesn’t sound like a bad idea.
It actually might be pretty good!

Yeah. I could travel along from time to time.