[H or A] LF Causal friendly mature guild any server

Hi all,
im looking for a mature, social guild/community (pref with older gamers) that raids at heroic level at a reasonably relaxed pace. Im not after a guild that’s going to try and min/max my character for the sake of 1% dps, i play the game to have fun, i raid to have fun too and always give it my best but i wont change to a spec or talent i don’t like the play of.
Im after a guild/community that people interact and chat in game or on discord, where people say hi and bye when they log, that doesn’t have little M+ cliques, that plays other games too and isn’t limited to only wow.

My requirements may seem pretty extensive but i don’t feel un reasonable :slight_smile:

I’m looking to play my ret/holy pala or warrior/druid in SL :slight_smile:
I don’t mind if the guild is horde or alliance though would prefer playing on a server that isn’t full :slight_smile:

Im an older gamer myself and have raided since vanilla, i play other games too, im a total geek (so a guild that will get my references to 80-90’s films is a plus).
feel free to drop me a message on discord if you wanted to talk further:


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Hey Minkana

We are recruiting at the moment and may be what you are looking for. Check out our recruitment post and see what you think.
If you are interested let me know and we can talk further, if not good luck in your search.

hey u sound like our kind of gamer we are older guys around the 30 mark we do M+ keys. Our raid progress is currently 10/10N 1/10 HC we will be starting to focus more on the HC raid over the next few weeks when all our players are able. If u wanna know more i will leave our add for u to look over.


Hi Minkana,

Meloria have recently moved from a full pop server to Defias Brotherhood due to the lag, constant dc and que times. Not sure what your definition of older is as I have met people that think 25+ is older but our members range from 21 to 60 with quite alot aged 40+ who love playing together. We are always on discord having a chat, getting a bit of banter going and a laugh. Some times the references go back further than the 80’ and 90’s. We moved the guild over so we could start raiding and are currently at 7/10N and 1/10H but hope to start pushing these asap once we get together a raid team. We arent aiming to be a huge guild as we feel you lose the personal and social aspect of the game which is really important. We want our members to play classes they enjoy playing rather than forced to for raiding.

We have a nice mixture of males and females, different nationalities (english, irish, Finnish, swedish, Dutch, polish, Italian, french south African and dannish) and also have couples and father/daughter in the guild.

If you are interested in having a chat or joining us for a chat on discord and to do some runs to see if we are the right fit add me on battlenet lauralye#2383