[H-RP] Hand of the Titans is recruiting!

The Hand of the Titans remains open to new roleplayers on Moonglade, Steamwheedle Cartel and The Sha'tar! We are a well-established guild with wide connections, with 10 years of history. I’ll start a bit of an introduction of our motivations, before getting into how we’re set up and what you can expect from us.
“The strength of the Hand lies in its variety. Different folks from all walks of life, races and goals, combining their different strengths and accomplishing those goals together. Our world is one full of dangers. Demons, cultists, necromancers, slavers, monsters. We are the ones to face the darkest parts of it. To leave the place better, and to grow strong doing so.”
-General Anroka Scaleslicer.

“The war is over, but the true battle for Azeroth continues. An Old God is on the loose. The world is full of danger and corruption, ignored for too long while Horde and Alliance were at each other's throats. Old things have awakened and as whispers rise, the darkness’ grip on our world strengthens by the day. Time to roll up our sleeves and do what we do best.”

How are we set up?
We are a RP guild first and foremost. The order is led by Anroka, supported by a team of Officers. Our guild chat is Out Of Character, though we have a separate In Character communication network channel. We are loosely divided into 3 factions within the guild, based on the primary expertise of members. We are not a military order with very strict discipline, but we do have a command structure. We count many groups as allies and try to be an active part of the community. Roleplay-wise we are best described as an adventuring guild, with wide connections, and affiliations with many other factions. Primarily the Horde, but also many neutral ones.

What can you expect from our guild?
Though not overwhelmingly so, the Hand of the Titans is one of the older and bigger guilds around. We try our best to operate as a stable and engaging platform for you to enjoy the varied aspects of the game. Our guild tends to run 2 to 4 roleplay events each week for those interested and available, with spontaneous roleplay often occurring between and after such events. We do our best to offer an accepting environment with little drama. Suitable for old and new roleplayers.

What sort of members do we seek?
We seek members who would like to roleplay, would like to be part of an involved group of people, and would enjoy the opportunity to join a guild such as ours. We’re open to all races and classes, in principle. It’s all about how you handle your character. There are a million reasons why anyone might seek to join the Hand. Whether you are a powerful demonslayer, a scholar of history, a concerned grunt or magister, or a mercenary looking to make a buck fighting for a good cause, most will find they have goals overlapping with ours, especially in these times of conflict that threatens us all. Righteous knight, shrewd bounty hunter, ambitious mercenary, or tomb-diving scholar; all may hear the call to the adventuring life, and seek the benefit of joining a well-connected organization.

For more specific questions about evil or corruptive characters, addons, people new to RP, level requirements, OOC behavior, and other questions, please check out the Frequently Asked Questions section of this thread, further down. Beyond that, tolerance towards people of all genders/orientations/races, adherence to WoW guidelines, RP etiquette and decent grasp of the English language are appreciated. Roleplaying is crafting a fitting place for yourself in this world we all enjoy. As long as you have the willingness to adapt and learn in that pursuit, we are more than happy to support you.

How do you join the guild?
Now that you have read our thread, you should have a more clear idea if we are the place for you. Now, it is time to contact us, and sign up for an interview. The "/Who Hand of the Titans" command will bring up a list of all people currently online. Anroka(-Moonglade), Gosa, Caerule, Asperia, Xyra, Zarajan and Arctius are the characters to whisper for setting up an interview, but Nlaea, Lara, Anyel and Simili can help answer questions and anyone can anyone can help you get in touch with an interviewer. If you would like more info on the interview or how your character could have learned about us, check the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Extra info:
I am always available for questions. I am also always glad to help with your backstory, lore or other advice. We are definitely also always up to cooperation with other guilds. You can also post here if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc. This thread could likely use the bumping anyway.

Current events:
The Rebellion is over. Thanks to Saurfang's actions, the Horde has reunited and the world can shift its focus to other dire threats. The Old God N’Zoth has yet to be found, but many threats are on the rise as his influence is turning the world into a darker and darker place. We are gathering our power, tools and allies, as we strike against these enemies, new and old.

Frequently Asked Questions:
I have answers to tons of more potential questions in our FAQ. Unfortunately, this old post can't handle the upgraded forum's new fancy code. Even links don't work in this one. You can find the FAQ here:
Or scroll down to post 128.

See you on Azeroth!
uhh i get first bump! yaaaay!
It has sure been a busy time lately. Between the server campaign to stop the tide of the Iron Horde in the Blasted Lands, and all the new content, we've neglected the recruitment thread a little.

We are still actively recruiting! We're heading very strong into Warlords of Draenor with lots of interesting new things to explore. Our journey into this new expansion is just getting started! We're also continuing to offer casual raiding of new content this expansion.

So yes, the Hand has set its sight on the world of Draenor, heeding the call of the Horde to aid in securing that world, from the growing threat of the Iron Horde, held back for now, but far from defeated. And the other dark threats quickly on the rise on that turbulent world. With bloodthirsty orcs, a primal world, and a rising ride of darkness and demons to face, it promises to be an exciting time indeed.

See you on Draenor!
If you don't want to miss out on all the good stuff, now's the time to join, since we're heading to Draenor this weekend!

Of course joining later on is still possible, but you know.. Frostwolves and all kinds of fun stuff that's trying to eat you alive, who would want to miss out on that? So get your axes or spellbooks out and make sure to pack your warmest, furriest armour! We're off to Draenor!

See you soon!
Going to Draenor has been great so far!
Thanks to our GM and officers we've had a very interesting ongoing campaign, trying to find a way to civilisation!

We took a portal, expecting to end up in a Horde settlement, but as it turns out, we ended up taking the portal of a distressed mage trying to flee from an Iron Horde camp! Oops.
We managed to fight our way out and commandeer a ship (aka we totally stole it, sorry Iron Horde), andended up in Frostfire Ridge by accident, where we had to set up camp.

After this a whole bunch of things happened, the highlights being a succesful Rylak hunt, campfires, saving a group of prisoners from a Thunderlord settlement, campfires, getting ambushed by even more Thunderlord orcs, campfires, finally finding signs of civilisation and eventually, last night we made it to Gorgrond. (God yes, warmth!)

It's been a good journey and we managed to hold our own, but there's always room for more! (both on Draenor and back on Azeroth) So feel free to poke any online member for RP, and interview or just a nice chat!

See you soon,
A fine bunch of eh... I dunno, something endearing yet insulting.
I sent an in-game letter to Anroka, your guild's leader. I then realized that she most likely receives a high volume of mail and it may not have been the best way of establishing contact. Is whispering the only way to introduce oneself to you guys, or is sending letters alright?
Letters should be fine, pretty sure he's one of those people who keeps an empty mailbox at all times.. unlike some.. *coughs*..

If you want you can whisper someone in game too. All the way up there it says to whisper Anroka, Gosa, Caernax or Nlaea if they're online, but any member could direct you to the person you'll want to talk to about joining, if they're on an alt or something :)

Let's RP soon!
At the time nobody seemed to be online, though I only returned to the game a month ago (originally played 2006-2008) and am still relearning a lot of basic in-game commands.

I'll try to whisper someone associated with the guild next time. Look forward to learning more about you guys.
I've figured out where it went wrong Khujand. :)

You have sent it to a character named Anroka on the Steamwheedle Cartel server, it seems (Which is an alt of mine I use on very rare occasions). We're three servers merged into one, but in order to contact me you'll have to add -Moonglade at the end of the character names in mail and such. So, Anroka-Moonglade.

An easier way may be to use the command "/who Hand of the Titans". This will give you a list of all members online, and you'll find people online almost at all times. I'm sure everyone will be happy to help you get in touch with the officers. Sorry for the inconvenience. I'll clarify the main post soon with this information :).
we survived the turn of the year and are allready enganged in serval RP plots from draenor to sinister murder and frindly tarven evneings :D
It's been one heck of a journey so far! There is just so much to see and do in roleplay these days. Draenor is proving an absolute paradise for RP. We've had so much already, and we've not even seen half of the continent yet. It's not all where we hang out of course, but it's certainly something I am glad to make use of.

Things are very active, and we're having fun, but there's always room for more people to join in, of course.

I've also been happy to encounter other guilds RPing out there on Draenor. Always a nice chance to cooperate and roleplay as a community.
We don't bite. Well, most of us don't anyways...

P.S. I'll miss you Drax. Who's going to make stuff explode right next to where I'm standing now? :(
16/10/2014 09:04Posted by Anroka
You can also post here if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc. This thread could likely use the bumping anyway.

Have a bump and I'll get up the courage to contact you soon (yeah yeah, i know you don't bite.. often), once Dys's backstory is a bit clearer in my head :)
I have to admit, this expansion has managed to bring us more RP opportunities than any before it. There's just so much to do that is relevant to our characters, and a good foundation for an adventure. The active community is also great to see.

That's all translated to the Hand of the Titans doing very well, of course. And I've also been happy to meet all the new faces joining us. Of course, no matter how active it gets, there's always room for a few more. At the very least, I can promise we won't be running out of stories to tell, any time soon. The calender continues to fill up quick with new adventures. :D

See you on Daenor!
Hand have been busy bees lately. You now have the chance to join us as we get into gear for a final push against few of our big objectives in Draenor.

We are a nice bunch and also look good so it's a win win situation if you desire to be a member of one of the more active RP guilds on the server.
"The Hand are good warriors. Their methods are different, but effective. Welcome allies in any battle!"
Big things are happening! Tanaan is soon opening up, and with it will come more danger than faced before! The Burning Legion threatens both Draenor and Azeroth if unstopped. The Hand of the Titans will of course eagerly face this challenge. No more beating down misguided orcs. True evil and corruption has shown its face on Dreanor!

We've just finished our campaign against the Blackrock Clan with the guild, which I was very proud of. New adventures are just ahead!

For now, the dangers that await us in Tanaan are unknown. But what is known is that it will be the greatest battles since the retaking of the Blasted Lands. As such, old allies and new are joining hands once more, as during the Tidebreaker Offensive server campaign. The Hand of the Titans is reaching out to its allies in cooperation, working together with many other guilds. For now, they are working together to construct a Shipyard. But once construction finishes, new adventures await!
Yeah, we're definitely the cool kids.
.. Well we do try.

Can't wait to rp in the Shipyard, and to join the Tanaan campaign on my characters.
Join usssss!
The Hand of the Titans banner has been planted on Tanaan soil!
Exciting times, while the server campaign is under way, and we get to RP side by side with our allies.

The war for Draenor is still far from over, but of course it's already time to start looking ahead to the next expansion. Fortunately it seems Legion will be right up our alley.

Dreanor has been great to us. The guild's story and that of its people has progressed strongly and we've had great times to share. Still, I have been missing Azeroth. It will be good roleplay there again, both on the greatest adventures, and enjoying the company of friends on more social gatherings.