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Hi. So, I was wondering how the RP is on Moonglade. I would like to join the RP community on my alts but I find Argent Dawn a bit overwhelming with the numbers and the… “OwO” people and the eh… Goldshire people… shudder
SO, I have a main on defias et al. but the RP is mostly within the guild and there is not much otherside of political rp (not my cup of chocolate milk). Is there RP going on on moonglade? Or is it just like defias?
My druid and worgen alts would like to find a place they can call home. :slight_smile:

Oh, and what about the Horde RP? I would appriciate your insight before I commit to a server


Hello there! Also, I must say I myself have left AD a few years ago for the similar reasons (though for me the biggest problem was the atmosphere and the overall community). For me switching to Sha’glade Cartel was the best possible decision, but the server definitely is not for everyone and so it’s wise to consider the good and the bad first.

So naturally, first the good things: RP-wise the server is a fraction of AD’s hectic RP, so you definitely won’t get overwhelmed (one of the most important reasons why I swapped–there’s only so much activity I can handle in a single second…). Since it’s so small, most highly coveted RP locations are empty and free to use during events and social. RP is mostly confined to guilds, as over the past two or so years walk-up social RP sort of fizzled out–however, as long as you join a good guild you will find yourself with plenty of RP as well as a potential for social! Last year some attempts begun to revitalize the realm with open RP (faction-reliant or neutral)–you can see the stuff we come up on the forums, as my friends and I post new events here quite regularly. Also, Horde RP is still considerably more active than the Alliance (although my Alliance friends are working on it :wink: ).

The community of Sha’glade Cartel was very welcoming to me as I made the switch from AD, and I remain convinced in my view that it’s the friendliest RP community on EU, as the amount of edgelords truly is minimal here (I’ve been here since late WoD and I could count the amount of nastiness I’ve encountered on one hand).

Now, the bad things. The realm is small, and with that come the consequences, such as the fact that it means a small amount of roleplayers. While this results in a very close-knit community, it also means you won’t have nearly as much choice when it comes to RP. You don’t see griefers very often, but it’s no secret that the server is mostly populated by OOCers.

Since I mentioned the RP guilds, here are a few well-established guilds that offer fun RP (please read their threads and see where your character would fit best!):

They have all been around for a long time and have plenty of experienced roleplayers who are always happy to help a newbie out.

I hope Sha’glade Cartel becomes a virtual home for you, like it did for me! Good luck and I hope to see you around someday!


takes of the IC mask for a mere few moments

'Hej Sasha,

Comparatively, the RP community on the Sha’glade Cartel is a large village (complete with a village fool and some excentrics) and AD would be a city with the constant commotion that comes with it. In my village, I know the school teacher, the cleric, the baker and the butcher. The major, whom I have never met, I know by reputation through my good friend the doctor. I think this offers a good description of my home in wow. So far the analogy.
The quality of RP is generally high, since there are many experienced players that consciously chose this place to call their home. New players get taken into the community rather quick and we are large enough of a player base to have most types of RP available.
Most activity is guild or event based. Many of the events are neutral RP which offer opportunities to meet characters from both factions and many races, ages and genders. Joining an event and having the occassional conversation will soon lead you to the people you wish to play more with.
There is an updated guild list floating around here on the forum somewhere if you wish to orient yourself on what is out there. When I was new to the Sha’glade Cartel RP community (little over a year ago), I wish someone had advised me to attend Moonrise as a first step into the door. It is an old server tradition that sees a diverse group of players in a very gentle elf dominated environment. It is not guild based, so it commonly also attracts those independent and new players.
Those are my two cents.’

I wish for a gentle breeze to take you where you are going :leaves:

Warm regards,



Since Linaria still holds grudges:

You’ll find that most guilds keeps to themselves over here and that the majority of the RP is guild events. Wayward Vagrants have a loose alliance with Convocation of Elrendar, but that’s about it.
Alliance RP is pretty quiet, so I would recommend Horde if you come here.


It is true that roleplay within the Alliance is rather quiet, but good guilds are to be found! To my knowledge we currently have three active roleplay guilds:

  1. The Refuge of the Lost is a peaceful group that aims to help anyone affected by the wars, providing shelter, medicine, food and a chance to ply your trade in safety. Find more information here!
  2. The Tower of Krasha is a group of morally dubious mercenaries, who hunt for artifacts and rare ingredients on behalf of the arakkoa druid, Verroak Krasha. Find more information here!
  3. The Botany Band conducts adventurous studies of plantlife. Our expeditions depart every Night of the Moon (Mondays at 20:00) from the Greenhouse at the Magus Commerce Exchange in Dalaran (Broken Isles). You are most welcome to partake in our upcoming expedition! :herb:

Welcome to the Sha’glade Cartel!


…Oh, welp. I think I misread and assumed Sasha is interested only in the Horde side. Dulvarinn to the rescue! :herb:

That said I can wholeheartedly recommend the Botany Band (my guild! Again!). While it’s less active than most of the Horde groups, it very reliably offers fun RP events every Monday. Not to mention my fellow botanists are some of the kindest souls around. The boss is pretty cool too, even if he often makes us eat weird things for science…

The Refuge has plenty of nice people who are awesome to interact with too, including a very kind and understanding GM. I don’t know much about the activity levels there, but I see Stutter (said GM) online quite often–I’ll see if I can poke the doggo to contribute to the discussion with more info. 8)

The Alliance also has a few open RP events (such as the Moonrise, Night at the Forge and the Band’s flowery shenanigans) that you can enjoy on guildless characters too. I know Raylen was making some steps towards DMhood too… (Hey, Raylen! Where’s my next tavern night? Honour demands it!)


Wow guys thank you for the detailed answers. To be honest I did not expect that much text but I am sure glad I got that. Very helpful and insightful.

Another question if you all don’t mind. Do you know of any guild that actually RPs and raids here? Since I tend to enjoy all aspects of the game, PVE and PVP included :slight_smile: (Of course I am not asking for a mythic raiding guild! I am talking about normal-HC) I am not looking for anything hardcore, just to dip my worgen snout a bit in the new content once and a while and I will be happy.


Back in WoD there was an inter-guild raiding community, but it seems to have been on hiatus since then. Unfortunately, personally I am not familiar with any guild that does PvP/PvE on top of RP. Most people I know, myself included, stay in RP guilds and either have alts in PvP/PvE guilds or get invited to these guilds’ runs via friends.

That said, I don’t have a whole lot of experience when it comes to the overall state of PvP/PvE on Sha’glade, as my PvP/PvE characters are on a different realm. A quick look at wowprogress however tells me that we have over 20 guilds that are 8/8 HC and 5 that have set foot in Mythic, so if you wish to raid I think you might find quite a lot of variety!


Also, me and my good friend Raylen (who is currently being challenged by his life situation) are making Neutral RP events, mostly social. So we do try to balance the “guilds for themselves” thing.
Sadly, I’m not capable of making an event myself and Ray can’t play as much to make these events, so once he gets back, we’ll do more stuff. (Altough Im the one not attending to our events, you’ll mostly see only him during the events)

Also, can confirm that all three Alliance guilds are a fun bunch, same as Vagrants and Convocation (as I never even spoke to the rest, I can’t judge but… you know, being unwilling to post a guild name because of a grudge with few members is kind of lame).

Also, If you do decide to join Sha’glade cartel, then welcome!

I didn’t see Raylen being mentioned, so sorry to duplicate it :smiley:


You may want to check out Ebon Flame.

They have been around since the earliest days of Moonglade and still seem to be going strong. I don’t know how much RP they do as I don’t believe that I have interacted with anyone in the guild for over a decade, but there are still members with an interest in RP.

There may be some other Alliance guilds that are similar, but I spend most of my time adventuring so I rarely see recruitment announcements or social gatherings (and apologies to anyone that I’ve absentmindedly ran through without thinking). There are some socially active guilds in the Horde too, but again, I’m unsure how many are into both PVE and RP.


Canine huff :dog:

I see I have slacked in my forumgoing.

That’s a definite nail in the coffin of my overly optimistic dream of one day landing a level 3 forum thing. :smile:

Lots of good answers here, several guilds named that I wholeheartedly appreciate - either for taking in one of my very many, awfully casual alts - or for open events.

About the raiding and PvP I can’t provide anything directly useful, but I must admit after being an avid anti-raider & anti-dungeoneer for years, I have used that LFG tool a few times lately, to get certain achievements, and it has been a largely positive experience. (Granted, my expectations were a few lines of verbal abuse before getting kicked, but still…)

A halfway alternative could be - after you make a lot of new friends here :wink: :+1: - to sign up for an LFR run of your choice together with said Sha’glade Cartel friend(s) :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope you come and love it here, but most importantly: Do what you love :grinning:


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