[H][Twisting Nether] 2/8M Wed & Fri 20:00-23:00 Need Dps <Phoenix Ascension>



We are on Twisting Nether and are about two months old. We’re filled with some old school raiders, and some newer ones from Legion as well. We enjoy raiding! Our raid times are W/F 20:00-23:00 server time. We are progressing quickly and would like to keep our loot within the guild (that means not pugging anybody). To do that, we need to fill a couple empty slots in our roster. Below are the key areas we are missing.

P.S. We have a couple semi-serious M+ groups that run multiple times a week if not every day so feel free to join for that as well.


Warlock - need multiple



We also need a handful of dps, and are currently accepting most, if not all classes.

You don’t need to have good gear or experience, we can handle that part as long as you are active.

Hit me up in game @ rrice1291#2320 or comment on the post.

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