Half of Alliance AV Battlegrounds players are AFK

Half of the Battlegrounds players in AV on Alliance are AFK

Last week it was just 2 or 3 players maximum now its almost entire raid group and not a single thing being done.

Have not seen Blizzard do anything since Classic launch on any issue not just PvP.

yea afk or disabled, not easy 20 vs 40 :smiley:

Waits for a post explaining how Alliance AFK:ers is Horde’s fault


Because of P2 the alliance had to adapt and exploit AV with premades and Drek solo pulls, the horde now released their anger on all alliance pugs that causes them again to just give up and quit like they did P2

allys cant organize like horde pug so , they try premade AV but still losing mostly,when they killed few times,they give up and start waiting at their GY afk for lose…

I had 100% win ratio on av this week on 100s of games…

well ofc you did with 20 lvl mage, I sure of it :smiley:

Don’t worry it’s the same Horde side. Not all players, but often 3 or 4.

The amount of players that afk in cave is going out of control.

Blizzard should disabled all honnor gain if you sit in cave.

And obviously, theses player have a WeakAura that meow a sound every time they got the IDLE debuff so they go fight and wake up when they are reported …

This game lmao.

Reporting them en-masse seems to do nothing either and not even sure they get an idle alert. Had one sitting in ghost form outside SH GY all game, never moved and was reported by almost everyone.

Then again yesterday I got into a few games where Alliance had so few people in them everyone went afk. Like the shot below we had reached the dizzy heights of 13 people 2 mins into the game against 38


Rush Drek Cyka!

It’s a consequence of the social design.

There’s no immediate punishment for it, and many times overlooked entirely due to the automated system, and players aren’t allowed to form proper social awareness in this mosh pit of a disaster they call social design in xrealm matchmaking.

you keep saying that… for some reason i am starting to think you might be a liar.

Premade, oh no wait, premade does not exist… AV queue being used as intended screwing over even their own side.

Fix is not needed, there is no problem. This is fine!

What the heck are you talking about?

When I joined that specific game they could have got a 39 man pre-made into it. In fact right up until seconds before that shot was taken they could have got at least a 35 man pre-made in there. Pretty sure any pre-made worth their salt would take 35 out of 40 and probably even less than that.

indeed, i am starting to see how this is actually beneficial to the horde, and it makes me laugh.
give it 1 or 2 more weeks and alliance will start complaining about their side’s advantages in AV… can’t wait to point out all the threads that they made to mock the horde players for being oh so mean in phase 2, while not realizing we aren’t suffering remotely as much as they think we are.

sure there is a thread here and there complaining about long queues, but those are made by people who fundamentally doesn’t understand how the ranking system works, and its LITTERED with alliance posts saying “haa haa! you got what you deserved! this is revenge for phase2 meanie hordies HAA HAA!”
watch them get exhausted and tired of AV grind in a short amount of time and start crying to blizzard that artificial queuing needs to be implemented because “its just so hard to be forced to be glued to the screen 24/7 to even compete, also please remove the premades so i can solo bg for once”

its gonna be saltastic.

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What about the people that want to get home from work and just want to pvp for fun in either wsg or av in the limited time they have, say a couple of hours, without the majority of their playtime being taken up by queues. Im sure those people dont mind the queues at all, and im sure those people dont make up the majority of the horde playerbase.

Also if alliance ranking was so hard why are they capped by sunday morning? If anything its horde ranking that requires to be glued to their pcs where rankers litteraly play 18h a day 7 days a week farming wpvp between queues.

The afk report DOES work, but for some reason people don’t care enough to report the leechers they are fighting against in the honor brackets…

what, you mean casuals??
they don’t count.

Also if alliance ranking was so hard why are they capped by sunday morning? If anything its horde ranking that requires to be glued to their pcs where rankers litteraly play 18h a day 7 days a week farming wpvp between queues.

if everyone is honor capped, nobody is honor capped.

Everyone that matters is honor capped since sunday, near perfectly stacked brackets, br1/2 and lots of 3 getting just about maximum possible rp, while horde have litteraly zero stacking because anyone can get the exact same honor/h as anyone else by just entering av. Hence why afk botters are affecting horde rankers but not alliance rankers