Have you guys seen the Drums of Battle change?

Let’s see your character.
How many times have you cleared Naxx, if at all?

He was there one time, then the raidleader saw he has no buffs and kicked him.


Of course drums are not the same as WB:s I mean when fully utilized they’re basically 1/3 of a rend buff for melees and…well something else for casters since there is no such WB for casters in Vanilla Classic.
But they’re good enough for many many people to be toxic dickheads about using em. So once again add the debuff making them a nice dmg boost for situational use and be done with it.

What would be the use of it?
I doubt it will change anything for you when you see i am really telling the truth.
Or would you then stop crying about drum and worldbuff meta?

Okay, first share your predictions.

Sure this seems way more believable than me progressing in naxx without a lot of effort, no proof needed, right? xD

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Not to be rude or anything but you come off as one of those guild “mates” that get carried by others who are pushing it hard and then be self righteous here in the forums about stuff being “so easy”
Now of course I could be reading this wrong but that is how it comes off to me.


It would make me actually believe you even remotely.
I’m sure you did AMAZING as a Ret-healer with 0 World buffs and 0 consumables in BWL and in no way shape or form was carried by your guild.
Bet your logs are like all 99’s.

Yes i can understand that and ofc there are people in the raid that put in a lot more effort and money. Especially the main tanks do a lot more but nobody forced them to. I never took pve that seriously that i care who carries how much exactly.

The thing is, i don’t complain about worldbuff meta or that raids are too easy. I pretty much enjoyed classic how it is.

Still, how would it matter to me if you believe me or not?
I am smart enough to know that i got carried when i raided as healer without healing talents but that little heal still helped xD The point is nobody even realized it for 3 weeks, maybe they did but they did not complain about it.
I don’t care how my logs look like, raiding is not the main content for me, just a necessity to get some gear. Big thanks to all the carries :wink:


You’re saying WB aren’t necessary. I believe you will either have logs of a guild that can’t clear Naxx or logs of a guild with 90%+ turning up with worldbuffs. Im even willing to bet you turned up with the most important buffs, probably just missing DMT which is largely irrelevant for healers.

So, you will provide logs now?


Good for you, but if all people raiding Naxx were like you nobody would even clear it. I get it that you’ve enjoyed classic being carried and all but your point of view is not really the point of view for those making it all happen. But getting back to the subject of Drums instead of this frankly pointless bickering, whether or not the dreaded 20/25 LW:s in a raid scenario will happen it is in my opinion kinda silly to have a thing in the game in such form that makes people strongly debate for it happening.
Playing games is supposed to be fun and having a clearly unbalanced item like drums in the game just does not sound fun.

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It’s an even bigger problem because they aren’t really unbalanced but an easy-to-get consistent damage increase that take up a profession slot and as of now everyone needs to have them to fully utilize them.

Using drums wouldn’t be an issue if they didn’t require the profession to use them, I wouldn’t want to be the one of the hundreds farming clefthoofs to extinction though.

Yeah but even in that case it would be an additional “mandatory” raid consumable which it was never intended to be. (save the clefthooves) And besides if it was just for LW and it had the debuff thus limiting it’s use, it would make it an engaging mechanic to be used situationally on bosses.

It is really that simple, adding the debuff pretty much eliminates all the issues and not even the HC people complain because all they care is being better than other HC people since they are still all on the same line however it is done.

They are trying… something. I don’t know what they’re going for, but they’re over complicating the situation. They told us there’d be changes, and we took this as one of the more positive ones. But then, this is not a progressive change at all because the end result is exactly the same. We end up with a LW meta by Phase 4.

I read a post saying we’re the problem. The player base is the problem. And yes, this is true. Why min max like this when you don’t need to. We as a community need to stop chasing imitations of the top 1%. But we won’t stop, because we know that’s how we push ourselves.

You can hear Blizz in their offices screaming, why are the players like this?.. But we’re literally telling them how to fix this… Just add a sated buff to Hero/BL and Drums. It’s really not that hard.

Just because the players are the problem here. Doesn’t mean it’s okay for Blizz to ignore what thousands of players are asking for, and it doesn’t give them an excuse for being out of touch.

This is basically like how it would be if they made all greater protection potions require you to be 300 Alchemy, technically you dont need them at all, but they sure as hell make encounters easier.


So basically this change does…nothing and it will be the same?

I’m really curious why blizz is thinking that we have “fond” memories of this stupid drums meta.

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The big difference is the gain from world buffs compared to drums. Drums of battle are literally only a 5% haste effect. This is not even a 5% dps increase for most classes, only for those that don’t use DoTs or white hits, whatever, while world buffs is a huge increase to player power.

If drums are mandatory or not is determined by your guild and if you want to minmax or not. In classic, just because engineering is the best profession to have, not everyone has it. And it is fine. Sure, if you are in one of the guilds going for the speed records, having sappers and grenades is determined mandatory by your guild. It all comes down to what your goals are in the game. If people don’t want to minmax, they are free to join a guild with the same mindset and play the game like they want to.

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There is a problem for all of it.

  1. Tinnitus will defeat the purpose of drums for resto druids for example. Later in the game they gear towards certain haste breakpoints that enable them to keep another lifebloom up on any target (or use one more global in between starting to refresh them on the tanks). If you can’t have high uptime on drums, this means that this sort of gearing towards haste is not doable and you end up using 80 more haste to play the game efficiently, making drums nearly entirely useless for them.

  2. Raidwide drums would, as you say yourself, make it so that most people will want to skip leatherworking and probably push their support classes towards it. Letting everyone have the benefit of permanent drum uptime with a couple people in the raid using them on cooldown is kinda unfair in my humble opinion.

  3. I would prefer the removal of the leatherworking requirement for drums, so that everyone can bring them without missing out on their beloved other professions, BUT obviously that leads to the breakout of a war over the required materials.

My conclusion is that there is no perfect way to handle it that makes everyone happy. No matter what path blizz will choose, there will always be people complaining.

https ://ibb. co/LSNjNfb

Drums fixed in 1 sentence.

Ruins Leatherworking, taking away the only thing they are useful for, in later phases.

That would mean that LWs get nothing specific for pve(especially casters) and drums would be only a way to make a few gold, which will be nothing compared to what other professions like alchemy or tailoring can give you. So basically every single player would go for other profs like enchanting/JC or tailoring/alch that give you clear advantages.

Their goal is to change it so that “not everyone is LW”, not “not anyone is LW”.

Sorry but a lot of “suggestions” that people write suggest either destroying LW completely or nerfing a class like shamans to the ground by putting a sated debuff on it that affects bloodlust.

We don’t need to destroy any class or any professions to find a solution. Tinnitus debuff is a pretty simple solution that Blizzard used, its fail proof and worked fine in the past.