[H][Draenor] Lusting on Trash (10/10 HC) recruiting - late evening HEROIC raiding guild

Lusting on Trash is made up of a group of friends that have just transferred from a low-pop realm, where we cleared 12/12 HC Ny’alotha (AoTC) and 9/10 HC CN before we moved. We’re looking for mature players of all levels, regardless of experience within the game, and offer a pressure-free environment to new and returning players alike. We’re interested in you as a person, rather than the class you play, and aim to recruit people who can bring something to the guild rather than fill a space on the roster.

We’re aiming to build on our already tight-knit group. We have a fairly solid raid team right now but we could do with a few extra players for 9.1. We keep to a two-day raiding schedule:

Thursday: 21:00 - 23:30 Server time
Monday: 21:00 - 23:30 Server time

We also hope to start an optional social raid on Saturdays (probably not until 9.1) which alts and social players are welcome to join.

We’re looking for the following classes, though all DPS specs will be considered*:

Death Knight (Unholy/Frost)
Druid (Balance/Feral)
Warlock (any)

*We’re also very keen to recruit players with a tanking or healing off-spec who are happy to occasionally switch between the two roles, depending on the needs of the guild.

Current progress: Castle Nathria -10/10 heroic

We’re keen to encourage players to jump into Mythic+ content, even if you don’t have any experience due to a long break or other circumstances. We’re not aiming for super-high keys but we’d like to reach a point where guildies won’t have to pug for their Vault loot and can have fun in the pressure-free environment of a guild group while doing so.

For more info, feel free to whisper Drakaerys/Harrenhal/Andelain in-game, add me on Battlenet (Linden#2299), or jump onto our Discord server (discord.gg/Bwk3wBbArz) and whisper an officer.

Building up slowly. Come join the fun before it’s too late !

Oh wait,
It’s never too late.

We’re still looking for more to join us!

We’re looking for all classes but especially interested in tanks and ranged dps!

Tanks sorted, now in need of water dispensers, chickens, wardrobe summoners, stick throwers and more of the kind of people usually found a bit further away from the bosses.

Still looking for ranged dps! A shadow priest would be great but looking for all!

As a dedicated floor mascotte / bubble soaker, I do agree; more ranged plox

We’re still on the lookout for a shadow priest (and more ranged dps in general). A death knight would also be a welcome addition !

Ranged … moar ranged

(and a rogue, I feel lonely and want to cuddle)

We’re still looking for more raiders! We’d love to add a death knight to the team, as well as a shadow priest and any other ranged dps. More details in the main post above!

With 9.1 here we are getting all excited for the new raid next week. We are still looking for more dps classes to join our heroic group. Join our discord to get to know us and find more information about us or ask any questions.

Still looking for some extra dps to fill out the raid team. Details are in the main post above!