Hello new player for classic

whats a good server ? i know alot of people have left for TBC but never really had time to attempt to level to 60 due to adult life and all that.

horde or alliance not really bothered :slight_smile:

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Pve cluster ally is the bigest so far

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what does pve cluster mean? sorry i literally have 0 idea about anything classic mate

all servers are merged to basically 3 (x-realms). so all pve servers is in one specific “cluster”. so join pyrewood village alliance and ur in that cluster.

In this context: About 30 players to be ripped off.

The other thing you should know is not all that many people are playing Classic. Quite a few are waiting for Fresh, which means everyone starts at level 1 but there has been no announcement about that from Blizzard.

You can level on TBC realms to 60 then beyond to 70.

My sensus mod says ca 1200 alliance characters on the pve cluster.
Good enough for me but some need more.

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Sounds about right for a Wednesday evening, which is raid day for most guilds.

Can confirm this is a thing. I am very much in a sort of limbo state where I’m just kind of awkwardly and casually playing TBC even though I don’t like the expansion very much while awaiting news on when we can expect fresh Classic. Say we do get a blue post and it pretty much tells us that we can expect fresh next summer, then I’d accept that and probably give the era servers a shot. But it’s the lack of communication that’s making me unsure on what I should do.

classic era is dead sry

wait for fresh realms
nobody playing at the moment
write blizz support and ask them why


Do you like classic? Then play classic.

No one knows the future, so have fun now :grin:


Testing again for log testing.

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Actually we Are

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you are playing on a dead realm

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Same here my friend

Mate, check bluepost. You dont need a hug anymore mate! We did it man, wowo <3

They already said “next summer”. Might come marginally sooner, but the reality is you’ll just have to wait to get ripped off. Not really something to cheer about.

Dear god mate haha :sweat_smile:


I’d be very surprised if fresh ends up with more players than existing servers. There’s just like 10 people posting on these forums a lot.

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I’m sorry, you have to be more specific here.