Hellscream Alliance Reconnections

That’s awesome, my cousin and his friend were an Ankh member back in the day. And completely unrelated I happened to join Coffee Addicts Anonymous earlier this month (they’re also gonna play on pyrewood) Will be nice to know there will be some familiar faces around.

Good to see you are still playing Stark!

wow old face, I am the old guild leader of Union, before it imploded lol :slight_smile: hope all is well matey. What realm you planning on jumping into

Anxiety, Human, Warlock.
Started in sempher fi (if I recall correctly it was misspelled) and then most of vanilla in Einherjar
Fizz, Captainahab, Alkar, Falligstar, Sharo


Sunil, Human, Warrior

Was in Mithras! Would be great to see where everyone is playing this time around.


Delto, Human Mage.

I was in The Forgotten Legends, then later Symbiosis. Nice to see some familiar faces!

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the only two guilds i remember i was in … Illusionz End and Circle of Valor

Ahaaa Flash! I remember you! Good times in La Cosa Nostra, with Whatevva too.
Which server will you be playing on?

Synyster, Night Elf Rogue. Started raiding with Sword in Horde then Mithras and last with Elysium. Had my best times in Vanilla. Lots of old names here, hopefully will be playing it again when realms are up an running.


Alkar, Night Elf Hunter.
Started raiding with Eternal Dawn, then Banished-Purged, Einherjar.

It’s good to see a lot of familiar names here.
I’ll probably be on Pyrewood and hope to see some old friends there.

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I remember you :slight_smile: I’m the Brother of Temilo/Bleyd. His GF is Azookie. Think I had Imari on my old Facebook account. I wonder if Osgiliath is still about?

I remember them all mate. I hope everyone is doing good. Say hi from me. Not sure about Osgi. After WotLK I sort of lost track of many people. Army time etc kept me off for a long time.

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Hi Serophia! Xerek (NE hunter) from End Game here… haha, it’s been so long, it’s very weird. A blast from the past!

I found a few videos Sacha made when we cleared Onyxia, ZG and MC. The videos were pretty low res, but I could see a lot of members, including you. :smiley: Here are some random names from the Guild:

Groth, Richman, Valjean, Waldemar, Edvuld, Shizune, Helrin, Yari, Palading, Nuta, Gip, Zrek, Adoria, Szereka, Wratha, Jedeye, Terenar, Jedeye, Dkpriest, Evilleyez, Avelant, Whitepriest, Zeolt, Corvuscorax, Rimsky, Baksi, Isylin, Bomdi and more but they were to blurry to read. I wonder what they all do today.

Anyway, I’m going to start my Xerek on Pyrewood Village. Not sure how much I will play, but hope to see some of you old people in there somewhere. :smiley:


Played in Lunctis Viribus and Nexus on this char. Rolling on Horde Firemaw to finish businiess with C’Thub and Kel’Thuzad. A bunch of old Hellscream guys are rollinig there. Atleast myelf, Fønix, Hedning/Naturechild, Berserkerlal, Freddykilla and Spellman/Killeras.

Imari, human priest - used to raid with Mithras/Paradigm. Good to see some familar faces.

I’ll probably be rolling Alliance on Mirage Raceway. Hysteric#2974 on Battlenet.


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I definitely remember! All of those names I remember.

Groth our Main Tank! Remember the commentary he gave of each fight?
Adoria always dancing. :rofl:

A few other names from End Game, Zenobia, Caelanthalas(Feryl), Aaxxdos/Aazzdos, Escaflowne, Rockchick, Thiriel.

I have Nuta on steam but not seen him in ages, same for the other Clueless guild members that joined End Game. Aaxxdos mostly streams now. I hope they decide to join myself!

Hope you get plenty of purples man! :space_invader: Not sure yet server I will commit too.

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Amazing to see the old names! I remember great battles for the TOP DPS spot in Ely, I learned a great deal from you! /Dialop

How are you doing Dialop mate? Glad I was able to help a friend. Hope to see you again, either on Golemagg/Horde/Temelius or Pyrewood/Horde/Synyster.

/wave at Synyster I remember you
/wave at Imari also remember you

Yeah, really friendly people. Good to hear. I think MsoOze was GM, right?

Aaxxdos was always standing in his underwear and a hat dancing before raids, haha. I will try to find his stream sometime. :slight_smile: I don’t remember what Groth commented on, but it was something before every boss I think?

Waldemar the old, old mage. :smiley: He was like the father in the Guild, and now I am about the age he was back then, haha. Also remember Valjean did a great job as raidleader.

Well, I hope you will have a good time m8. Cya around. :slight_smile: