Help restore justice

What should I mention? Is there even one proof of how I sold the gold? I have over 50,000 gold in my bags. So you LIKE constantly insulting me.
And say that only me. You started calling me names, so I started the same thing. Well, you’re not gonna admit it now. It’s really weird that I didn’t hurt anybody else in real life, “”"“isn’t it, just this guy who collects lotuses”"""

I wrote to you, Forgot, “Forget to attack me at all, you can’t do anything in Pvp.” LOL but you have no proof. “ng noob forgot attack me you in bad” But a translator can be delusional sometimes.

you will recive an email saying you are banned. But not WHY you are banned.
Which is a disgrace.

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The discussion ended for me. I have stated the truth facts and my thoughts. Now its up to Blizzard to take actions. GL HF


Not talking anyone good or bad, just wanna point out couple things.

I also multibox (10+ character both horde and alliance on Judgement)
I also have plenty of gold, items…
I am also terrible at pvp

Does that also make a bot/scripted program/gold seller?
Its not because one has the money to pay for 10-20 or even 60 accounts that they have to do shady things to support it.
jealousy can be a weird thing somethimes.

But anyway on the harrasment comming from Mariapower, it must be really u he doesnt like cause I have taken plenty of mines/herbs infront of him, not even once he whispered me. Now i feel left out :frowning:

He’s vocal on world chat yes, but in a funny way tbh,and makes the server feel alive.

one more thing i have in common with maria power, im also terrible at english/spelling

Nice try Mariapower…


I have nothing to do with the Reddit post and I have no idea who did a connection between the answers there and the post here. I don’t have a reddit account. I said (here – in this forum) that you are harassing and threatening players in this server and this two things are connected: a continuous harassment can be perceived as a threat, especially in certain situations.

First of all you are not just multiboxing, you are botting as well. Your characters have pre-determined routes. When you realised I was killing some of your bots you showed up asking for a 1x1. Maybe you did not noticed we have already done many 1v1 (botting?).

I did not say I have received a irl threat from you (at least not me, I have no idea what you dared to wispher to others), I said you are harassing players with obscene language and you are actually threatening them with this conduct (in various form). I have felt intimidated by the continuos harass with those words. I put you in ignore and you continued wisphering me obscene words with two other accounts. Anyway, tired of your verbal harassment, I decided to move to Silithus: you have reached your goal!

How do you call that? It is not just a “simple” offense, It is a repeated one and you did that to many and many players (and some of them are here). It is an “intimidation art”: “this my terrritory, don’t dare to come here or I will harass you with obscene language. Go away! Show me respect!”. There are many ways to threat players and, to my eyes, that attitude (flaming, obscene language, harassment with different accounts etc.) is one of them.

Last but not least, I have to consider that obscene language, used countless times by you, could be directed against kids (they play this game too). Whatever you say, I take it very seriously.


I will give you guys the truth about mariapower. MAYBE just MAYBE he is using a few bots, but this is what I believe.

Mariapower owns a GOLD FARMING COMPANY somewhere in a country where getting paid 30-40 euros a day as one of Marias “Gold Farmers” is worth it. He is not using bots, I can attest to this 100% back when the old lotus spawns were active. Silithus, EPL, BS were all controlled characters by maria, in my personal opinion, every character or every 2 characters was being manually played by a single person who would watch tv / do whatever during the 45 min lotus cooldown after being picked, then be responsible for watching a screen or two for the next 30 minutes until lotus spawned, grab it, and repeat.

Believe me, Maria is NOT botting. There has been too many occurences where one of the dead ghosts hovering over a lotus spawn would signal to another farmer in the zone to come help him “Take it” because I was there waiting for it too. ( The fact ghosts can see invisible / stealthed players even as level 1 is absolute lunacy but this can be talked and complained about elsewhere ).

There is no other explanation except for the fact that Maria OWNS A GOLD FARMING COMPANY that employs people to watch screens 12-20 hours daily, maybe even at some points 24 hours a day and has people come in shifts. I whispered one of these so called “Workers” one time and he said “There are 40 of us here”. If 40 people are controlling 2 characters simultaneously and come in on shifts to cover the 16-20 hour per day farm sessions that maria does then yes, that number seems quite legit.

The only reason you see less now is Maria cannot employ 90 people to sit on every spawn in the 3 zones he was accustomed too. That + Lotus price dropping means Maria probably had to let some “Workers” go as it is no longer cost efficient to do the aforementioned.

Take my post as you may, but I believe this is the 100% truth and maria is not using bots, just abusing the fact that people will watch a screen for 30 euros a day in whatever country he is from.

Edit: Oh and yes, first time I picked a lotus on this server when I transferred I immediately was whispered by Mariapower, “Hahahaha you dog, I was away for 2 minutes. That will be last lotus you get. Don’t Cry”

BTW Maria has a farmer in EPL with him literally called DontCryNoob. While I would love to see maria banned at least I get some laughs out of it.


This is some weird advertising for this server. quite the story.

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It’s a signal that you have done something right when someone insults you. Don’t take it personal, most of the time they insult you because they are mad and if you aren’t mad then you basically won. You win even harder if their insults are entertaining to you.

Making players from the opposite faction mad is basically the main content on a pvp server ^^

Sometimes I defend rich Thorium even when i can’t mine it myself. It’s just fun to fight with players who want to mine it while they think i want to mine it. I wait for their respawn and fight again… some people are really greedy when it comes to rich thorim :smiley:

Sometimes i follow other players around on the mount for 5-15mins when i realize they are farming herbs. As soon as they dismount to collect herbs i will dismount, stun them and loot the herb myself. That’s how you make others clear it’s your farming territory.
I like to do open world pvp and it’s great to earn some extra money with herbalism while doing so.

So, the OP must be one of the Russian Private Server Heroes.

I have played in every Vanilla server out there, including the Russian ones, prior to Blizzard launching classic, and this type of player was known as “Professional Russian WoW Player”.

Their tactics are always similar, either they band together to form a Mafia-like guild and control resources or they simply buy 20-30 accounts and try to do the same:

  • Deny harvesting of resources to other players.
  • Farm all herbalism and mining resources in a zone with their alts and bots.

These are not legitimate players, these are mature adult professionals with IT knowledge and knowledge of running and servicing multiple systems required to run all of their bots who farm all of these resources and then sell them for real money or sell gold for real money.

They are like a plague of locusts and they are insatiable, b/c they like the colour of the Euro, and the Swedish Corona and the Danish Crowns.

You can understand why they are so toxic, these folks are not playing a game, they are literally making money and if you farm their stuff then they are losing money they have invested.

They are the worst and most toxic kind of player there is, and they manipulate and destroy the economies of the servers they prey upon.

There is a difference between former Soviet Union and Chinese botters: the latter never threaten or verbally abuse anybody, they just plead. Russians though do insult and threaten and try to intimidate you and violate Blizzard’s TOS.

Note that legitimate Russian players who play on Russian servers are not to blame for any of this nor for the bad press they get from mafia boys like the OP.


Man, this made my day. OP is an extremely toxic, extremely bad player that gets owned in 1v1 by every player on the server who decided to go to EPL and farm whatever resource. I’m glad he got banned.

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so the story is over? he got banned? :sunglasses:

Still up and running atm, probably just feeling the noose around the neck

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Ты должен встать перед афроамериканцами на колено и поцеловать им ботинки, и мб тогда тебя не забанят.

Ta maman la jolie nettoyeuse de trottoir , en talon aiguille cherchant un moyen heureux est conviviale de quoi pouvoir t’offrir de jolie vêtement par le biais de légumes juteux et crémeux façon Cyril Lanus.

B L Y aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatchoummm


To be honest, we Europeans, besides our mother tongue, we learn English primarily. Some learn French, some learn German, but man… implying one is uneducated for not knowing Russian shows how much ignorant one can be.

Are you one of OP’s “friends”?


Imagine a Russe talking sh i t about EU , Rofl…


It’s a good story, but you’d better learn how to kiss shoes for African Americans.

Guess this is the account where he insults since he can’t compromise his image atm


Yes like me