HK’s missing after classic era patch/pvp update

As title says, this has already been reported in the US as an issue and is currently been looked into by a blue over there.

I suggest anyone who is experiencing this problem to report it here in a similar manner, as the US players have.

Character: Bananoid
Server: Fremaw
Transfer status: no transfers, forever in Firemaw
Hks before: 86k
Hks now: 21k


Character: Hotsy
Server: Firemaw
Transfer status: Went to firemaw cluster after cloning my character last year or so
HKs until yesterday: 74k+
HKs today after a bg: 9k+

same issue.
HKs before first bg after update: 78k+
HKs after first bg after update: 13k+
Character: Detroit
Server: Golemagg EU

Same for me. After an BG almost all my HKs are gone. I can provide screenshots if this helps identifying the issue for devs and GMs.

Character: Phnx
Server: Firemaw EU
HKs: 66000
HKs now: 8xx
Transfer status: I transfered the realm around 2-3 weeks ago with free transfer.

Character : Powerstation
Server : Firemaw
Transfer status : No transfer , Forever in firemaw
Hks before : 135 000
Hks now : 4000
Grand Marshal ( before Classic ended )

There’ve been issues with counting HKs as soon as the update hit the PTR.

Received an answer today from GM:

I understand that your character seems to have lost their Honorable Kills count since it decreased by a large amount. I can provide more insight on this matter.
After having verified your situation, I verified that we have received multiple reports about this issue and can confirm that it is not working as intended.

The bug report helps the appropriate team be aware of any issue that needs to be fixed, so that you can have an even better gaming experience!
As you have noticed, reports submitted in this fashion will not receive a response. Instead, they’ll be directed to the teams responsible for addressing them allowing them to understand the impact of this issue
We ask that you are patient until the developers are able to find a solution for this case as it requires their action which is out of our scope. We hope you understand.
We hope you continue to have a great time questing in the lands of Azeroth! =)

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Thanks for sharing. Any further updates on this would be greatly appreaciated in the future, or from anbody else for that matter.

Character: Premixx
Server: Firemaw
Transfer: Character Copy 2019 character
HKs before: 212k
HKs today: 16k
all kills i lost been from before the copy
pls restore my kills i invested hundreads of days into it

Thanks all for your replies. If you visit the US forum you will see newer updates from a blue regarding the investigation!

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Character: Elwenil
Server: Firemaw
Transfer status: transfer from Zandalaari Tribe to Firemaw
Hks before: 100k+
Hks now: 46k

This has happened to me as well. I was very surprised and didn’t know how to react.

I recorded this video after I noticed that my warrior lost more than 65.000 HKs after I played one Arathi Basin when the Classic Hardcore patch went live on EU realms. My warrior still had more than 123.000 HKs when I first logged in after the Classic Hardcore patch. I didn’t know the cause of the loss, so I invited my priest mate to find out and told him about this. As you can see in the video, he also had more than 120.000 HKs after he logged in. But like me, he lost more than 65.000 HKs as soon as he died in Warsong Gulch. Btw, I didn’t notice that my mic didn’t record, so you just hear the voice of my priest mate.

So yeah, I guess that as soon as you die in a battleground, after you logged in the first time the Classic Hardcore patch went live, most of your previous lifetime HKs get deleted.

Something worth mentioning is that both my priest mate and me didn’t transfer our characters. We were always on the same realm (Everlook). The only thing we did back then was clone our BC Classic characters to Classic Era realms. And since then, we rarely played any battlegrounds on Classic Era, but always had over 120.000 lifetime HKs.


This is video is straight up gold man. Thank you so much for sharing it. Lets see if Blizz finds something soon.

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Ah a little update for me too then.

242,401 kills
45,804 kills

Died in Zg helping a pug, several days after the update.
Did not even wipe in the pug, but I afked inside and some guy pulled.

So it seems it is upon death. Iregardless of where.
Seems we are all playing hardcore now.

100% im gone unless thats fixed.

Damn Tengil, 242k hks lol, you legend.

Definitely needs to be adressed since I do believe all of us take a lot of pride in racking up those numbers.

Thanks mate. I was trying to post it in the US forums yesterday, but I don’t have a level 10 character on any US realm.

Now we know exactly when it happens!

This. It’s ridiculous that most of your “pvp history” is just being deleted out of nowhere. I’ve already unsubbed and if this is not getting fixed, I will definitely never sub again.

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Likewise. Think I am just done with them tbh, this is the last straw.

As expected from them, I got a nothing answer with my ticket.

I can totally understand that you contact us with this issue. You want to play the game and not be bothered by bugs.

However WoW is a pretty big and complex game, so we simply cant guarantee that it is free of bugs, as you have realised now. We will do our best to help you with such problems, but that is not always possible for us Game Masters. Some of the issues we have to send to our developers. This is actually the reason why we ask players to use the report Bug function in game. We can send your ticket text but the report bug function can do soo much more. It can send Data we dont have access to and our developers need.

I wish you a pleasant week and hope you will have much fun with our games.

Blizzard; Enjoy our bugs

Well, I am checking the US post daily in the hopes things get solved. I haven’t somehow lost hope… but we will see

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Also i have a BIG suggestion that i think will solve alot of issues , concerns and with a few codes can make alot of old PVPers happy. My suggestion is that Blizzard import the retail " Title scroll down menu" in the character sheet, so players can select their PVP title , like R14. Since new rankers will have their title with no decay always , they will stay R14 forever and its just not fair to old PVPers who ranked with DECAY( they need to rank again in order to have it ) . Im pretty broken TBH, i have so much pride in my pvp achivements as a Holy Paladin , HAD so much pride … now with 4000 hks m down from 135 000 i feel like a joke.


Indeed man, its a sad state of affairs. We cannot afford to lose so many great players over this.

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