HK’s missing after classic era patch/pvp update

So I just logged in, I farmed 100k honor on rank 7.

Progression in rank 7 was 40%. Now with reset it is 0%.

I assume you are talking about 100k last week.

I am not sure how the new system works but, maybe 100k gets you to lose 40% of progress?

In fact I just checked my own progress → R7, 40k honor last week, reset to 0% progress.

It must indeed be the new system mate.

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I support that. It’s a very good suggestion and it is absolutely necessary in my opinion.

I can relate… and now we players have to draw attention to this to be fixed. I bet if nobody talked about it, they wouldn’t investigate it themselves or care about it.

And I think that they don’t pay attention to the EU forums. I took a quick look at the US forums regarding this topic under “WoW Classic Bug Report” and I think nobody in the US forums mentioned that the HK’s get deleted after you die regardless of where you die (what me and Têngil found out together).

In the US forum post, they are just talking about realm transfers which I don’t think has anything to do with it.

If anyone of you is able to post in the US forums (sadly I’m not), feel free to link my video and mention the fact that it occurs after you login the first time (after Classic Hardcore patch) and then die regardless of where you die.

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Somebody with the ability to post in te US forum I linked above would be much appreciated.

Unsure if there is any significance to the following.

But I did some super advanced calculus. (Total hks I had, minus what it displayed after). And came to a number that brought me to this date: The Av weekend on the 14-16th October in 2022.
(I am not a content creator, but sometimes I record entire games so I can review and learn from my own mistakes/ positioning, and I actually still had some footage of that weekend).

To be exact at 196597 kills, the closest I was able to narrow this down was a game I fought 19:51- 20:53 at 14.10.2022.
That was only the second game of the weekend for me. the only point in that game I opened the honor tab end

So for me all the kills before the 14th are no longer counted, only the kills I did on and after the 14th are counted. That is my assumption at least, as it fits exactly. If possible could check if this also roughly correlates to your cases? It may also be that the actual issue is leading up to that date, as I do tend to farm on weekdays -and play bgs on weekends.

But this 14.10 date was not near the end of SoM afaik? They prolonged the som shutdown for a long time; all the way into feb 14th. So I have no ideas as to why this date specifically.

However there was an issue a few days preceding this at 11.10.2022; a large ddos attack that brought the world server down, with players unable to logg in through bnet for a few days. Might be something?

Also (very very likely unrelated) but something odd/fun that happened in the middle of that game. Exactly at 20:20 I disconnected, (did the old cmd toilet flush) then upon logging in at 20:22 14/10/2022. I was greeted with an odd menu popup, just titled;
|Tengil’s journey|. With an actual diary? I have never seen this before or since. But I think this is questie related (given the error also shown).

Assumed it was some sort of addon sperging, closed it fast, and didnt give it any thought. There was also a red spacebar looking thing that appeared on the side. The bar stayed with me for several matches until I restarted the game, finishing a match/ reloading ui would not remove it.

(I do not update my addons very frequently, only when I have to. Afraid I am rather lazy. To my knowledge none of my addons or weak auras had anything that should do that, but yea probably questie).


I think your last paragraph is exactly right.

If somebody has a level 10 US char, could you please link this EU post so that they know about what we know. I mean we have literally a video of this happening live. This could be gold for the devs and a hope for us to get our HKs back.


Roughly 24 hours ago, we implemented a fix that should prevent this bug from affecting characters who log in thereafter.

For all the characters who were affected before the fix, we’re running a fixup job at this time. Those players should see the correction over the next few hours/days.


Also i have a BIG suggestion that i think will solve alot of issues , concerns and with a few codes can make alot of old PVPers happy. My suggestion is that Blizzard import the retail " Title scroll down menu" in the character sheet, so players can select their PVP title , like R14. Since new rankers will have their title with no decay always , they will stay R14 forever and its just not fair to old PVPers who ranked with DECAY( they need to rank again in order to have it ) Can this be done ? PLEASE <3

Thanks for the update Kaivax. It is very much appreciated.

Thanks gm, btw still not updated correctly HKS

Had 180k now i have 51k…

This reminds me of when the ranks for final week before TBC prepatch didn’t update as planned for a lot of players and they couldn’t buy their rewards because the honor system got removed from the game before the issue was resolved.

I at least did get my title about 2 weeks later when Blizzard finally did something, initially they were dismissive of it, you have to keep pushing on them for stuff like this as they’d prefer to swipe it under the rug.

Still not working 3/9

still not fixed for me either… I still have 57K instead of my prior 123K

Same here… still having 22k insntead of 86k

same, nothing fixed:(

Same, no change.

Same as the others , no change for me . Still at 4000 instead of 135 000

still not fixed… so, was this “fix” some kind of tactic to calm down the pvp community and prevent sh1tstorm? I’m glad that my sub runs out tomorrow.


Good evening . As of 1 min ago , i belive most of us can say out situation hasnt changed. Can we please get some update ? I have spend 151 days time played on Powerstation , my loved paladin, to get those numbers , as most of us . We cant resolve problems on a forum , withount an answer for a week . PLease update us !