Hoist the Sails, a Plunderstorm Has Arrived!

Sir we probably maybe care only for the rewards, actually.

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I’ll be honest I never liked arena
if they want me to care about pvp they need to make BG’s more central of a focus
and if anything they’ve just been letting BG’s kind of rot I feel like
At the very least this feels like a BG so not weird if people are more excited about this then the current state of arena


[random gif of someone eating popcorn]


The amount of people ranting about “duh battle royale in muh mmorpg” is honestly frightening. Like, you’re not obliged to play it, it’s not crucial for a progress or anything else.

Go touch some grass It’s just a fun experimental stuff with bunch of rewards out of the box to dump some time. Come on.


I don’t PVP anymore. Many years sinse I enjoyed that type of gameplay.

I am happy for those that will love this game mode and support Blizzard making this happen.

But for me, a Battle Royale, nope. I will keep trucking along with casual content in wow.

Don’t care much about mounts and transmogs, so FOMO is not triggered with this one.


Yea, excepti it’s not in “muh mmorpg”, it’s on separate client. I expected a patch to my game, the one that was on Retail roadmap. And You know what? The surprise is thet there isn’t any patch to my game at all!


This can be seen as device for alienating the hardcore PvP crowd (all 20 of them in EU region) from the rest of us chill occasional pvpers.

Some here will be ‘meh’ about minigame, some are looking forward to this unhinged fun, and the hardcore pvpers will be mad about chill crowd getting something different and new while they don’t have casuals in sweat-brackets.

Uhh…nope? It’s just additional tab in retail client.

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Why are people against PVP format of this event? It’ll barely have anything to do with wow pvp. You land into arathi highlands and collect powers until you become so OP you 1 tap everything on your screen, including enemies. Wtf

It’s not just about arenas. Have you seen the RBG ladder? Rank 1 has consistently been barely licking 2.4 and only at the end of the season, and those people that are reaching HotA/Hs, which are basically the only unique reward it can give you, are people that have been getting it for years upon years, and they are sitting at 90 %+ winrates every single season in a brutally minmaxxed setup that allows them to carry other people for money. The entire PvP scene is riddled with absolute nonsense like this across all brackets, and now they release this as a cover-up of the actual problems, instead of addressing them and providing long-term improvements and solutions, instead of lazily attempting to increase PvP interest by parodising Fortnite. (Not to mention open-world PvP is notoriously imbalanced, we all know what it’S gonna look like.)

Inbefore hackers, cheaters, bots ect.

They could have also made a pve event for this.

Well it prob be easy to haul up most of the rewards: hop in go afk.


You make it sound like torgahst, i hope i get as OP as in torghast! :laughing: im not a big fan of battle royale games, but i’ll probably give it a go anyways just to see.

I’ll look for a goat on the battlefield. In other words, I’m coming for you

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Mate, that’s a technicality, what matters is that:

Plunderstorm is accessed from the World of Warcraft® game menu but exists outside of player progression in World of Warcraft® and Wrath of the Lich King Classic™.

and the fact that You can’t play Your charater there, but instead You need to:
“Create a new, ready-to-play character—player characters are unique to this event.”

How is that

If I can’t play my characters there, and it exist outside my retail progression?
How is that a patch for retail, If I can’t access it by playing retail?


Recent blizzard behaviour would hint that the mog and all the other goodies from this event will eventually make their way onto the trading post anyway and if not at least a recolour of them so I doubt people who choose to not take part will miss out in the long run no matter how many doomsayers and wet weekends in grimsby are about :dracthyr_hehe_animated:


The patch is tuning for season 4 and some bug fixing, and changes to holy priest I guess. It’s stupid that they basically group an external WoW version as part of the patch (likely to make it look like the patch has some meat) but the patch exists nonetheless.

Yeah, because use Boralus would be dumb…

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World of Warcraft is a game for many different types of players. Complaining that this content doesn’t perfectly match your preferred playstyle is very narrow-minded and self-centered.

WoW is the game that it is today because it embraced creating content for a wide audience. Don’t like it? Take a break or continue doing what you were doing before the patch.

You’re not forced to do anything. You only have yourself to blame if you do things in the game that you do not enjoy just for the sake of rewards, that’s your decision.

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Wow what a disappointment … wow + battle royale

No thanks, I will be skipping this entirely I won’t even try it. Not sure who asked for this kind of content but its certainly not me.

I can see why this patch was kept a secret now because its compete rubbish and it annoys me that PVE class balancing for season 3 has been neglected for this.