Hoist the Sails, a Plunderstorm Has Arrived!

We’ve been getting the same, recycled content for the past 8 years. Did you really just realize that?

Those patches did add good things to the game though.

  1. Pala rework
  2. Rogue rework
  3. Evoker new spec
  4. Trading post

Those are to name a few.

eh…I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt for now.

I agree with the first three points.
Not sure I’d consider point 4 something beneficial to the game…
But that’s just my opinion.

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I have never played battle royale game so I am excited about this. Will be fun for sure if we can just go ham there. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sooo… pvp then. Think I’ll pass. The pirate coat looks sweet, but not worth it.


I’ll be honest even at my most negative nancy I wouldn’t not assume this
I think the last dragonflight patch died because dragonflight is just a bit mid
Remember for this gamemode its all used assets so it was probably not development heavy

Oh come on mate, dont’t give me hope!

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I guess they are testing the waters before making it a perma thing.

I’m not interested in pvp so I will pass.


Well, was not expecting a PVP event…

Now that the spectator mode has been added and exist, can it be added into the main game? Like… you have ppl not really wanting to play while in a raid but who can directly spectate with a raid group should be cool, either for recording video for later, of for Raid leader to monitor how the group is fairing without having then need to play at the same time, for example… ?

This can lead to cool stuff.

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Doesn’t have single thing to do with that. Unless you’re implying that all people who roleplay on wow, or even the majority of it is just a handful of furries… which I strongly disagree with.

It’s an issue that does deserve more awareness having seen a multitude of servers turn from high-pop to basically ghost towns and nothing so far was done about it, or even acknowledged it as an issue.

There used to be events that brought together hundreds of people and player run campaigns were both frequent and incredible experiences.
You can’t tell me it’s their fault for not trying hard enough… people did.
WoW gave up on them a long time before they gave up on WoW… that’s a fact.


Personally would have preferred more wow content like dungeons, quests and raids; but then i don’t know how much resources went into creating this, cause it could just be some junior devs skunk project.

I will be trying the standalone game mode, but it is likely I will only be playing this for the rewards used in the game I play.

would be very interested in the take up numbers for those that play cause they like it/its good versus its the only way to get some completionism / fomo cosmetics.


All I’m saying is stop like padding your own comments, it’s cringe. I don’t care what your point was.

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Gets points for dedication though?

I like collecting but I won’t be bothering


It would have been better if both factions could come up against npcs…


Why not? There were pirates in a cove near Stromgarde as early as vanilla.


I hoped it was actually going to be some kind of pirate themed questing, like a new zone, some islands off the coast of dragon isles to explore, something tied to next expansion, some new lore or whatever.

Zero interest in a mini game, not what I sub for at all.


So there’s like 40 levels to get and its like 1 level per 4-5 games or something? (please correct me if false)
yeah good luck to those who have their minds set on grinding this out


Gotta love it how y’all are tryna look like you care about PvP in the game, while the ladder has been dying in shambles since week 2 extended MMR butchery that replicated that of the previous season in all brackets, put together with all that gross imbalance on top.