Horde bias?

Not really…
The changes are made because of casuals.
Alliance AV premade is ruining experience for casuals on both Alliance and Horde. Then Blizzard decided to make a change because the majority of players are casuals.
It has nothing to do with Horde bias. Alliance just need to open their eyes and think outside the box.
I know what you are gonna say about the 10% DR on HK’s… and yes, even Horde agrees that this is a terrible change


the changes make av premading is easier for alliance.

I think it’s only a few die hard forum idiots who think that there is an actual horde bias, but those are the kind of kids who got picked last for sport in school and blame it on the popular kids without realizing they just suck or are damn weird. The it’s not my fault it’s someone else… and they exist on both sides of the fence…

Like I pointed out in a different thread…
horde gank the hell out of it in phase 2, using faction imbalance to get dominance, get blamed for killing a server dispute the fact it was alliance who actually killed the server by leaving it. Fine if that the way blame want to be assigned cool. We will roll with that… blizz release BG’s to appease alliance players

Roll on the av meta, alliance are making premades abusing faction balance… ok… they start screwing over even their own faction, start camping the cave in Av to farm people for no reason other than they can… in doing so causing all the 5v40 and 10v40 AV crap shows we got… yet then still blame horde when blizz step in and intervene to fix the “problems”.

You can have it one way or the other, not both. You can’t be the victim twice…


this change is actualy alliance bias, makes premading av is easier.

I don’t think they have a major issue with premades so much as they had an issue with people dropping from the ques causing the empty AV’s when they didn’t get the right que

I can see where you are going with this. Only time will tell. At first it will be easier, but as the day progresses it will get harder, as the premades will be split due to the duration of games. Unless they wait for eachother ofcourse. Or if they have a discord with hundreds of players at all times.

You sure?..

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Sure about what?

About horde bias patch, with insta bgs there are only horde rankers outside killing green geared lvl 57 privates running to dungeon. Great support of corpsecamping.


The diminishing returns was added to combat bots… by making people it worth while for people to actually kill each other… bots won’t… they will stay running into a wall, or fishing etc. this way bots fall behind and become redundant. Yes it’s going to suck, hard in the open world… I mean I’m horde on ZT… I’m in the same boat as ally on most servers… I can’t get to strat / UBRS without being escorted by several Ret Palas

Because they need to. They don’t want to.
As I said, nobody support the change

They didnt need anything. They did nothing at phase 2 when the game is unplayable for alliance in 80% of servers. Dont try to fool people with your flawed logic.

The majority of pvp realm players are horde and Blizzard makes them happy. Thats all.


They released BG’s months before they were supposed to

But you know it helped horde levelers more with instant bgs for alliance.

One faction will get instant queues no matter what. A game will never be 50/50

Flawed logic. Phase 2 lasted 5 weeks in vanilla, 4 weeks in classic. Bgs didnt released earlier, honor system released earlier so bgs. Dont try to fool people. They already gave up their wrong schedule by dm. What you expect 4 months phase 2?

It was already too long if you compare it with vanilla experience.


Sorry but why is this terrible change? This is actually how it’s been in 1.12 and it’s a good change as WSG will majority of time be worth more to play as horde than AV which in the end lowers queue times for AV too. WSG is already, at certain times, better to play than AV for horde (honor wise), this change will just make it better.

These changes will change almost nothing for AV premades though, if they added deserter buff for dropping “the queue” when window with game info pops up then we would have a different story.

You cannot compare vanilla and classic PvP experience, as you get double the server capacity and 10x more people pvp’ing.
Yes, they released BG’s earlier because they wanted to solve the madness in the open world

This is pure horde bias whatever crybabies say. Blizzard listens horde only and #nochange is just for alliance only.


You are delusional if you think that Blizzard caters to anyone. They do not care about classic, they are just giving us all carrot on a stick every now and then in hope to keep sub numbers. If they cared we would have progressive patches and not this crap with talents from one patch, honor system from other and so on.

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