Horde bias?

Ya, this was meant for open world pvp

Horde top rankers will kill you in open world as much as they can regardless of this change, there is no other way around it. Thing is, once this change goes live and if AV queues stay high as they are at the moment that means majority of rankers will go WSG which in the end means they won’t do as much world PvP as WSG queues are much shorter.

Don’t come now with “but all horde ganks, it’s not just top rankers” because it does not work. People that are ganking for the “fun” of it do not care if DRs are 10% or 25%, they gank because of completely different reasons.

Pathological reasons.


Your point being?

what if blizzard just wants the money from paid transfers? I mean…there is good $ to be made from the minority faction transfers…maybe more than they hope to get from their subscriptions considering how they are handling the game.


For horde casuals may be.
Everything blizzard doing to classic squeeze alliance casuals from this game


Better change for alliance casuals. No more games starting 10v40

Both marmelade and charlatan are braindead trolls, they’ve been beaten about several times in other threads and resort to “no u” type comments and flat out denials. Don’t feed the trolls with this one I’m afraid… and all charlatan does is post “I heart horde tears” type posts and calls them crybabies when in reality he’s pretty much non stop QQ


Not going into that. :slight_smile:

That’s the alliance mindset for you, always blame horde & blizzard, always be in denial that your faction is just worst with their ‘give up if it takes effort’ attitude.

Pug alliance dont win pug horde, so for casuals where is no difference in starting numbers, honor diminishing on the other hand means casuals will be farmed much harder, in bg, in world, everywhere.
Wave of unsubs i can predict in nearest future, blizzards goal - full horde pvp servers will be reached in no time


No doubt Blizz is standing at attention to comply with more Horde demands. Horde just needs to come up with ideas of how to warp the game to their liking. Personally, i count the days.


Maybe blizz will buff av honor gain so ally rankers will join random avs in 5m groups and there will be chance for pug vs pug :slightly_smiling_face:

Hordes will join as groups also :slight_smile:b

i can see 5 hunters premades just to slow camp farm gy
5 frost mages premades to camp drek room

And the 10 to 1 griefing that made it so people can’t play for weeks and some even quit did not ruin the game for casual players on the side of the Alliance? Give me a break.

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Did you ever think about why PUG allies do not win PUG horde games? Do you want a hint? All good alliance players are in premades. There is your problem.

It’s rather pathetic to say that starting with even teams will not make a change, it definitely will. How big change will that be is another question, but it is step in the right direction.
On top of that you are bound to enter some games with a bit higher ranked ally players (due no AV numbers on queue pops), not many though but still (provided they do not decide to AFK out which will probably happen).

Honor decay change to 10% (how it was in 1.12 vanilla mind you) won’t change AV for horde slight bit. Only thing it will change is that horde queues will go up (due less allies playing obviously - at least judging by forums) which in the end means more horde will switch to WSG (especially due 10% honor decay) as will be much better honor per hour (it already is whenever WSG queue is <=10 minutes and AV 20+).

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That happened to horde as well, get over it. Fact that you might have played on a server where horde outnumbered alliance big time does not mean everyone did. Hell, if you look any of the sites you’ll see that faction balance is actually close to even (from global POV) but for some reason, on majority of servers (definitely not on mine though), allies just decided not to fight back.
Should have blizzard done something about that? Definitely yes, merge servers based on faction balance in order to create a bit more even playing grounds, but hey, then how would they earn those precious dollars from paid transfers?

On my server both sides were ganking, corpse camping, camping flight paths, camping BRD entrance and so on. Hell, there was certain alliance guild camping strat UD entrance literaly 20/7 ( I kid you not ), even gathering enough horde to wipe them would not help much as they would just afk around for a bit and get back to the same business as soon as horde raid disbands.

This topic is more salty than Atlantic Ocean

Alliance premades loosing to horde pugs in AV quite frequently, gamebreaking racials and heavily horde favored in defence AV map make it happen.
If few good alliance players happend to get in AV pug it will not change much.