Horde RP Hubs?

Hi there AD,

Haven’t been around in a very long time but I am looking to get into some RP on the Horde side. Are there any hubs anyone knows of or would recommend?

Likewise, if anyone has some guilds they’d recommend for a Blood Elf rogue, that’d be great. The character is new and so I am happy to hear about any guild really.

Many thanks

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Horde RP is mostly guild-based but there are days where people do gather to roleplay in Orgrimmar.

Right now, there’s over thirty people roleplaying in Orgrimmar. It’s due to a fireside gathering event, but it’s still a sign that Horde RP is far from dead and isn’t reliant on guilds or events that drag people away from cities.


Hello there! As the above poster mentions there is Fireside Gathering on the first Saturday of every month. Then every Sunday there is a weekly Horde gathering. Tonight’s location is the Zolaco in Dazar’alor, people are welcome to turn up from 8 ST.

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I’ll also mention the Crossroads as a hub-of-sorts on some nights. There’s over a dozen people roleplaying there right now.

Not quite Alliance numbers, but you take what you can get when you’re Horde.

Perhaps this might interest you, OP.




Stormwind. That’s where (almost all) Horde players reside now, I suppose

Well, I have a friend who does guildless rp and can confirm that there is indeed rp in Orgrimmar. Most people limit themselves to the Valley of Honor, but I’ve done the rare rp in the Valley of Spirits and the Drag. The Drag is usually if there’s a market event though.

I know some people spread to the Crossroads and Razor Hill, but I doubt they’re as reliable.

On some occasions there’s extremely tiny pockets of rp in Dazar’alor. Though these pockets are bigger when a social event rolls into the area, of course. It’s mostly dead unless certain guilds are around.

I can’t speak on the state of Quel’thalas. I never go there anymore, but it could be worth checking, even if the rp there always seemed a bit more scattered.

You could consider joining an AD discord and look at the Argent Archives to keep an eye on events if that might help.

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