[H-RP] Blood Howl

In times of war or peace, the people of the Horde face threats both large and small. Who helps them when the Horde’s focus is on the enemy? Who helps them when the Horde’s focus is on rebuilding? The Blood Howl, will travel all across Azeroth to help the people of the Horde!

Welcome to the Blood Howl! Here you will find all of our information, and updates as to what we are doing in the world and our latest activity. Keeping you up to date with our latest antics in the world of Azeroth, and sometimes even beyond.

Who are the Blood Howl?

Originally founded in 2015, Blood Howl has been going strong as a role playing guild for years. Only taking brief breaks on expansion launches or intermittent short breaks between storylines.

The Blood Howl is a band of warriors/People’s Militia of sorts. Run by experienced fighters of the Horde, it seeks to aid the Horde and its people wherever they can. This can range from simple aid to a farmer, to participation in conflicts or to end shady operations. If it aids the Horde, the Blood Howl will do it.

We are stationed in Kalimdor, but travel the world whenever there is need for our aid on distant shores.

What does the Blood Howl Stand for?

The Blood howl upholds the original Ideals of Thrall’s horde. Strength and Honor are our cornerstones. We do not discriminate between the (official) members of the Horde. Be it Orc, Forsaken, Nightborne or Goblin. We allow all members of the Horde who wish to fight for it into our fold.

But above all else, the Blood Howl fights to right wrongs, take an Eye for an Eye, shed Blood, for Blood! anyone who dares cross us, or the horde’s people will pay dearly.

We do not shy away from a challenge, and fight till the enemy surrenders either with words or blood.

How is the Blood howl organised? (guild ranks)

The Leader of the Blood Howl, is named by the title the current leader wishes to be called by. Once it was Jin, now it is Chieftain.

The Blood Guard Are the leaders advisors and officers, they lead the Blood howl alongside him.

The Blood champions Are Bloodsworn who have gone above and beyond during their time amongst the howl. They are given the honour to assist in leading the Blood howl along side the Blood Guard and Leader, or in their stead when either might be unable too. They are the Leader’s Chosen Few worthy of Championing the Blood howl.

The Bloodsworn Are Blood blades who have proven their unwavering Devotion to the Blood howl during their time with us. They swear an Oath of loyalty to the Blood howl. They are among the Leader’s most trusted members.

The Blood Blades were Bloodied members who have proven themselves in battle through major feats. be it defeating a powerful foe, or risking their lives to save others. They are to be respected.

The Bloodied are the members. They have proven themselves to the leader to be loyal and dedicated. They know what the Blood Howl is about.

The Unbloodied are the new members. They only just joined the fold. They have voiced their willingness to fight alongside the Blood Howl, but still need to prove themselves. they can do so through joining the howl on their many adventures.

The Followers are people who wish to learn more about the Blood howl, without admitting to them fully.

What kind of RP do we provide?

The Blood howl is mainly a dmed combat event based Guild. We utilise a roll system that we work on constantly, to make sure everyone is feeling like their character is represented.

The Blood Howl offers an adventurous role play experience, all in service of the Horde. We also have casual Role Play here and there. Aside from our own events and storylines, we also try to join any inter guild story arcs and the campaigns of a community of other guilds, that feel sensible on a IC level.

The Blood Howl offers room for our members to tell their own stories. If they need to fight a demon that killed their sister, or retrieve an axe of their long lost father, we allow them to tell this story together with the Blood Howl.

How do you come into contact with us?

You can approach: Yorah, Estéllë, Rokamo, and Korkosh in game if you are interested in joining.


The guild is made up of a wonderful bunch of people. If you are looking for somewhere with adventure and combat that aids the Horde, look no further. I cannot wait to see where our future events will take us and who may join us along the way


I’ve been in this guild for quite a while now and I can only speak positively about it. It’s a home for a nice bunch of Roleplayers like myself and other great people that’s with us.

I can’t recommend it enough, its a chilled leaned back environment where we can have a great time together going on adventure!


The blood howl is back in action after a long break. dealing with Harpy raids in the barrens and stopping primalist, trying to recruit the people of Razor hill into their fold.

The Blood Howl has been dealing with a Naga menace that seem to deal in Necromancy, why is unknown but it is a story that shall continue to unfold and the Blood Howl will continue it's efforts in hunting down any menace that are a threat to the Horde and it's people. Lok'tar Ogar! For the Horde!  Blood for Blood!

We are currently stationed around Orgrimmar preparing for the next adventure!


Been in this guild for a few days now, lovely bunch of people! If you’re looking for a place to call home, Blood Howl is the one! :grin:


You have my attention. Maybe as soon as I’m done with PvP this season I’ll take a look! Been meaning to start RPing again properly.


Great to hear Takatoa ^^ if you see any us listed as contacts about in game you’re welcome to ask us anything and of course, welcome to join us in the future

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Blood Howl was having a relaxed late afternoon in Valley of Wisdom when a young Darkspear troll appeared and requested the Blood Howl's aid with the most urgency.  The Echo Isles were under attack from a foe not unknown to the Darkspear and neither the Blood Howl, Naga! 

With no time to waste the Blood Howl was quickly transported to the Echo Isle's to aid their brothers and sisters of the Darkspear fighting off this vicious and deadly foe from the shores of Echo Isles. 

Every single present member of the Blood Howl fought with valor and fury as they faced off against the deadly naga together with their Darkspear brothers and sisters. 
It was a taxing fight and many suffered injuries yet despite it, they remained steadfast and held their ground, refusing to give up as it was their duty to uphold the ideals of the Horde and fight to the very death if they had to! 

The vile Naga were equally stubborn in their relentless assault as darkspear were slain as much as Naga were. 
An explosion of magic origin caused the battle to take a momentarily halt and when a strike force of Naga emerged from what seemed a place of importance along with a vile Naga Sea Witch. The Naga made their retreat as their true goal had been accomplished. 

The Blood Howl slew their remaining foes and despite grave injnuries, had held their ground. But this battle was far from a true victory. 
Grief and weeping came next as many Darkspear had lost their loved ones, friends and family alike. 
With heavy hearts many of the Blood Howl Members decided to stay and aid the Darkspear with collecting their dead and aid with respectful intentions with any funeral rites allowed by the Darkspear. 

The Blood Howl is now once again camped in Orgrimmar, so do not hesitate to come seek us out if you wish to meet us or wish to take a stand for your fellow Horde brothers and sisters!
There is always another adventure and battle or investigations to indulge in!

Blood for Blood! For the Horde!


business is as usual for the Blood howl this week. with the Naga and Primalist threats being dealt with for now, the Blood howl helps the people of the Barrens with Centaur raids. One day they might learn not to pick fights with the Horde.


The Blood Howl is back in Orgrimmar and attending their personal business of life and recovering their strength until a new adventure shall take place and this will be sooner than later!

So if you are looking for us, we shall be around! Do not hesitate to contact us either here on forum or ingame!
Lok’tar Ogar ! For the Horde

Blood for Blood!


Once more the Blood Howl will be venturing to have fun with their companions at the Kosh’harg! We’ll be looking forward to seeing all those lovely people there! After we have dealt with some trouble along the way…

The latest adventure of the Blood Howl has brought them from Kalimdor to the broken world of the orcs, Outland. 
Having ventured from Shattrah City to the cursed land of Shadowmoon Valley, a place where the taint of fel stains the very land itself with ruin and destruction having left it barren with rivers of liquid fel-fire and a bursting volcano spewing the accursed fel-fire itself.
It is there that the Blood Howl has been working hard to rescue a group of the Horde’s people that were taken away by a most gruesome villain group known as The Cabal, orc warlocks that seek to enslave demons and follow a dark path that can only lead to ruin of others standing in their way. 
Blood Howl both determined and strong-willed, has spent much effort battling with The Cabal in order to save those kidnapped people of the Horde. A task that has tested every Blood Howl member’s resolve to the limit. Through heat of combat and a display of great strength against this darkness, the Blood Howl has managed to rescue some of the kidnapped group, whether more are missing or not remains unknown. 
Having discovered where The Cabal operates, the Blood Howl now focus their efforts to head into the Death Forge itself, to root out The Cabal and save any remaining people of the Horde that may still be in need of rescue. 
How this venture will unfold, only time shall tell… 

We’re still located within Shadowmoon Valley and camping in the Shadowmoon village for now as we deal with the Warlocks of the Cabal.

Blood for Blood!


The Blood howl Has defeated the Warlocks in Shadowmoon Valley. saving the remainder of the abductees. Now the Blood howl and the victims are save in Sattrath.

Soon we will venture to Garadar to join the Kosh’harg festivities.


The Blood Howl is now camped in Garadar - Outland (Nagrand) and we shall remain there for the entirety of the Kosh’harg festival where we will be able to be found and met for a great time of some celebrative Roleplay! :smiley:

Hurray! Let’s enjoy a good time fellow Roleplayers!


In the first two days of Kosh’harg the Blood Howl has a string of placements among the contests. So far we have:

  • Cao-kang Ironclaw - second place in Saddles of Treachery
  • Kor’kosh Ironaxe - second place in the Polemaster’s Challenge
  • Tesha - third place in the Archery Contest Expert Bracket
  • Yorah Tallstride - second place in the Garadar Marathon

Congratulations to them and all those that placed and participated. The Blood Howl shall remain camped in Nagrand for the duration of the festivities.

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Kosh’harg has seen the Blood Howl participate in more friendly contests with allies and members of the Horde alike. Along with honouring the traditions of the orcs by paying respects at Oshu’gun and the Throne of the Elements.

We honour two more winners, congratulations to:

  • Cao-kang Ironclaw - third place in Winter’s Endurance
  • Aentheril Nightshine - second place in the Battle of Blades

Along with our earlier winners:

  • Cao-kang Ironclaw - second place in Saddles of Treachery
  • Kor’kosh Ironaxe - second place in the Polemaster’s Challenge
  • Tesha - third place in the Archery Contest Expert Bracket
  • Yorah Tallstride - second place in the Garadar Marathon

Well done to them, our fellow participants from Blood Howl and all the other attendees! Once more Kosh’harg has been a wonderful time to interact with our allies and forge new bonds. But soon enough the Blood Howl shall venture out once more to aid the Horde.

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After Kosh’harg Blood Howl has once again now set out for yet another adventure!

Currently a handful of us have set out upon the open sea with a heading in mind, though what could go wrong?

We’ll find out!

Blood for Blood!


The Blood Howl returned to Orgrimmar four days ago after a trip by sea!

We ended up coming ashore by an uncharted isle with a thick dense mist and what was worse we were ambushed by a familiar group of naga we’ve been dealing with! We managed to handle ourselves and return home.

Recently we’ve been dealing with some primalist threat locally in Durotar!

For now we are remaining in Orgrimmar, whilst seeing if more threats appear and is needed to be dealt with!

Blood for Blood!
For the Horde!


The Blood Howl once more have ventured out and this time it is toward southern Kalimdor, Tanaris!

Rumour’s has it that some primalists are after something in the lush dangerous jungle of Un’goro and the Blood Howl have embarked on this journey together with a small group of the Dragonscale Expedition, to protect them and to prevent the primalists from reaching their goal!

What lyes ahead of the brave Blood Howl ? Only time shall tell.

We are currently camped in the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan! (or so we wish hah!) Gadgetzan is our current camp, but it shall likely not stay that way for long!