How can I do my +10 weekly?


The fact thoat you’re rerlieing on raider io doesnt mean anything really. It is jsut an indication of how many runs you have had. You ‘wanted’ to time. I time +10’s a couple of times, yet I get denied bnecause of your annoying plugin that you used.

Thats why I rely on my guild.

Plugin users are the real jerks here. Its people like you that cause other people to get behind. People cant experiment in +10 because of you.

(Looksmaxxed) #82

I find it disturbing that you want to slow my sense of progression and achievement with just arbitrarily deciding I should take anyone so they can experiment. They have their own keys for that. Or lower keys.
Not my key, my first 10, which I needed timed so it reflects on the score and I get into pugs easily afterwards.

Next day, I offered the key i got from that 10+2 run, so a +12 for playing to anyone in the keystone community I’m in. We didn’t time it, but I didn’t care for it at that point, precisely because I know I’ll be accepted into other ppls key.

So, spare me with the semi emo display of excessive possessiveness over other ppls things and also hard pass on any moral nuggets of wisdom you’re offering.


You find it disturbing but I dont ask to join your +12 so you can ‘acchieve’ higher key stone stuff that doesnt reeally reward you anything special apart from achievements.

The loot is the same as +10.

Again, if you like to ‘go for achievemtns’ go use your guild to make it +11+ and nobody would mind it because you are not getting anything else in addition.

(Looksmaxxed) #84

You are not getting it. Let me explain

-I don’t usually do my own keys
-This was a new char
-With trash score revealing 0 10+ timed runs
-As such I could experience difficulty getting into +10 pugs which can mean difficulty down the road when it’s time to talk to the lottery vendor
-Ergo, some sort of my own progression would have to be made
-And here we are, at my 10 key that needs pushing and for which I was picky
-Just so I don’t have to bother with it again and I can (sometimes) share my keys with willing members of the community I’m in.

Altruistic selfishness ®


I’m just one of those that seeing the ridiculous requirements of Ilevel from MoP onwards for raid/dungeon groups when I first joined completely new to the game put me off ever participating in dungeons / raids and if any classic newcomers turn up in retail they probably would get dissuaded in staying for endgame.

at the most I would run a normal dungeon once for my order hall campaign and never touch it again and regarding locking quests in mythics I wait till they are on heroic a’la Siege of Boralus or high enough for me to solo them same goes for locking stuff in raids like pathfinder was in Legion .

I do not like the mythic concept at all .


Your recommendation is hypocritical and illogical.

You can not possibly expect someone to gain 1300 RIO without first playing +10 dungeons.

You contradict yourself in your own statement.


Why do you call people jerks because they have their own rule for my group?

if i want i can ask you to come ungoro mid for gearcheck to join my group. if you dont like it nobody forces you to join.

The only problem with m+ is that everyone feels entitled to get the best loot and not the “jerks” with the plugin.

You think i push my key for fun to deplete it then because some (how do you call them? goodguys?) who arent ready to learn about the dunngeon/affix/their specc in m+ feel entitled to get free gear?

Thats pretty selfish to demand. push your own key or show me that you can play your specc on appropriate level. Then I rather wait 5minutes for someone who was willing to do this than to boost captain lazy.


I said grind rio, how you do it is you do every dungeon +5 and then +6 -7 then +8-9 and so on. You shouldn’t jump straight into +10s


That really, REALLY does not look like a good idea to spend my free time on.

Well I’m literally missing only 1 item from all mythics which is a +10 wep from underrot.

(Elisandrus) #90

What about your guild? Even my low ilvl alts get their weekly chests done from guild runs.


Yeah, even with sanguine, quaking, I got my weekly done via my guild.

(Vataraa) #92

I just join German players they are so nice and always invite you to any Mythic+ Now i have not done many this expansion but when i search for pugs i always get invited.


Or, other people get behind because they’re lazy and they want to be carried around.
I main ret for my guild and to reliably do m+, i have to tank since noone wants a ret nowadays for m+. And no, it’s not easy neither quick farm a double set and double essences, so forgive me if i don’t want people to “experiment” with my key after i put the effort in to push it and tank it.

(Hafthor) #94

Why don’t you do your experiment in random hc or lfr? Nah let’s go ruin someone’s +10 key because you want to experiment :upside_down_face:


I do mythic run once a week and I see rio boosted animals alot. My 8.2 rio is 450-500 but I see alot of trash players who have 1200+ compared to me .

Imagine ninja-pulling every pack in bolstering week and causing wipe constantly and then typing “sry” in party chat :grin:


M+ has a weird snobbery to it which includes people being taken only because they have a score, have a certain gear level or because they play a certain class or spec, none of these actually indicates if that player actually plays well enough to make the group smooth and I’ve seen instances where some players were really not worth their score.

I’ve seen many scenarios where high rio/ilvl/meta classes have still come to failed or incomplete keys, none of these factors is a guarantee for success and I really wish that people wouldn’t use these as religiously as they do. I don’t even think I’m an exceptional player but I can tell when I or anyone else does something wrong, I happily apologise for any faults that I make but most people want to find a way to remove blame from themselves.

I used to play with one guy on an old server who would get taken in because he played a rogue and he would ruin so many peoples runs and leave in the middle because his standards were way too high. While these happened we would all be speaking on discord so I could hear his BS excuses that everyone else was rubbish. His friend mained a DH and was the most trash DH I’d ever seen despite him scoring in rio much higher than me, I remember doing runs “as a guild” and he would fail most mechanics in a dungeon then make excuses as to why he was never at fault and most of them were utter rubbish. The DH was a few items short of a picnic so it makes sense why he was as bad as he was.


The probability of a player with high rio score being good (to run the key in time) is higher than that of a low rio player.

I spent 2 weeks on M+. I started with regular M runs, then went up to some +3 and +5, and i still remember +6 being significantly harder and +8 intimidating. After i did all dungeons on lower keys and was comfortable enough, i went to +10s. Did all until i was comfortable and went up to +13, now im comfortable in any +13, next barrier is getting +15s on farm. Rio score came naturally, and again, all in all 2 weeks approx.

Why would people want you in +10 straight away? Dont tell me stories that you’re a good player. No, in M+ you’re not, because you are not comfortable in high keys, you’ll fck up your rotations and die. People who want to time keys dont need that sh1t lol.

(Lepanto) #98

When I run slightly higher keys I do prefer higher Rio players. They usually are better than lower ones.

I’ve had the pleasure of gaming with a few 2k+ Rio players and the difference is night and day.

Now, you claim you’ve seen high Rio players do crap. I won’t dispute the fact Rio is not perfect, but really players with 1.5+ S2 and beyond are miles better than your average 900 Rio player.

And finally, Where did you see those players? I’m by no means a top player but your best run is a 11. I haven’t seen a top player that low since the first week of season 3.

Now call me a snob if you want but if I put my key up, I’d like better, proven, players.


I’ve experienced this on both factions on various server. There’s also a vast difference between your “average 900 RIO” player and someone who aims to push keys to the highest that they can, that doesn’t automatically mean that those 900 RIO players are worse but hey you let your sheepish nature keep telling you that.

And this is a fine example of the snobbery that I talk about. You’re exactly the type of player that is the reason to why many people don’t even bother with M+ or do very little of it.

In order to try and prove a point you took aim at the “Raider IO” page for this character. Not once did I point at my score or completed keys, you did it simply because you have nothing to actually contribute to the conversation so you resort to attempting to put others down via the use of a questionable addon and its website.

Whenever I do M+ it’s because I want to do it for fun. I don’t do it to push keys or try go go very high because I know that players like you will let down the experience with how judgemental you are and its often the reason why groups break up midway through dungeons.


Are you guys seriously falling for such an obvious troll? If he has a 14 key, he has already done a + 10, so he doesn’t need to join another group.