How dead is it gonna be


That makes sense then, sometimes ppl forget and need some trigger to refresh memory.

Leveling under old conditions can be cozy and people are much more encouraged to cooperate and show their best behavior, but I can’t imagine myself doing any content under rare drops and master loot, I just don’t hate myself that much.


Well well finally less latency and more herbs for me :v: It’s a win win. Not that I need people to fight 15 nagas anyway.

(Punyelf) #185

The levelling Classic vs BfA is like two different games now. I enjoyed levelling on the stress test. Levelling in retail is one big bland boring slogfest. Someone worked out it takes x number of casts to kill a mob, that doesn’t change if you are level 25 or 45.

There is no power gain in retail and I really miss it. There is no sense of danger, nothing, no difficulty. You rarely die, you rarely get into any trouble at all. I really detest scaling.

On the stress test three of us may have gotten a little ambitious and ventured into the next zone a bit early and attempted a red quest. We died but it was so much fun trying. We went back to some orange quests after that to try and level up some more first :laughing:


That’s true, but have you ever tried to do MDI like pulls and don’t wear pants or any other gear while leveling in retail?

The game now is made for everyone in a sense that even handicapped by medical condition people can reap rewards. I think it’s good, cause good players can adjust difficulty themselves.

Also it is still dangerous and exciting to lvl with wm on as alliance, at least I regularly got myself into trouble :smirk:

(Punyelf) #187

I always level with WM on and the only time I really encounter the opposite faction is usually high levels being gankers. It reminds me of PvP servers of old tbh.

(Elaynne) #188

Except biggest reason majority of people played on pirate servers since 2005. Its free. People could have paid back during original Vanilla yet they choose to play on pirate servers for free.


Oh yes the perfect Vanilla wPvP videos where lvl 60 Swifty annihilates 4 Bois: lvl 50, 35, 2 somewhere in between :slight_smile: GG :sweat_smile:

Or Esfands Paladin police stream where 3 geared palas kill newbs on their way to BRD. Next level challenge :relieved:


The hypocrisis of some people here by the way, complaining about people who won’t stay in Classic while, on the other hand, being so pissed about retail that they need to personnaly attack retail players.

I just hope for “normal” people who will play classic that you (the ones who did this) guys won’t be the player base. 'Gonna kind of kill the social part.

(Punyelf) #191

Both sides seem to have a selection of players that want to see the other fail or seem incredibly hostile to people’s choices.

I intend to play both and want both to be a success.


And that is your opinion. Lets go back to a time where you were not able to play anything but healer as a hybrid. Or where you were labelled as a second rate spec because you weren’t able to push the same numbers as a rogue or mage.

Everything is actually viable right now unless you play world first cutting edge.

(Recollector) #193

Due to how Classic players are demonized in BfA, most people will never admit that they will change to Classic.
Because of fear of their peers.

There is at least 30-40% of the BfA player base that is completely silent on Classic, and will leave Retail the second Classic hits. They just don’t say it, because they don’t wanna be flamed.

You see those “I will play Classic for a while, but will go back to Retail” posters? Or those that say “I will play Classic when Retail have a content drought”? Or those that say “I will play some Classic here and there”?

Those people are the ones Retail will lose instantly on August 27th. And many more will follow them, day by day, week by week.

Classic will be a magnet for all MTX haters, all WQ haters, all RNG haters…and man, dare I say that almost the entire BfA player base fall in the above categories?

You people won’t understand why there is nobody to play with in BfA for a very, very long time.

(Aeula) #194

Classic will always be a side thing for me unless we get TBC. I’ll probably play on launch for a few hours and let myself fall behind the curve by playing it only when I’m finished with retail for the day to have an easier time questing.


The actual best expansion imo and highest point in WoW history :slight_smile:


I dont know in what world you live in.

The people who like vanilla so much already play it for years of pservers. And definitely not playing bfa at all.
People who are subbed through all of bfa are going to continue bfa otherwise they would have quitted it.
You think you do but you dont. Especially Vanilal which pservers scene was not even half of wotlk’s scene.

After couple of months it will be the same people that already played it for years on pservers. Nobody rediscovers his love for niller suddenly and is going to pay 13e/month for it over a longer period :rofl:

i will give you 2x the pserver scene amount of people after couple of month. im generous and say theres the same amount of people who didnt play pserver for variousr eason + the people that already played it.

Most people already cba before they reach lvl 20 when you have to wait 15minuts with 50people for a mob/quest item to spawn.


Unless they brake their modern PC and have to play on potato, which is Vanillas strongest selling point imo.

(Laeli) #198

This. I’ll play both. I love original wow, but so long as I’m enjoying myself I’ll play either or both. I don’t see what the problem is. I expect there’ll be guilds covering both too and as classic isn’t going anywhere, some will hop in and out with their guilds or communities, depending on what’s happening and what everyone feels like doing.


Millenial cut off is 94, after than is Gen Z “Zoomers”


Mill bla bla bla

I refuse this petty label, I have interests in life.

(Laeli) #201

Urgh, poor Laeli, she looks like a reject from a charity shop. Who designs the clothes for bfa? They should get the sack, instead of making our toons wear it. What is that thing on her head? Looks like Ol’ Blanchy’s feed pouch. :astonished:


Embrace the cindercloth set tmog, poor Laeli, you are belf female, it’s your destiny at some point :wink: