How dead is it gonna be

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There will definitely be a noticeable dip. The WoW community will be split, and even though there are people who will play both, their absence from retail will still be felt.

Perhaps there is a small chance of overflow into retail from people returning for classic, but I don’t think it will be in numbers sufficient to provide a permanent noticeable boost.


very dead. i mean like will u be able to even find a m+ pug? im not sure dayuuum


People don’t realize that most people actually playing retail won’t stop retail for Classic, but at best play both, and that most of the Classic community will be players who don’t play retail anyway.

7 of my friends will go for Classic, and it’s the only reason I’ll go there too. I won’t stop retail anyway, and all those 7 friends didn’t play retail anyway.

There will be a huge loss of streamers, who will go for Classic, at least the first month.

But here again very impatient for Classic to be released, count on me to return on this thread after the two first months of hype. Well, maybe even after the first week.

I believe pro Classic dudes just can’t understand the fact that people don’t have their taste on games.

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I think you’ll find, the vocal ones are those who insist Classic is better in every way. We can tell this by the fact that this forum was relatively clean of such threads until the Classic one was removed (For whatever reason, who knows why…) and suddenly here we are again, Classic fans starting threads and pulling ‘facts’ out of bottoms.

Got any proof for that figure? I mean I could say, based on Empirical evidence that 100% of the BfA playerbase, myself included, will roll a character on Classic, to mess around on now and then, but will mainly play Retail.

Where is this 30-40% coming from?

Can I get your crystal ball? Next weeks lottery numbers would be awesome to know.

Ahuh, Sure. I definitely hate having WQ’s which enable me to garner reputation and XP, as opposed to having to kill boars because I ran out of quests in a zone. I always remember that as being an extremely fulfilling experience.
You may dare say it, but you would be wrong.

I heartily doubt that.

On the other hand, the amount of spite and “Ha Ha, We got Classic! Retail is gonna Fail!” threads is becoming rather telling of the mentality that will populate the nostalgia game. Hence I will play it sparingly, with guildies from Retail, when we can be bothered, before concentrating on the Retail game, which is subjectively better, for our requirements and Guild concept.

Also, pro tip: The instant you use ‘You People’ in an argument, is fairly guaranteed to turn against you, you will instantly annoy the people you refer to, and embarrass the ones you claim to speak for. Avoid it as an argumentative statement at all costs, it cheapens your point and makes you sound petty.

Far as I am aware, and it is not an exact science:
Depression Era: Born in 1912-1921
Obviously a demographic in very rapid decline being aged 107 plus…I mean, you could probably count them on the fingers of one hand

World War II Era: Born in 1922-1927
Again, a demographic swiftly dying out, as dread mortality comes for us all, being aged 97-92

The Post-War Cohort: Born in 1928-1945
Generally aged 91-74

Baby Boomers (The original Boomers)
Born in 1946-1954
Generally aged 73 to 65. Basically children conceived during the wave of euphoria that came after WWII, they are a demographic that are retired, generally have money, and are enjoying their retirement.

Boomers II, or Generation Jones.
Born 1955-1965
Average age 64-54
They did not have it good, Vietnam cast its shadow, as the first televised War, which as children, they will have sneakily watched, and all the best jobs, post-war, would have been taken by their parents generation, Ths was a time of shortened working weeks, occasional electricity outage across the nations (The first generation that had really depended upon it being a constant, rather than a luxury)

Generation X, or ‘The Lost Generation’
Born 1966-1976
Average age now: 53-45
Arguably the best educated Generation, yet the most disenfranchised, they grew up under the spectre of nuclear warfare, AIDS, and had the lowest turnout for votes, thinking “What is the point if we’re all going to die”, their music was nihilistic and bleak, and they generally were regarded as having no hope for the future.

Way to describe my generation…I feel so enthused right now…

Generation Y, also known as Echo Boomers or Millennials
Born: 1977-1994
Aged: 44-25
The modern day Boomers, they are supposed to be very techno savvy, and whilst surrounded by more and more corporate branding, are sceptical and very intuitive when it comes to placing faith in corporations, they are the generation who grew up with technology as part of their lives, as opposed to Generation X’ers, who had it occur shortly after childhood, as such they are completely au fait with mobiles, smart technology and so on. They are an expanding demographic who are starting to make their voices known in business, media and politics.

Generation Z, or ‘Zoomers’
Born 1995- Now.
Age, well, 14-0
We simply don’t know enough about Generation Z. The world they grow up in, well, its all around you. That’s what is going to mould them.


By the way, what does mean zoomer in that context ? Never understood why this word even exist. You… Are a guy/girl who zoom on things ?.. It’s a generation with eyes defficiency ?..


Think that’s a typo uwu

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AH, yeah, my bad, 25/24-0


Ohh… it’s to echo with “boomers”… Now I see it

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Pretty much…what I want to know is what my generation did to the cosmos to end up with a sh!t generation name…


Reading all these “Classic will kill Retail”- Posts and seeing the tone and the amount of trolling coming from classic fans I really doubt that the communtiy on classic servers will be all that great. :neutral_face:



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Lol, classic will be dead in like 2 months, cause all of the zoomers from BFA will find it extremely slow to level up, not much of the content, some RPG elements here and there, which is not something current generation likes - they want session style games. And dont make mistake, thinking, that they are not going to be majority on the Classic servers in first few months - boomers from “private servers” will be minority and even some of then will leave. After all, “private servers” are FTP and have “no changes” and from perspective of some of them, Blizzard “ruined the Classic”. Already, yeah. So, 2 months - absolutely dead game with 3,5 people playing.


What are these oomer words you are using and why are they relevant?

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Thats a meme. Boomer is like a 30+ years old guy, who like old games and arena-shooters for some reasons, zoomer is a modern kid, playing Fortnite and whatever is hyped enough.


Oh so being a 30+ year old guy who likes to play games is a derogatory thing now?
Well frick me then.

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Not really. It just a meme and another label for people, because apparently, people like to put labels on everyone.


Give me my lotery number right now !

Also, probably most of the classic players are peoples that sub just for classic. So few of retail tourist wont change much . Personaly I know at least 10 peoples who are not playing retail at all since loooong time and for sure will play classic long term.


I like that classic is coming out, but I despite a lot of the players that come here with “retail will fail on classic release”.
I bet on mine mother life that is people sometimes during the course of wotlk/cata they have bein left
“unenployed” by their guild raid. I’m not talking of casuals, those comes and go, people say that cata started losing subs cos was bad, but they forgot that on that year Legur of weebs was the biggest thing on the internet, and they thanks the gods don’t even come in forums.

But this other ones,… They are the real trash: the ones you had to keep out on heigan unable to do dps and the dance on the same time, always mind controlled on yogg-Aaron, doing 5k dps on marrowgar HC with the 30% buff. All this people, getting carried by others for 4-5 pretending they are good until their guild said “stop that’s enough”.
And so they had been left alone, with no one wanting to play with them, maybe some managed to get on very low guild and looked like a pro cos they can dodge a mechanic that the 50 year old mum heal can’t. They get bored and so they went to play on pirate servers surrounding the self with players like them…
And here we are 9 years later. Thankfully this trash will be all on pvp server that I will personally avoid like ebola, so that i could enjoy classic with normal players that knows how to enjoy both version or just to mature to don’t harass who is playing BFA

  1. Classic
  2. Long term

Pick one.


Long term classic.