How dead is it gonna be

(Leafkettle) #162

Just to be clear: People have already abused the EXP Elite Bonus in the classic beta where you could reach LV60 within five days. Just let that sink in for a moment.


super cringe to talk something bad because you dont enjoy classic X-D

(Leafkettle) #164

The biggest server has been stated to have around +10.000 players in the US and Blizzard also suggested in switching it. There is no maximum server capacity but you can assume that there will be below 500k people playing classic.

The game will likely have around 200k players worldwide with Retail being around 500-900k at this moment.


classic population will be maybe 2times the current pserver scene after the first couple of months because everyone who truely loves classic would have been playing there already anyway and im generous and double the amount with the people who are scared of pserver.

(Juliuscesar) #167

Retail is going to look like it’s been wiped for at least a couple of weeks.

(Leafkettle) #168

No, I don’t think so. There will be enough people online in retail, even when they want to play Classic. The queues will be absolutely horrible for the first two weeks, therefore some people might join retail for this time as well.

(Brigante) #169

What I am mostly getting from this, is that the ‘Community’ feel of Classic, is going to be filled with rather spiteful individuals who feel the need to come here and babble nonsense, most of whom are Echo Boomers, or indeed Zoomers, (I am so glad my generation has its own name that does not involve ‘boomers’ ) who were not old enough to play the game first time round. If they -had- they would be a bit more sceptical about the success that Classic will be. It will stick around, for certain, but so will several STDs unless treated.

I remember Classic, at the time it was awesome. At the time.

Not perhaps as cringeworthy as using the word ‘Cringe’ incorrectly.

Highly doubtful. Some of us played Vanilla and remember it.

Also, where does this bizarre idea that Classic will have more RPG elements come from?

It really didn’t. You cannot carry 1,000 arrows, any more than 40 hinders movement and is ineffective, you cannot physically carry the number of arrows a Hunter in Classic needs to carry. A Warrior -cannot- carry seven Battleaxes, you certainly can’t fit them in a pouch. No, your pet will not show emoji’s to show how happy it is, and it does not need you to feed it, it is perfectly capable of feeding itself, y’know, like it did before you tamed it. If Mages are that taxed of mana by casting a spell, then explain Jaina. In fact just explain Jaina in Classic and BfA. Yes, Flight Masters can lend you a Gryphon or Wyvern (Which isn’t a Wyvern, closest thing to a Wyvern in game is either a Protodrake, or a Dragonhawk, a Wyvern in WoW is actually a Manticore, but that’s a different argument) which you can fly, but somehow you can’t fly yourself, despite that being a staple of the games since the RTS franchise! You can’t travel to Quel’thalas, despite there being zero reason why not. There is no scaling, so despite people saying it is realistic, it really is not. I mean you get the same problem at level 10 in Classic, as you get at level 100 in Retail, certain mobs you can 1 shot, whereas you don’t get that until you exceed level 60 in Retail.

There are no RPG elements in Classic, that do not exist in Retail. RPG stands for Role Playing Game.

Seriously, there is nothing. And given the attitude of many of the Classic fans, I think nothing of value will be lost, when those servers open.

(Punyelf) #170

Well after trying a Retribution Paladin on the stress test I can now say I am going back to Horde to be a Troll Hunter. :laughing:

(Juliuscesar) #171

lmao seriously just because you don’t want it to happen doesn’t mean it won’t.

retail is going to be dead for WEEKS if not longer and if you doubt it you’re lying to yourself

(Mirun) #172

I dare to bet, that within 2 months most people have left classic for what it is. And that simply because it is a game made for a different generation with gamesystems that simply do not fit within the current design that people are generally used to. It is very high on the grind and very low on the rewards. And that gets boring real quick for most people.

(Brigante) #173

Did you? If you literally did LMAO, I would hie thyself to a hospital, as you will have severe problems, without a backside.

I don’t care if Classic happens or not. I have made a character for it, I do not expect to be enthralled by the game, as I say, I remember its flaws first time round.

Retail is not going to be dead for weeks, I have seen the amount of events going on, on my server alone in the upcoming months, plenty of stuff planned.
I doubt it, and am self aware enough not to be deluding myself over it.

(Juliuscesar) #174

alrighty then, have fun on retail when classic is out

(Leafkettle) #175

As an advice, please stop posting things like that.
This isn’t a Pro Sieben or RTL scripted reality show where you can vend out on people just because you feel like it.


Really, really impatient for Classic to come out. Not for the good reasons, tho.

(Brigante) #177

Some people are gonna love it, some people aren’t, meh, each to their own,


You want to read how BfA haters will complain about classic?
I don’t think they will ever do that publicly, and that’s the beauty of it.

When realization of the real reason why they can’t enjoy the game strikes them, terribad players who still be bad in Classic wont publicly acknowledge it.

The way I see it, they are gonna be bullied even harder by pserver community than by RIO edgelords. :slight_smile:

Most people will enjoy both and gonna have fun :wink:

(Hinklink) #179

Retail has nothing to offer atm. Everything is terrible and i mean everything. Just got my 6th alt to ilvl 400, it’s truly horrific what they did with class design.

(Punyelf) #180

Both sides are fairly vocal with their dislikes. We had one retail player got into beta and lasted a few hours before going back to retail and making a post on the forums. That kind of thing will happen :smile:

I had a surprising amount of fun on the stress test and I’m really looking forward to launch. So much nostalgia. I started in TBC but the zone layouts are ofc as I remember when I started.


So the complainer crowd who pushed all the changes for retail and now hating retail came to Classic and now complains about it again?

Full circle PoG :face_with_hand_over_mouth::+1:t5:

(Punyelf) #182

To be fair to the player in question seems to enjoy most of the things that are complained about in BfA.