How dead is it gonna be


Such a thing doesn’t / won’t exist, but okay.


I doesnt coz its not yet launched. You dont know that.


classic dead after 3months because nobody going to pay 13euro/month for a game they already paid for in 2004 for a longer period

(Recollector) #228

Retail is barely hanging by a thread…and Classic isn’t even out yet.

For at least 3 months, Retail will lose players to the “other side”.

Thing is…Retail won’t be able to survive 2 weeks of being a desert, because the “gogogogo” and “gimme now” BfA players that will not play Classic, will rage-quit BfA, with nobody around to even have an LFR group going.


Majority of players what will play classic wont go back to retail becouse they are not playing retail in first place.


Everthing is viable in classic unleas you play in top end guilds.

(Redoctober) #231

No, it was just Tahra who previously made it clear he didn’t like Classic at all, then went to play it for 30 mins and came to the Classic forum to say it’s terrible.


Where can I buy a crystal ball like yours?

Do you also do lottery numbers?

(Punyelf) #233

Classic is no risk to Retail. I realise some people really want it to be but that claim is just so far fetched. Retail has an established player base that hasn’t dropped lower, despite the doomsayers.

Classic is the one that is going to have to fight to survive. It will have a huge influx at the start but it has to hold the interest of the players. I am really hoping it all works out and proves to be a glorious success.

(Souldefíler) #234

retail will find out what ALL current games who have a previous version released find out.

There is a mad rush to wallow in nostalgia then most of them will come back after 2 or 3 months back to retail wondering why they bothered in the first place. I’ve installed and reserved two names on Classic but that is in itself no guarantee I have kissed goodbye to retail.

Especially when a lot of people find out they can’t fly in Classic either but that’s another point for another one of way too many threads.


Pretty sure the reason people play OSRS is for nostalgic reasons … thats atleast why i play it, and because theres microstransactions around every corner on live version

So uh … It’s just nostalgia?


You and your buddies quit the game = dead game

(Jito) #237

I think Classic will stay at peak popularity for at least 6 months.

Retail WoW is sort of slumping in the wake of patch 8.2 as is usually the case after a patch has been out for some weeks. The upcoming patch 8.2.5 will increase the player activity a bit, but it’ll probably first be with patch 8.3 – after New Year I presume – that retail WoW starts to really draw a crowd again.

I think everyone who’s a WoW player and who isn’t deeply engaged in patch 8.2 still, they’ll gravitate toward Classic WoW for the next many months.
And those who intend to play both Classic and Retail, I think most will also devote more time to Classic than Retail. The initial leveling rush is just something I think people will prioritize higher than clearing The Eternal Palace for the 5th time or whatever.

I generally think Classic WoW will pick up the slack whenever Retail WoW doesn’t have a new patch being released and there’s a little lull in the release schedule.

But once Retail WoW gets to patch 8.3 and the next expansion has been announced, the Beta begins, and the subsequent expansion release draws near, then players will probably shift their focus increasingly more toward Retail again.

Generally think most players will end up dipping their toes in both waters, so to speak. Little bit here, little bit there, depending on where something new gets released.


And this one of the ones I wad referring to in mine earlier comment

(Imsoret) #239

Modern day wow is a result of fifteen years of expansions, patches, streamlining and improving what was missing, wrong and ineffective in vanilla, tbc, wotlk, cata etc.

A large majority called for faster leveling, flying mounts, lfc, lfr, heirlooms, horde/ally-palas/shamans, and the list goes on… And got it.

Now time has gone, live wow is never gonna be perfect, people seem to forget the struggle in vanilla and only remember the good things, the romance, the nostalgia, and eventually talking about how much better everything was in vanilla.

For anyone who never played vanilla, classic is gonna be a shock. For anyone who started playing in vanilla, its also gonna be a shock, except for those weird individuals who in their full five actually want the grind to be slower and more painful.

A Chevrolet-entusiast might think the first ever model built in the fifties was the best Chevy ever, complaining how his 2018-Chevy isnt “A real Chevy”

But i`d like to see him change to a 1955 Chevy as his everyday car.

Classic might be the big thing for some weeks, but thats it.


Only few players from our mythic guild is going to play classic as main game. I belive retail will still remain the same and classic will be a niche game after a month or two. It is not 2004 any more and players except way more from game than back then, all the QoL improvements, graphics upgrades, etc. in retail are important things.

(Redoctober) #241

And to think you used to be so negative towards Classic at some point. :slight_smile:

(Xandrolar) #242

Once people realise how difficult it is to gear up in Classic endgame I expect to see tons of posts on the classic forums along with a mass exodus from Classic.

I’ve said it before, people moaning about the grind NOW are in for a big shock when classic hits.

(Jito) #243

Never negative, at least I don’t recall being that.
Just never thought Blizzard would pursue it. It seemed pretty cut and dry as well. I mean, the answers Blizzard gave were: No. No. No. No. And no. Easy then to tell the incessantly demanding people on the forums that it wasn’t going to happen, because that’s what Blizzard had said every single time they’d been asked for the past years!

….And then they suddenly said yes. :expressionless:

I mean, that’s communication on a level that my Blizzard-aligned-radar just isn’t tuned for. :crazy_face:

Though I shall definitely be playing Classic WoW as well, now that it is going to happen.
Still not sure what I ultimately feel about it. In the short term? Awesome, for sure. In the long term? Difficult to say. We’ll see, I guess.


Every time I see this post I mentally add “, Jim” to the end of it. Just thought I’d get that out there. :smiley: