How dead is it gonna be

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They simply want to have the illegal players under their hood so they won’t lose any money. The market is there for a classic WoW and they underestimated it.

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Well let’s not count the chickens before they hatch. :hatching_chick:

And traditionally Blizzard’s approach to illegal use of their IPs is to simply shut it down by suing people in the court. They’ve done that for years. There really was no reason to assume they would suddenly change their modus operandi for Classic WoW.

But they did. :crazy_face:

Again, we’ll see how it turns out. I’m sure it’ll be massively popular in the short run. Everything Blizzard touches turns into gold, this’ll be no different.
In the long term though it’s difficult to say if it’ll behave any different than Retail WoW, which is a recognition that WoW is old and people are bored of it and want to play some other games entirely.
We’ll see. :yum:


Compare the number of online players on the PTR, and on the Classic beta servers.

After an update, numbers on the beta were thousands per realm. On the PTR, about 20 per realm. That gives 1:100 retail-to-Classic ratio.

Add that PTR doesn’t require subscription, and that Classic beta is invite-only.

Let’s say that 20% of interested got into the beta. That gives x5. Let’s multiply it by 2 to count those that don’t have subscription. That’S x10.

So, the final retail-to-Classic ratio is 1:1000

There are 7 English-speaking realms in Europe. Let’s assume post-layering realm cap of 3k. That’s 21k concurrent users. Let’S assume that a few thousands are waiting in queues. That’S 25k concurrent users. That gives 25 concurrent users on retail, the evening after patch.

Hope I helped.

PS. with the current confusing naming convention Blizzard is using (“World of Warcraft” vs “World of Warcraft Classic”), it’s obvious that “World of Warcraft” will change to “World of Warcraft Free-to-Play”. I’d expect that to happen with patch 9.0, along with level squish - but that patch won’t give a new expansion, just an Argus-sized content patch.


Sure, if you like to see oomkins and elemental shamans go in for some melee hits halfway through the fights.


and trigger omen and get a free starfire

I’ve once seen some theorycrafting where properly-used Balance druids would outDPS a feral.


Hah, no! I never played classic outside of private servers and I can tell you I won’t main it. You just want what you say to be the truth because you don’t like the alternative, and that’s that. You ain’t the center of the universe, son, and far from everyone shares your desires in video games.
And if people wanna play others games entirely then then won’t play classic, that’s for sure. As for everything Blizzard touching turning to gold, hots did not.


[quote=“Leíá-argent-dawn, post:107, topic:71123”]
They’ve already said that at the present moment, neither of these expansions are on the cards and I’m in favour of this.
[/quote] That’s just a straight up lie.


not gonna lie, it will be interesting to see just how dead bfa will feel.

the combination of the ‘1 year with no major content drought’ hitting BFA + classic’s launch may make retail seems like a ghost land for some months.

i’m not interested at all in the grind fest that is classic wow though. i’ll just wrap up a few lose ends in BFA and then return for the next expansion.


I really do wonder how dead classic is gonna be.

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May I ask how old you are?


31, and trust me, I’ve seen plenty of invalidated doomsayers.

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For 31 you should know how not to write cringe-worthy postings, don’t you? Nobody really cares for this “retail is going down”-attitude of yours. In the end, Classic will serve as a research project for Retail and how they approach future expansions.

Classic can only last so and so long until they reach Cataclysm. After that we’ll see if they will develop new stuff for it or let it just run on maintenance, like HotS, SC2 and Diablo 3.


First of all, questioning my age and then using the words “cringe-worthy” is extremely ironic.
Second, you need to put some points into perception. I, as I have made clear many times at this point, think the notion that retail would go down because classic, or that it would make it a “ghost town” is extremely unrealistic, hyperbolic, and mostly doomsay.


Imagine thinking classic is difficult


More difficult than retail, according to classists. Is it tho?


Congratulations to all of you who fed the troll with this low quality b8 thread and the trolls who joined the conversation later.

Here , you’ve earned a :banana:


I hope a mod or admin just moves this to classic board.


But who forced you to look at this thread then?

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Umm…I’m not sure why you feel the need to trash my reply like that.
It’s just me making a wild guess on an unknown future, with some baseless speculation thrown in for good measure - because why not? Isn’t that what the thread is about? Guessing how “dead” it’ll end up being?

Anyway, I’m not claiming anything I’ve said to be the truth because I’m in denail or whatever it is you insinuate. I specifically use the term:

I use that terms to underline the fact that I’m expressing my opinion based on my thoughts. Hopefully this comes across in the wording. It’s plainly written.

So yeah, screw you. :roll_eyes: