How dead is it gonna be


Mad, classist? Go play your little adventure and let the rest of us enjoy the real game.


Well, yes…and no.

When I logged into the open beta I was logging in with the thought that it’s mostly nostalgia.

But then something happened, for the first time in years…

I had fun playing, my skills were relevant, they were doing appropriate damage. My mana was dropping, there was danger around me. I could have very easily died, just as easily as I could kill the mobs, they could kill me back.

I had to regularly drink to restore my mana, imagine that, an RPG element.

The flow of combat was slow but smooth, the class had it’s relevancy which was good from all points of view. The quests had logic and reason.

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What?! How on earth did you deduct that from what I have written?!
Your reading comprehension is beyond catastrophic. Get help.


I deduct it from attitude like that =)

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The PTR, that mode that the bulk of the player base ignore because they aren’t interested in testing what is yet to appear in the game? That is what you are going to base your comparison on. Compared to a beta test that was very limited access, to the point not even all streamers could get in?


I think Classic wow is gonna be dead really quickly.
All we get today is ppl complaining about actually having to do something to get something, omg i need an achievment for flying, omg i need to grind rep for mounts… these same ppl praise classic wow as the second coming off christ.

They have no idea what they are getting into.


Calm guys :slight_smile: It is wow, both of them.

Im old school and left retail for classic. I will get bored? Maybe, maybe not. I dont care. Both of them will be still here. And you know retail always has blizzards 2000iq catch-up mechanics.

I just hope, feedbacks of classic help blizzard to make a better expansion with more mmo components.

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What’s the lie? They are not going to open servers for these expansions.

It’s been asked, they’ve told us and it’s a smart business strategy.
This is you not being able to except that they are not going to open up TBC and/or WoTLK servers for you.

We’re getting Classic and, as it stands, that’s all we’re getting. That’s good.

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Should make you wonder a bit if the incessantly demanding people on forums aren’t perhaps right to keep asking for what they want, right?

If your deduction skills got you to say Jito of all people is a “doomsayer” or a Classic fanboi, don’t consider a career that requires any deductive reasoning whatsoever. Seriously, don’t.


Lmao get out of here with the whole “if you take tone against this person” bs. It’s super childish and I don’t care.

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Actually, it’s the truth. There is hardly another person I could think of on these forums, that I was reading for years, that actually is more of a Blizzard apologist than Jito is (not saying it as a bad thing Jito btw, it’s just a fact).


Like I said, I don’t care. About what you think or who or what someone is.
I call it as I see it, and what I see is classic fanboying.

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Okay mate, keep making a fool of yourself for all I care. :woman_shrugging:


Thanks, you can go and snuggle with your pal now.

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He is not my pal, we had more arguments than you can count (bar ain’t that high, I know, but still… :wink: ).


What a childish taunt. As expected.
Whatever. Bye ^^

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So many drama queens lately with the 'my games better than your game" mentality.

Many will try classic. (some will decry retails death at this point)
Some will love it and play only classic.
Some will think it’s alright and play both classic and retail depending on what they fancy at the time.
Some will hate classic and return to retail. (some will decry the death of classic at this point)

It’s okay to prefer one over the other.
It’s okay to like both equally.
It’s also okay to hate both.

I think the moral of the story is that trolls will troll, griefers will grief and virgins will reserve names on PVP realms but never make it past level 40.


Why don’t we compare real numbers ? Numbers which can actually be used to show popularity ? Something like twitch ?

For example classic was able to reach 200k viewer , with constant 50k afterwards slowly dying out after a month a half.

The WoW bfa beta peaked at 150k.

Now you could say. Dam classic must be better. But if we compare the increase of viewers in the one year time frame, we get that with the inflation rate, bfa beta would be around 180-190k. And that’s for a unfinished game which many don’t want to spoil them selfs

Bfa Launch than was able to reach 600k viewers at the same time. With 50-150k viewers over the next few months.

If classic can pull 600k + viewer on release , than we can start talking

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You miss spelled “1 million players”


Closer to two actually.