How dead is it gonna be


Dream on classist. Also all you people claming such low player numbers for retail never provides a single source for your claims, which is really annoying. At least I did a google search about the subject before I said anything.


Classic is inconvenient whereas Retail is too lenient. They are both flawed games.

All that’s happening over and over is that Retail players will defend their game and Classic will do the same. There aren’t ever any real discussions to be had. I want modern WoW to succeed, but in its current state has so much more wrong with it than Classic’s grievances.

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I really dont care tbh. I lvld a warlock during the stress test and man! I had a blast! Dont care how long the “nostalgia” lasts…but i want moar! Counting the days till classic launch!


You first have to prove you are right. Kek


You all are talking as if it were two different games.

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million. singular xD


Well do a google search like I did. If you don’t believe what results you can find on the internet then you have no leg to stand on.


They effectively are. There isn’t anything in Classic WoW that you’ll find back in Retail. The way the game plays has changed, the world has changed, classes have changed, itemization changed.


Be wary when patch 8.3 come out and you will find that your raid roster from 45-46 people would be composed by you and the guy that dies standing in the fire on MC trash.

The tears and saltiness when you will come back on the forum raging “that retail stole you your raid team and now you can’t even do UBRS no more”

And I will be right there to post this emote :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


Really now. All the differences I see is that your characters are weaker and you have to spend a lot more time getting around.


Because “google” is a trusted source to what…everything. :joy:


Dead as as rock.

In December we will have the funeral.


seeing as it turns up forum posts with official blizzard tweets on the matter… yep, in this case it is. it’s somewhere between 1.5-2 mil from what I could find. You are welcome to check yourself instead of being a classist.


Helps to make the world feel bigger. Sorry that you’ve grown too accustomed from flying from point A to point B in 5 minutes.

Is this a new buzzword now? What do we call you then, a Retailist?


Or? MABY, when you come on the forums crying about 3hr lfr queues on retail.


Lol…at this point it actually is…


I prefer a normal player who ain’t stuck in the past and wants the worst for this game just so I can be a validated doomsayer card. The real cause of the decline for this game is age, plain and simple. The changes made that the classists (spiteful classic defenders) always go on about (dungeon finder and flight) happened long ago because people wanted them. This being the point a lot of people keep forgetting.

Go play whatever you want. But classic will not be the end of retail. Age, and the inability to produce quality content forever will be. And like it or not, classic will die too. It is, at the end of the day, a version of wow with much less content and no new stories to tell. Blizz did this to get as much money out of this IP as they can before it dies.


I never said it will be. No one, not even Classic WoW players should say that it will. The two games should be allowed to co-exist instead of pro-Retail and pro-Classic players always arguing about what version of the game is superior.

I’ll be enjoying the journey to 60 which will make you feel far more fulfilled than getting to 120 in BFA does.


Well that’s your opinion and I respect it.


It’s not exactly an opinion though, is it? You can get to 120 in a few days at a casual pace without talking to a single player. Level 60 in Classic isn’t about the destination but the adventure getting there, meeting new players along the way out in the open world and perhaps initiating a dungeon run with them. That’s what an MMORPG is, something you don’t see much of anymore in Retail.