How dead is it gonna be


You can, if you choose to play it that way. The way I choose to play is to do the quests I wanna do, change zone a lot, and do dungeon finder when I feel like it.
I don’t rush to endgame because, let’s be honest, nothing is there. The journey is the destination. I get to make my own choice, and I like that a lot.
That’s also a reason why I’m not hyped for classic. Being forced to a slow grind and guild/raid gated content, damn what I want, doesn’t feel good.


What? Whenever i lvl a new char i make new Friends along the way. It might be because u do not talk with people or help Them or whatever. I lvl chars whenever i get frustrated and i got my friendslist nearly full.


Exactly. In retail, as it now is, you can forego the rpg aspect and rush to endgame or even get boosted. I think that’s boring.

It’s up to you how you wanna play. But using the most boring, unadventorous players as an example for all who play retail is wrong and stupid.


i dont think retail will die at all from it, i prefer classic but i will still be playing retail i think.

only thing concerning is the more little realms will feel this. Claasic will just work as splitting your playerbase more over different servers/games and small realms whom already struggling will feel, yes, more dead. Big realms probably wont notice much. And blizzard wont adress it because realm tran$$$fers


People who think classic is more of an rpg or a really mmo usually can’t even count any reason . Dk well


Too bad for I don’t do LFR since Mop, I only do normal and higher lv raids with guilds and friends since WoD when they removed the double loot for the legendary quest item.

And we are still fine and healthy according to wowprogress. At leats 4.5k guilds have done the first boss, that is probably more than all the guilds that will be present on EU classic son

Sooooooo kek :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I probably will keep my gold making ways going in bfa even if i mostly will be playing classic for some time. They share subscription after all, also i want that 5 mill ah mount

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lets hope more people REALLY speak out about this. we really need to flood the forums, tickets and emails with this.

i dont get why people would sooner pay to move a toon than have blizzard resolve it.

i dont have anything against people paying to move cause they’re moving cause they are having a bad time BECAUSE OF BLIZZARD, but anyone who moves more than 1 or 2 toons, especially in an alt army should really consider their actions.


I just noticed that I can’t get myself to play on retail. I am too hyped about classic and I just can’t get it out of my head. Today I logged in BfA to level my alts. First one I flew like 200 meters and logged out. The second one, did the assault quests in Drustvar and logged out.

I just… I try, and I try, and I try
and I try…
I can’t get no
Satisfaction :notes:


That sounds like a problem if I’m being honest. Let’s hope it’s not just hype.

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WoW players will slowly but surely all convert to classic. Why?

The game has substance. They will appreciate each and every piece of gear upgrade they get.

They will recognise that professions are actually incredibly useful throughout the game, even more so whilst you’re leveling, and its a dam joy to invest time in skilling them up.

RPG elements of the game are intense. Class quests are intense. Every skill you learn through them binds you to your char because of the time you’ve invested and the experience you have shared with your character. (Legion did this quite well, but class design was badly RUINED).

MMO aspects, gosh dang it, you gotta make friends or you’re simply not going to beat the elite at the end of your quest chain, that might take you to a different continent, and might take you through a zone where the mobs are 20 levels higher than you, but so what? You made some friends on the way who were struggling through the same bad times.

RAIDING WITH 40 PEOPLE, holy consecrated hell… 40 man raids. Epic.

Literally don’t even know what I’m typing now or why I even started, just ranting, but CLASSIC!

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What faction, race and class are you choosing?


First I’m a millenial, then a zoomer and then im swimming fins :neutral_face:
but I am indeed sick at Fortnite I can’t even lie.

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If classic does get a pop lock for a year then you can expect retail to die.


Lolno. /10char


The playerbase has changed alot. If you are hoping wow classic will follow the example of osrs, then you most likely will be dissappointed.

Classic will however most likely maintain a steady playerbase after the initial tourists have gotten bored of it

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It sounds like Oomkins! xD

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I don’t get it.
Guys, if you’re so social like you claim, and love so much classics, there are private servers made for you, you know ? And it’s bloody free.

I played a lot when I was younger on those servers, experiencing classic and bc. I came back on one of those with some friends recently, couldn’t last 3 days.

You guys love unbalance and lack of content that much ?

I’ll add that making friends on BfA is nothing but hard. You join a guild. Like, maximum two little sentences written on a capital and you’re set.


And, that last part is why you are wrong. Being forced to lean on others to play endgame, rather than just finding people quick and easy for a clean run, is going to turn a lot of people off from the endgame. Also, classic will be just as boring at endgame as retail is, if not more so due to the severly smaller amount of content.

In the end, people are gonna go there, have an adventure, some will come back, some will take a break until the next major update, and a small core will remain as full time classic players.