How dead is it gonna be


another thing people will have to learn is them having a reputation on the server and with that leaving after a single wipe in a dungeon not being a bright idea


wow, that’s not gonna result in a lot of fuego at all.

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Strangely I think the last part you mention, the need for community, is actually what made and will make classic so successful.

Human beings are social animals, sadly in this day and age the tools available do everything possible to reduce socialising down to zero.

Classic creates social opportunities at every turn. From healing a near dead player in starting zones, to throwing out random buffs, to being forced to team up for ‘elite’ quests, whether people want to or not, they will become involved in social situations, and realise that ten times out of ten its better than doing something on your own, in silence.

Games like this aren’t just good for the average player to pass the time, they are actually good for bringing them out of their shell and being able to enjoy being themselves in the presence of other people.


The option for community is very much present in retail as is. Joining a guild and doing content with them is the optimal way to progress.
It’s just not enforced. There is also room for those who don’t care about optimizing progression and just wanna have their own journey. In classic it is very much enforced. But I guess choice equals cardinal sin to some of you. Some people don’t wanna “come out of their shell” and are perfectly content with playing mostly by themselves.


Ouch don’t burn him or her so bad ouch that burned me even in here.But I agree classic forums are that way ->.

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You’re wrong. To join a guild you must reach out to someone who has zero interest in your goals or gameplay, nor do you need to because of how trivial the content is. You can level to max in a couple of days and be ‘raid ready’ from LFG and LFR a day after that without ever needing to speak to anyone, and if you are socially inept you will definitely do it like this.

In classic you are constantly confronted by quests that require two or more players to team up to defeat it and players are always around who will be either inviting you or accepting your requests to attempt that quest.

The game play literally forces you to communicate with people, and again as I say, once people make a connection with other people they relish that, it is in our blood to seek social interaction.

You can be as stern as you like, but you are here yourself literally interacting with people because it makes you happy to do so, nobody is different, we are social animals.

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If Classic loses the amount folks are predicting, Blizzard will NOT open either TBC or Wotlk servers. They’ve already said that at the present moment, neither of these expansions are on the cards and I’m in favour of this.

  1. That’s why you put effort in finding likeminded guilds if you wanna have one to help you.
  2. Yeah, and what if you don’t have anyone at hand? You’re glorifying enforcement.
  3. I don’t WANT to be forced to communicate with anyone, I wanna have the choice wether I wanna be social or not. Stop telling me to be like you.
  4. What makes me happy is interacting with people when I want to do that, not being forced to do so.


Honestly, how many of the same topics are there going to be? Retail WoW will be just fine. Sure, maybe a few of the already smaller realms will take a hit, but I forecast only temporarily while people try out Classic then realise they don’t like it. Let’s be real here, it’s not for everyone.
Personally I enjoyed it, so I’ll be playing it more than retail for sure, but I won’t be quitting.


A sober post for once. Bravo!

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1 contradicts 3 and 4, 2 is an unlikely scenario but if it ends up like that then you’re on a dead server and it’s time to move.

Being angry and wanting to argue in life is something I moved on from many, many years ago my friend, have a good evening and good luck in classic.


No they do not. I’m guildless because I don’t like comitting to others. I don’t lean on guilds because I don’t want to. And again, forced interaction is bad. Like the goblins say, MAKE SENSE.


You can do this in both classic and current retail. In both you will have to communicate if you want to attempt any serious kind of content. Even in classic you wont have to talk much as long you know what to do in a normal dungeon


EXACTLY. Classic is gonna be more demanding and retail is gonna be more chill and open to the soloist. It all depends on what you want.


you can solo just fine in classic as well, questing and bg wise, even in dungeons unless you are extremely new and dont know what to do. just like in current retail. The only difference is raiding not having 4 different difficulties. So inless you expect lfr/normal like raiding its still very easy to solo without talking much. Frankly classic will be way more enjoyable for me as a solo player


Well if it’s so much alike then what reason would the people who have invested time and money here have to start over? Pretty much the entire thread glorifies classic with half hearted arguments and now you say it’s not even that different.
You guys confuse me. Since it won’t cost me any extra I plan to give it a run just to see how it is. So I guess I’ll know.


you are confusing yourself, my only point being is you. you can solo without talking much fine in both retail and classic. unless you want to get into serious raiding instead of tourism mode. I’m not saying classic and retail are the same in everything


That’s extremely unhelpful. Oh well, I’ll know next month.


I’m honestly just impatient to be 2 or 3 months after the release of classic, so classissism stops.

As I said before, why are private so empty if classic is good ?

Venerating a game with so old mechanics is beyond me.
I’ll add that there is a lot of those old games with “difficulty” that recently (a year or two) had to close their servers due to lack of players.

There was litterally classic-like games that actually existed years ago. Why no one plays them if those old mechanics are so good ?


Plenty of people now are waiting for an official server instead of some shady private server that offer ingame items for money.

When i played on nostalrius for example there was a queue to log in on a daily base because there were so many people playing it.