How dead is it gonna be


Nostalrius just had little servers if you ask me. I played it ages ago because I was too young to afford a sub. Yes I also remember the queue time, that, and the emptiness in the capitals.

By the way, the prime time of this server was pretty much during WOTLK, Cataclysm. So I’ll assume it was more a question of money than anything else.

And here again, it’s not even relevant, since we’re talking about today.


If anything its a nice way to attract players back to retail.


In the end its very simple, if you change a game so much that it turns into something else there will always be some that want to play both or prefer the older version. If the company makes the older version unplayable people will still want to play it. I rather have a official version, but if there is no official version there are other ways to play it. Its the same with for example the strategy game "battle for middle earth"you can buy it anymore but it is a solid game plenty of people still would love to (re)play

I personally would take the leveling experience, the class identities, the pre cataclysm zones and old av over what we have now.

And ofcourse retail isnt going to die down. They share a bloody subscription, you can easily play both. I will keep playing each new expansion atleast a bit like i have done since i started during tbc


I completely agree to the fact that a core of players will remain in Classic. But time changes, and people with it. Those mechanics are obsoloete, and I believe most of people hyped for Classic won’t last more than 3 months.

As I said, if those mechanics were still attractiv, games still using them wouldn’t close one by one.


You are talking like classic is some kind of old DOS game, the mechanics of classics are not obsolete, its just different


Lack of balance, rigid animations and spells, confusing talents, lack of guidance, bad hud, and all-type-of-players unfriendly.

This is obsolete. It has been improved, so it’s an older version that doesn’t works now. The definition of obsolete.

You can still enjoy your Nokia 3310, it won’t change the fact that it’s an obsolete technology.


I’m still seeking for balance up to this day, so that hasnt changed. You are mentioning animations, wich has nothing to do with obsolete mechanics you mentioned earlier. Talents were not confusing at all, that sounds like you personal problem. And the lack of guidance? Just following a giant arrow that points the way is hardly playing a game, thats a follow the arrow simulator. Yet again thats your own opinion, not everyone likes his food pre chewn

You are just the type of player that wants things quick and fast, and the same with the rewards. thats why you prefer current wow


Yeah, no difference on balance from now and before. The fact that if you played ret pala, you could just say bye to every type of content, that subtelity rogues and frost mages DOMINATED pvp by far, and the fact that basically, only one spec was playable per class is the same as now, where everything except enhance sham is at least playable.

Talents were confusing. You had to look up to a website to know what to do before you had enough experience to understand it. Whatever you find that good or not, it’s bad design.

Oh no, sure you weren’t following a giant arrow, you were running miles to realize that you finally had to look up again to a complementary website to find your path, because you only took the quest yesterday and can’t remember the text correctly. Here again, awesome design.

It’s not a question of liking the food pre chewn, it’s a question of amelioration.
It was bad designed, and got better over the time.

I don’t prefer current WoW for anything according to rewards. Proof is, I basically stopped my Rogue mid-way because I had the envy to try out mage, and my brand new Void elf race unlocked.
Starting over at mid extension, even tho I’m perfectly ready for the last state of gearing right now.

I don’t like my food pre chewn. I prefer my games up-to-date, and well thought. As much as I prefer a brand new Smartphone to a Nokia 3310 everyday.

And god damnit I didn’t even mension the walking-simulator that is Classic. Such fun doing this.


again your personal issue, when i picked my talents it worked fine and pretty much matched the cookiecutter builds that you found online. And speaking of having to look them up. Its not like nobody visits icyvein to see what talents/azerite traits/essences/gems to pick. According to your logic the current system is just as confusing. perhaps even more, since now you got things besides talents to pick

Its was just a matter of reading the quest description and then you roughly knew where to go. and continueing the day after? since im was not senile i had no trouble remembering what to do. Its not like a week passed by since i took that quest

Sometimes a little bit of common sense is all you need


Fine, let’s build a website, with only a color-based buttons that you have to guess. Sure if you guessed it, you can use it. And as surely as that last sentence, it’s obviously a good design.

I think you’re missing my point there.
The fact that it’s bad design is undebatable for a lot of points of Classic. You can get along with that and so, will enjoy it better than the same app with a better design ?
Fine, but then don’t talk to me about common sense.

I’ll add that you’re funnily avoiding the point of balance there. Something to hide ? Cause to me, the very fact that you didn’t aknowledged it first shows me you didn’t really played Classic that much.


it wasnt perfect, but it is not obsolete. The game still has tons of different problems up to this day despite the better mechanics you are talking about.

Horrible sharding, wm inbalance, people still going to sites like icyvein for all their talents and other stuff, pruned classes, removed vendors and more


In the end the main changes is wow being less social orientated and more about fast action and quick rewards. basicly more like diablo


“Obsolete : Overtaken, out-of-date”.

Make your mind around that.

BfA, if WoW keeps going well, will also be obsolete.

And I’ll have to disagree again. Mythic 12+ is even, if not harder, than the hardcore content of classic. I’m obviously talking about doing the key on time.

Pvp is defintely harder, since it was completely broken in Classic.

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More than 5,000 guilds are in Classic already…and that is only with name reserve.

You poor drones have no idea the tsunami that is going to wash your guildmates and friends from BfA to the shiny shores of Classic come August 26/7th.

It’s almost game over…

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I know you are afraid, young padawan.

Don’t worry, it will soon be over.

Go back to sleep.

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Because, numbnutt, Classic is coming.

There is ZERO reason to play on private servers.

How hard is to understand this? Oh, sorry…you are a retail drone. Ofc it is hard for you to understand simple logic.


The novelty of classic will likely wear off for many after a short while. I know a few who have played it before and a few that started WoW years later so it’ll be a mixed bag of those enjoying it largely for nostalgia and those that will get frustrated quite quickly at a guess. Bound to be a spike in the number playing it in the early days though. As a hunter with skinning and lw I never really found it too grindy as I was always having to do that for mats anyway. I’ve also levelled loads of alts so fairly familiar with a lot of quests somewhere in the back of my mind which does make it a bit easier.


I will be certainly, classic is a great leveling adventure but not a serious competitor for my retail opportunities :slight_smile:
My bias ofc


People do not play Classic for reasons of nostalgia - but because it’s a mmo.

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could someone clarify the age range (or birth range) deemed to be a millennial? i thought it was someone who hit 20 around the turn of the millennium (ie, born in the late 70’s, the 80’s or early 90’s).


even more what?