How dead is it gonna be

(Шамсунг) #141

Yes, from 27.08.19 blizzard’s only mmorpg is going to be wow classic.


that’s not what I said.
why do you agree?

I am confused…

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Good, that was intended.
Go on…


nah, I let you continue to outplay yourself.
more enjoyable to me that way :smile:


Swimming finns were a joke.
Millenials are apparently 1981 – 1996 and gen z is 1997 - 2012.
Idk everything’s weird a year ago i got called a millennial, now i get called a zoomer


hell no, I am not one of these mongrels

1990-1991 is a boomer again (anomaly)
just invented it, but here we go :slight_smile:


I’m post 2000 so I’m part of generation cute



(Vintoleth) #150

i thought it meant people born after 2000 until 2 years ago when i realised i was a millenial too :frowning: i am so much the opposite to how they are originally described.

my reaction was the same disgust you feel xD

so if 97-2012 is gen z (thought they were gen x), what is 2013-2028?


Generation alpha is what’s after z


it’s a mentality imo, not year of birth…

its better to be blissfully unaware than M, Z or whatever else.

if Z is the last one for humanity ( like in alphabet) at least I plan to go down with a music :slight_smile:


Lemme drive da boat

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if we;re going down that path, i think some millennials should be generation beta :stuck_out_tongue:


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There will be a rush for classic, as people who miss it will return and players who never experienced it will go there.

But the people complaining about the grind now and how hard it is to get into groups or how long it takes to level, will leave classic within 2 to 3 days.

The ones who truly love it, will remain but if they cannot relive their glory days and experiences that they had in classic previously, then I think they too will end up leaving, just not as quickly as the impatient ones.

(Lepanto) #156

Most of my guild is not too interested. I’ll roll a warrior just for the hell of it, though I don’t really care much for it.

I’m VERY glad it’s about as many people seem to be hyped for it. But this seems like a nice little side thing for most players at best.


Yea son and after you wake up all wet.


A by the 4.5k is only a 20% of the guild on wowprogress this mean at least 4x more then classic Pls the other one that are not listed cos they don’t raid. Poor clicker you were all hyped up becouse you had 500 guild more than live pepehands???

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It was hugely popular back in the day.
That means there is a market of millions of people just waiting to be tapped into again.
Just because it’s a bit old doesn’t mean it won’t appeal to the majority of today’s audience.

That’s why i’m starting a company that sells VHS players.
I predict Netflix will be dead in two months tops.

(Fluxache) #159

VHS is dead my friend, the future is on LaserDisc.

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where else would you find your time lost proto drakes and aeonaxxes and so on?


Saving your comment to laugh you in the face when your dear WoW killer will die out like it already did on Beta