How have you f*cked up so far?

I decided to play without a quest helper addon. Was doing the orc quest for voidwalker and spent like 40 minutes searching the quest objective in the wrong freaking cave and died because respawning mobs overwhelmed me. 10/10 would play again.


Played 2 hours and still level 6, waiting in line for quest items and that in Low population realm…

the only fckup i had was to start on firemaw. had to left some people behind who didnt want to ditch their lvl5 char but not going to sit queues for weeks now everytime i come home.
and in the rare cases of a realm dying i rather pay 20e xfer in two years than sit even just 1hour in queue


The you referred to you as the player, quite obviously :wink:
So not a Blizz fault at all as he is asking what “you” did.

1/10 troll.

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Dont think the guy was blaming Blizzard, just saying how he fcked up so far.

Take it easy fanboyz.

??? how am I trolling? I’m not complaining, it was fun.


Thanks for the correction, my mistake. There is so much whining in these forums these days so you never know :sunglasses:

For the OP’s question, I have not f* up yet but then again I haven’t played much yet. I am eager to see what Classic brings before me and all the things I can mess up with

Ended up looking down on Merlocks until they looked down on me with sharp pointy sticks and lightning bolts out of their fish fingers.

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For the questing… no. Somehow I still remember where all the quests are, so far that is… And i never played on private servers.

I did f*ck up in the talenting though lol, not that it matters as I am changing server :roll_eyes:

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Yep somehow i knew where to find the foreman for the venture co. questline,and even the dwarf’s but i was like no way they make it this soon.Was suprised i still remember where each quest is done in Mulgore.

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Haven’t f**ked up yet, but my character just did the first things, level 3 :stuck_out_tongue: . I did enjoy the old gameplay, no holding hands, having to read the quests rather than follow what’s on your map etc…I sure wouldn’t mind that back…funny thing is, at the start of 8.2, in .e.g Nazjatar, these was no quest location show for the dailies, at least for me…and I actually thought it was as intended, and fun…of course now, I don’t have to look any more, since it’s shown on the map again, probably people cried about it ! :smiley:

LUL ppl crying so hard. I understand the frustration of being in que. But to complain about crowded zones is hilarious

I started as a forsaken. There is a quest line to attack the Scarlet Crusade at different points. I mistakenly went to the wrong one (it was the follow-up to the one I actually needed) so I was a little outleveled.

Since it’s busy, there were no mobs spawned and I ended up fighting the NPC, its two bodyguards and me running for my life. Haven’t had to do that in quite a while. The feeling that you’ve made a mistake and you go “ah crap!” while leveling? It’s been a loooong time.

I like a world in which you can bite off more than you can chew by not following the quest, instead of blindly moving towards the designated area, grind, move to the next without losing any mana or health.

You need to plan a little during these quests, even where you eat and drink or get aggro and be fooked.

Tried to help a dying priest at murlocs.

They turned on me :disappointed_relieved:

He ran away :’(


Oh, I have also had this moment I forgot even existed.,

Questing in Loch Modan, I came to the Digsite and had available quest for looting the idols from Troggs there. I went up the side and saw to my joy that no one else was there. I chose a good spot, jumped down and started to attack a mob.

You know, that second when you look at that Orange or Red level of the mob, feels like an eternity :astonished::cold_sweat::scream::scream:


I spent over an hour in the wrong cave killing burning blade members for shaman firee totem quest…


I saw someone at low health fighting 3 mobs. I tossed them a heal and they vanished, leaving me alone against 3 angry Quillboars. No more heals for undead rogues wandering through Mulgore from now on!

I met Hogger. Tried to solo him as a level 9. What a fool I was.


Had a few moments so far, those moments of “oh my god, is that where that item is…” after 30 mins searching.

Funniest moment so far was in Dun Morogh an hour into launch. Everyone was trying to pick up a quest item and it was a nightmare so a Q was formed to make it more orderly. A line of 20 Dwarves and Gnomes waiting to pick up an item :slight_smile: