How many have or will obtain “Jîgglesworth Sr“ today?

you did raise alot of good points, i don’t think no one should flag you for trolling.

I have it but Will never use it.

Haha same! As so many other things I collect in WoW! :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw someone with the mount today and was very non-plussed. I certainly won’t be going out of my way to get it. At the end of the day a mount is a mount and it adds to your collection, but if I had it, I wouldn’t be showing it off at any chance I get.

can blizzard fix how i sit on this mount please

I agree! The sitting style is kinda awkward indeed!

Certain people are not aware I’m back yet lol

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Why did u get banned?

Imagine re-releasing old content, so if you didn’t play the old content you don’t get to play the raid tier. Pathetic.

Can’t wait for a lead designer to be more generalized. Instead of a pure raider.

Ion is a complete tosser, and only cares about raiding. He needs shived and removed. Give someone who actually plays the game, and dabbles in all the content more responsibility. Since they’ll have more understanding of how players feel.

CN is a banger raid imo and SOD is also a cool place with fun bosses. But SOF is just boring and uninspired and don’t feel like WoW at all.

But to be fair, it feels like they listen more to the player in DF. More focus on open world and casual stuff then ever before.

Copium inhale!

can’t go into details as it’s against ToS but I was back 3 days after another ban and I stupidly got involved with a very vindictive individual (he’s not hard to spot should he ever see fit to slither back) who seems to have it in for me, daestra, afenton and a few others, out came the alt flag army, subsequently flagged and banned. Now I’m being very selective in what I reply to.

Yepp you don’t have to say more then that Soul! I may know who you refers to! I have the same problem.

It was me Barry!

It was me all along!..

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hope they fix how i sit XD

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Group couldnt get passed lord of dread today so will have to continue the raid tomorrow. Hopefuly I get the cat then.

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Never trust an Erevien! He wants to kill ALL Alliance characters!

Slime cat is pretty underwhelming btw… Sitting animation clearly needs overwork and I still don’t get how a cat mount which apparently fell into the infectious pools of the Maldraxxian House of Plagues one time too often relates to SL raids or the Fated mode in a way, so that it is justified as a consequential reward for finishing the mode.

I could’ve logically gotten behind some sort of Zereth Mortis or Broker mount. But a slime cat? Was that a dismissed covenant mount design for Necrolords you missed to release earlier in the game like the promised Spring Wilderling that never saw the day on which it woul’ve completed the seasonal Wilderling edition?

Thing can’t even fly like all the other new generation sabers and tigers and horses and jellyfish and PIGS… I mean, come on Blizzard, would it have been too much to ask for to give that feral green jelly some slimey wings? GAWD!

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noticed it on male nelf too. -_- why not make them sit INSIDE the jello cat?

I honestly just wanted a giant sized Mr Jworth, none of that ugly armour. Just big cuddly cat.


yeah, can agree. but i wanted it to Fly :confused:


It CAN fly.

You just need to run it over a cliff first…

It’s a cat it will land on it’s squishy feet