[H]<Snake Eyes> 10/10HC - LF Healer/DPS

Snake Eyes is a relatively newly formed guild on Draenor, being made up of people that have been playing the game together for… a long time as well as some friendly new faces.

Currently looking for:
Range DPS (Warlock!) but any really
A monk that can DPS and Heal

We’re a very casual guild, aiming to get AotC and maybe a few Mythic bosses if we have the roster for it. Hopefully pushing the +15s to get the season mounts, cos you know, they look tasty.
We have good banter, and would suit anyone who isn’t going to bring drama and just wants to play the game.

Raid nights are Thursday and Sunday, from 2030 to 2300 server time, because I’m old and set the times to suit myself. It’s a perk.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, then get in touch with me on either bnet ID Dezzeh#2492 or Discord Dez#7975

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I would still very much like to recruit a Havoc Dh, I know you must be out there somewhere and hurting from how everyone seems to hate you right now :frowning:

Small update, we’re not super actively recruiting anyone for raids but can squeeze in a couple more dps. Another healer and tank for M+ would not hurt either!

Would still like a few more key pushers please!

Bumping, looking for a solid healer, r dps and melee with tank offspec

Still looking for some heal powers, help a bro out.

Man finding new members for your guild in this game is a real challenge outside of people you already know. Still looking for a healer, and some range.

Another bump, keeping it fresh you know

by some weird miracle our raid squad is now totally full, but socials are always welcome

Adding a bump, need an active M+ healer, ours have turned in to raid loggers.

Another tank other than me that isn’t just a raid logger would be good too

Healer? For M+? Please?

Small bump.
Could use some active RDPS and still looking for another tank/healer for M+

Oi oi, another update, looking to strengthen the 9.1 roster.
Could use a second, full time tank who knows their stuff and isn’t afraid of their own voice on Discord.
Need one/two more healers for M+ and raids.
Potentially spots for DPS if you aren’t a jabroni.

Small bump not that the forums here are proving super effective at getting anyone new involved!

Daily bump

Currently looking for a monk who is happy to dps or heal depending on the situation, and a warlock/boomie/mage/ele sham (who can also heal is good)

Still bumpin’