I am just so tired of Blizzard not caring for players

Like the topic reads, I am so tired of you not caring about your players, I report bots daily that are CHEATING, farming bots going in a pattern of waypoints, take the same turn(s) all the time in a very wierd way.

I reported a “player” and got a mail someone I reported was banned, I had add this “player” onto my friendlist and I dont see him online for some days and acually though he would be gone and that blizzard acually have started to care now when the whole company is burning, but today the “player” is back, so my question is, why arent you permanent banning cheaters or is it that if you bot you just get some days off the game? Becuse then FF14 seems preatty neat right now… Please get the grip and get an anti cheat system and also make REAL HUMAN BEEING look into reports.


Sometimes it can be a compromised account that’s being used to bot. You might be seeing the legit player back on his actual character. If he’s running around mining and herbing all day, probably not though.

I went to netherstorm to look the “player” up again, still doing the same thing sadly with the same “route”.

Yes I do also have a route I use when I flying around farming, but the obvious bot farming is really easy to spot if you know how waypoints use, and its not like “Oh he did some wierd turning lets report” I do follow the char around to see how it react etc :confused:

I think they appealed the ban and it got removed. Bots are obvious to us but I don’t think Blizzard go into the game to look at them.

Sadly they dont look it up for themself like you say, they only act when enough ppl have reported the said user :confused:

Remember the old good day when we acually had customer support?

EDIT: Just saying @blizzard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rHFiRxQNL4&t

Yeah they don’t. God forbid the money we pay each month which sums up to more than an Amazon Prime sub would require them to actually go in game and do any work.

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Wrong forum. This is vanilla.

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