If you are going to uncap AOE, do it for everyone and remove limits and soft caps


  1. who gives a F about how people pull dungeons? pro wanna do in 3 pull? let them have it, as long as people are having fun, it’s the right way.
    and if you really want to limit people smashing through in 3 pulls, you should design better dungeons rather than capping classes.

  2. pros are bypassing the cap anyway by handpicking the class that aren’t limited, so clearly is a failed job.

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I thought the same :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I don’t think they need buffs in the aoe department…

you bring bonkers sustained single and 3 target cleave, along with MD, that’s it

That obviously wouldn’t be needed if the meta is 3-4 pulls per dungeon, unless the single target is stupidly strong to compensate on boss damage.

the original guy is downplaying SP aoe quite a bit, sure monk is king of aoe right now, but look at last season MDI, they were bringing sp to heavy aoe dungeons like SD cause they have very strong aoe up to 20 targets, searing nightmare is strong af, shadow crash is strong af, eruption amping your damage to things hit and giving you more damage on top, is strong af

Ok yes strange examples to give but the underlining point is still valid imo - why, instead of removing the aoe cap, decide to make something even more complicated (game design wise) with soft caps etc? Who really wants this? Does anyone want them to waste their obviously scant development time on this?

Balancing m+ dungeons you say? Then surely they can balance it the other way so that uncapped aoe still means you have to pull carefully unless you wish to risk it. If you have the skill and guts to pull big then you should be able to without the game trying to strangle your dps.

Blizz cannot balance anything properly. They added the AOE cap trying to slow people down and failed, clearly shown by the current season affix, aka minibosses to slow people down artificially.
The only thing that the cap had some success is in widening even more gap between capped and uncapped classes.

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Where do you get help for psychiatric problems? At the butcher’s? It was clearly stated to get professional help for psychological problems.

The reason back in 2004 was that the servers were basically toasters and having too many enemies communicate with each other would lag out the entire game. It is in fact why BFA was so laggy and why Korthia these days can be a lag fest.

However, I firmly believe the aoe cap was reintroduced to change the meta of “pull everything and nuke it down” that was prevalent during BFA. To be fair, with BFA it really kicked in when everyone had twilight devastations and infinite stars.

I absolutely want classes to matter so much that the entire pacing of a dungeon is different based on comp. This is an idealistic and emotional desire, but I want it. Like how having a rogue in tol dagor changed your path. That was kewl.

Everyone know that the cap was added for that. The issue is that the cap was not applied correctly across the board, so you have classes that are severely impaired (like ret) vs classes than can still go ham (fire mages).
If it’s cap to 5, everything has to be capped to 5, period. not this yes this no this maybe this soft this no this yes this root etc.

And since they cannot do it properly, just revert it and let people have fun and go ham on pulls, people will find a way nonetheless.

I disagree. I am not a fan of class homogeneity. I am a fan of different classes having different kits which enable different playstyles. Not every class should be able to do everything equal to every other class. To me that means there must be only one class and that’s it.

There’s a difference between front loaded burst and dot damage.

Sure, but it’s up to developer design around it. In the end, front loaded or dot, dmg is dmg.

Do things differently is one thing, achieving massively different result isn’t. You can have all the diversity in the world, but if you have class A pulling twice the dmg of class B, you have a problem. In the end the game is enemy hp vs your dmg, so class A will always have an advantage.

It’s not if the mobs die before the dots expire though.

Fire mages have a soft cap of 20 or less in most spells and the one spell that people said may be uncapped: the discord tends to believe it’s also soft capped to 20.

I think that some classes are just better at utility (i.e. easier to spam AOE) than others and give the delusion to outsiders they are “uncapped”).

I’ve played all specs of mage in the past and it’s pretty clear fire is the easiest to play for spamming AOE (and frost easier to play generally).

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Do you have arguments or just trolling? I wonder if you’ve ever played a mage at all at this point. It’s extremely fluid at spamming AOE on that spec so it’s pretty easy to give the delusion they are uncapped at AOE to outsiders.

The only troll here is you. People have posted a metric ton of argument, and you’re still not getting it.

Ret has 1 aoe ability, 1 aoe spell, that’s it.
I don’t see how it can get any easier than that, and yet, you’re still convinced that mage aoe big numbers comes from being “easy”, and not from being uncapped and therefore able to exploit more target to raise it’s dmg.

Double facepalm isn’t enough then.