iLvl ceiling at 340 for casuals


Thank you for all replies and suggestions. I was not trolling at all when I said that there is a simple progression path like this : level to 120, do normal 5 mans, heroic 5 mans, LFR tier 1. Then there is a gap to jump to LFR tier 2 (requires 350).

I had done many WQs but best I ever got 340. I have done a few invasions as they popped up and again the best I ever got was 340.

I had not done Warfronts though. I visited Arathi and Darkshore first time today. It appears that each has an Epic boss that rewards 370+ gear to the lucky ones. This is what I did not know at all and thanks for all the pointers.


The Warfront quest rewards one guaranteed 370 or 385 piece per cycle, as well as the 340s as many times as you repeat them, not just the “370+ gear to the lucky ones” from the world boss.

And keep doing those invasions. The gear level increases with you. When your ilevel is 340, you will get 340-350 rewards. When your ilevel is 350+, you will get 355/360 rewards, and so on.

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There is no gap, you join low level m+ at this time, +2, +3, +4…

when you get to 365 you’ll geta helping hand as then the WQ’s will start giving 370…and now that even the turtle’s give gear on some days…


You actually get a guarenteed 385 from Darkshore.

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Can you believe I cleared HC Uldir and i started Mythic +10s now and 80% of my gear doesn’t come from them? :no_mouth:
Go doing assaults, Warfronts, world bosses, and PUG raids.
All of that would give you a boost.


Same, but haven’t done much M+, my gear is mainly not from raiding despite multiple heroic boss kills.


it is definetly possible but its also very time consuming and very rng dependant.

my advice to OP - swap to playing allience - they are getting 1 guaranteed piece of 370 gear a week :slight_smile:

but if you play on horde you have to wait and do each invasion to slowly get your itlv up enough for new lfr which will drop 370 gear

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Oh yeah :slight_smile: my sword is coming from 25 Hordish blood. we also have that :rofl:

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Im sorry but I barely play the game and I have 350, its pretty simple to get, and ive barely done m+ (1 m+) check my armory for proof.


I think we have the easiest time ever for gearing up. You could do it blindfolded even.

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OP is:

  1. Having too many characters which mean he’s spending no time on either of them, cant really expect to get a character geared when you dont spend time on it;
  2. not aware of Warfronts, which is the pinnacle of welfare epic gear for casuals in this expansion;
  3. not doing any M+, even low keys like +3/4/5, which are basically loot pinatas as they are easy enough and you can spam them;

But all of this requires at leas some time investment. Time, which the OP is clearly spending on leveling and WQs on their gazillion characters.

So as a suggestion - do the Warfronts quests every time they are up; do the WF area world boss every time they are up; do every invasion; do every emissary that rewards gear; do some M+ (even doing as low as +3 will get you ilvl ready for the next lfr).

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Not as tank next week in TD or WM :rofl:
But I agree with No 1 and 2.

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Up to +3 the week doesnt matter as there are no affixes, except Tyrannical/Fortified ofc, but that’s not a problem. OP doesn’t need more than +3 cuz it will be enough for him to get into the new raid lfr.

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This is either trolling or just ridiculously wrong.

My alt hunter at 371 ilvl:

World of Warcraft

Rawitar - Character - WoW

Rawitar (Emerald Dream) ❮Soppa❯ - 120 Lightforged Draenei Beast Mastery Hunter, 371 ilvl

Done one mythic+2, 0 lfr or other raiding.

All I’ve done is world quests for an emissary if it makes sense, faction assaults (if it makes sense) and one single warfront every time a new one is up for the quest.

The game is a joke at this point. You get 370+ ilvl while doing nothing, all you do is log in from time to time and collect free epics.

It’s never been this easy to get to respectable ilvl.

PS. I hate this damn new forum.


well BfA is technically perfect expansion for army of alts if you know how to do it properly :slight_smile:

i have atm 9 alts that are 370+ , 1 x 345 + and leveling 3 more alts :slight_smile:

but i admit that gearing them up is a chore when i had 9 warfronts/invasions to clear :stuck_out_tongue: luckily soon the soft caps will be back and there will be plenty of time to level more :slight_smile:

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in two weeks time our 380 may struggle on a +7 :stuck_out_tongue: lol
What is this sense of urgency? On the 23rd Mythic 0 will grant 370ilvl…


Hmmmmm. more people complaining end game high gear hard to get, yet they don’t do end game content… no wonder the game and gear rewards are in the state they are in these days.

Its kind how ‘game’s’ work and always have the harder the game the better the rewards, why should WoW be any different, If you want something you can just face roll through get everything you want with no thought, challenge or input go play Hello Kitty

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Its casuals like you that demand stuff for free, that ruins the game. So many catch up mechanics are in the game and the older the exppansion will be the more there are. I play casually since early tbc, but i dont want hand outs for free everywhere because it ruins the whole feeling of progress you make. I’m not in a hardcore raiding guild, but people still often ask if others want to do mythic dungeons or a normal raid You dont have to be a hardcore gamer to upgrade your gear. Honestly i cant wait for classic to be happy finding a green item that actually is an upgrade for like 10 lvls

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I remember the first time I entered Molten Core vanilla I was half blue, half green and the boots from Temple of Atal’Hakkar(Suken Temple) … i said everything…

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I actually find the gearing approach odd. A freshly dinged alt has to grind their way through the various WQ reward stages before they will actually give you anything at a higher level. Then once you reach the magic number it just reigns down 370 rewards on you. This is when you no longer need them.

I know you can go to a WF with the quest and get a one off high level item etc but why it doesn’t just throw the same WQ reward level at everyone to start with I don’t know. I don’t see the point of being rewarded really low level items to start with when the rest of the game seems to be throwing gear at people.