I'm not sure what to do anymore: should I boost a character or wait for a fresh server?

Depends on how much you play.
There is a sweet spot of being fresh max about a month after the launch: the market is getting established, tryhards are cooling down, joining a dungeon group usually involves some well geared people. But neither of these gone too far yet.

I’d level from scratch, if you are interested. Don’t expect a fresh realm (albeit feedback would be nice to help those asking about it), if you feel like you can make it, just experience the world. BC tuning is a wee bit easier compared to Classic, and most elite quests / zones are normal, thus playable. Can skip dungeons altogether.

I don’t think anyone would spit on non-boost in either of the two meanings.
Considering guild chat, opinions range from 1% extreme to the majority simply considering efficiency and fun. As for gold, I took skinning (only) and my reserves are growing nicely on that fresh character. Won’t buy a full purple BoE upon 70 but isn’t it all about the joys of progression? :slight_smile:

Even the current Classic-era realms have little traction, have you ever done a population census during busy times on realms that were full? I have and it wasn’t good.

I don’t believe you.

Not true, they cost gold which the boosting players will horde and possibly drive up AH prices.

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Yeah but that’s the conendrum really: I don’t like boosts, but it almost feels like we’re forced too (although we’re not literally forced to). Blizzard really knows how to frustrate their playerbase.

I know A LOT of returning players who would, by far, prefer fresh tbc servers to boosts, but alas, it’s not nearly as profitable for the current company, made of people who don’t care about the game at all, just about their shareholders.


I experience the opposite. Tolerated, because having a life or other games is not a sin anymore, but not respected. You must have missed the whole array of pay to win threads over the last few days. :slight_smile:

I don’t know whether you want to be convinced either way and really just looking for that kind of an argument.

The only one that aggregates a lot of threads in my head is the prepatch was too short. But leveling now is prototypical, you can have cash, you can very well catch up, or heck, you can bypass it. I genuinely don’t see a problem, but I’m me, wearing my shoes.

There is a simple test. Roll a character, play it for a few hours, and see whether you stick. You can post, so you have access.

Fair enough, I’ll think about it. Thank you.

IF I end up rolling on a server and buying a boost, would you be kind enough to recommend me the ideal server for someone who wants to pve as a horde or alliance player, as well as the ideal server for someone who wants to pvp as a horde or alliance player too? Ty.

I’m not in a good position to give hard advice.
I rolled on Mirage Raceway and stuck to it - seems perfectly fine realm to me.
Some people love busy realms, others don’t. I only PvE.

Check this out for population expectations:
This is a hint about oversized / weak realms, too.

I did Google it, found a thread and literally every post was vouching for a different server. Maybe pick one, then search here for posts about it.

I guess you’re aware of what population usually means in terms of PvP, namely the underdog has instant battlegrounds but trouble questing.

Also apparently the biggest PvP realms are balanced, while PvE realms are quite skewed. I played on such a server as horde in 2009-2010, it was still viable with several serious raiding guilds, nearly instant BG queues. Wasn’t dungeoneering too much. I faintly recall Wintergrasp and Tol Barad being mostly alliance territory, though.

Two problems - 1) it says active raiders and 2) it’s about a month old.

Might be worth opening a similar thread.

Are you playing as alliance on mirage raceway btw? Or horde? If horde, how alive is the pve scene?

And thank you for the previous, thorough answer of course.

There is going to be a very long time before Blizzard add fresh TBC servers. Potentially years seeing as we don’t have fresh vanilla servers yet. And those are obviously going to come first.

And secondly, the experience will be marred by boosts and paid mounts anyways. Botters and gold farmers are going to by these boosts in droves and ruin the economy way faster than it happend in Classic. Which arguably happend in just a few months.
And before you claim that these servers won’t have any paid services. Just think about it for a minute. Do you really think Blizzard want to miss out on the ability to sell boosts during an effective relauch of TBC? When people are scrambling to get an edge. Perhaps they will. But i wouldn’t count on it.

Alliance, yes :frowning: Can’t help.

One of the standard recommendations is to roll a level 1, run to a city, and ask about server health in Trade (General is location-specific). While at it, you can run some specific /who commands and check the auction house.

I think I’ll play on a pve server as alliance, although my first intent was to go orc hunter.

Hey everyone, this person has a crystal ball and can see the future!

Can you just stop making assumptions and for the love of god, not try to make the guy who asked the question confused again?

Sarcasm doesn’t suit you. If we were going to get fresh soon then we would have Classic-era fresh by now.

They are logical conclusions. Classic era is a copy of the last version of so it makes sense they will be copies of the last TBC realm.

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Just stop arguing with OP is all I am asking. He made up his mind and does not want to start now. That’s it. Respect it or leave it, no point in repeating the same argument ten times.

Yeah I think I’m not gonna play. I’m just too turned off by all they stuff they want to enforce in our throat, to milk us even more, it’s sad. I’ll wait for fresh servers. But honestly Dottie was just participating since we were discussing this, I don’t blame him :wink:

I respect that. But at some point you clearly made up your mind and the exact same argument which Dottie posted about ten times was brought up again. No point in that :slight_smile:

Dottie is in every single thread where people mention fresh servers just to say “no you won’t get them”, he’s literally known for that at this point lol.


Then do it.

Not everyone does that.
Most players did classic, they may have boosted an alt( and why shouldnt they) They may have bought the mount, their free choice. This has no effect on your gameplay.

Again, not everyone does that.
I never did that, i am lvl 52 now, having a blast in TBC leveling even tought i would never EVER do it again, i would 100% boost an alt if i ever get one.

Almost everyone hates the idea.

Its called get a job, like in retail if you truely start over, fresh account.
Still not an issue, with professions, some grinding and the kind help from strangers you are fine.


If people go around killing boosted character just because of that reason are sad and pathetic. Just find a guild, get some friends and you’re fine.

Nothing like some virtual spit to enjoy your day.

There is your answer.

Do what you want.
Play the game, dont

But please dont let some streamer or some negative forum stuff bumm you out.

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I sincerely thank you for your arguments (those before that one obviously), as several of them have some merit in my opinion, but I assure you that it has nothing to do with streamers or the negativity on this forums, and everything to do with Blizzard thinking they can throw microtransactions at us and ruin the game and that we won’t care. I don’t like it…at all, and it does impact my experience and my enjoyment, as it’s extremely annoying, frustrating, and so on.

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You did read my post? Obviously not.

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It’s quite simple: boost would probably be available. If not, then boosters will jump on the server, lvl 24/7 and then be in a position to offer services within weeks - not to mention farmers, bots and all the usual.

It’s not a new game- people have had years to perfect fast levelling if they wish to do so, plus boosters will see any new server as a fresh opportunity to push their services.

The usual pattern will then ensue.

Played plenty of other games that have released new servers and it always ends up the same.

And if you think having no real world experience but just a degree in economics makes you any sort of expert, you’re in for a rude awakening…